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Hey there Guys... So I saw Richard for the first time on Tv in Tonto Dikehs Sugar Rush video and I just loved the character he played he had a good laugh, he played coy , he got flirty and showed us how to eat a huge burger in a sexy way lool , after that I started following him on instagram and of cause I recognised him and was excited when he followed me back, you know that feeling of "Ahh !! A famous face followed me back " lol so I didn't want to seem like a stalker or anything like that so I waited a real long while before I sent him a direct message and said hey and we got talking and then I told him that I was bragging to my cousin that the guy in Tonto Dikehs video is following me back on Instagram and she was like "LIES" even after I showed her his pictures she still wasn't convinced and then I asked him if he really was the guy in the video and he laughed and said yes, so I won and my cousin, well let's just say she took care of my lunch bills for a week lool ,he was just so nice and received me well and I am so honoured and excited to be interviewing him so I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did cause . Have a lovely read guys .

DVF: So tell me about yourself and give background?

Richard: My name is Agbashomere Richard a Christian, graduate of Law, Unilag.,entrepreneur inter alia. An indigene of Delta state,Nigeria. I'm a simple extraordinary person set out on a mission to change lives and to give hope; keeps me kicking daily.

DVF: Thats wonderful, so you are model tell me about how you became a model and when?

Richard: I started modelling in the university,did a few school pageantries and won some and then proceeded to do the Model Of Africa and was one of the finalists and that's basically how I launched out from one shoot to another, then to fashion events and it has been very exciting.

DVF: Wow, model of Africa finalist thats awesome, was modelling always a passion for you? or did your love for it grow with time?

Richard: It grew with time, it grew with knowledge so the more I studied and practiced then worked..the sweeter it became till it became an extension of myself.

DVF: Thats so cool, so has your family been supportive of your modelling career?

Richard: Oo yes they have. They have always tried as much as possible to support my decisions academically and in my businesses and I appreciate them for that has given me room to grow and explore my God given potentials

DVF: I love that, family support plays such a huge part in everything ,so as far as your career goes who would you say you look up to as a mentor or an inspiration?

Richard: In all sincerity I don't get inspired by any of them, I can only get inspired by someone who I have gained mastery not only of their public personality but their private personality or morality, some celebrated people are just a bunch of different persons from what they portray to be In the society, so motivation is the word and Tyson Beckford does motivate me along with some other black models that have succeeded even in the face or racism as regards inspiration that comes from the Great King above.

DVF: Wow, thats so refreshing to hear you obviously have an amazing body.. how do you stay in such shape?

Richard: The Gym my friend, the place I love to be

DVF: Oh!! There is love lol tell me about how this love for fitness came to be? Was it as a result of modelling or has the passion always been there?

Richard: Oo I started working out from high school, I didn't know much about it but I tried my best as a teen then in the university I had a better form of expertise I think having a good body prompted me into modelling but while at it I realised there was yet much diamond underneath my earth and I started refining my gold.

DVF: Thats nice so tell me truthfully, how do you feel about the attention your body and looks get you?

Richard: I have gotten very familiar with the attention and flirtations that comes along; I am quite an open person but my restrictions are clear and I don't break the principles I have set for myself. A king is admired by all or perhaps most but a King is not for all, its a royalty training so I work with such guiding principles and I interact with people in such manners too.

DVF: Yeah ,you are so intellectualI I just have to say that I'm loving listening to you lol

Richard: Thank you. i'm humbled sire

 DVF: Your most welcome Sire lol ,okay So you are very proud and open about your faith as a christian and love for christ

Which is so awesome as a model do you find yourself in a situation that is so conflicting with your faith or do you just go the extra mile with whatever is required of you like nudity for example and just be professional and accept it because its your job?

Richard: Well... I won't deny my friends but none of them can die just to maintain our friendship if we had a conflict; so why should I be ashamed of my friend and brother Jesus.. by the way after this interview I would return to my closet and face some other realities of life that only Him can ensure I am victorious in.. 

I approach professionalism with morality, I have not yet found any big brand running series of adverts in nudes which means there are more jobs with you wearing your clothes on so I focus on those ones moreover if a client asks me to send my works, I really don't see how sending him a nude image would particularly sell my brand as a model.. so in essence I can do my job professionally by dressing properly or I just focus on those kind of jobs now the banks, communications, some other brands that need the services of models and pay extensively well for it don't need you without clothes to do their commercials ,the point is there are more jobs where you don't have to go these 'extra miles' so why should I bother.. there's no conflict I am first a Christian then a model or what ever other businesses I have to attend to.

DVF: That's a lovely insight, so do you prefer working alone to working with other models?

Richard: I work fine in any condition but working with people is more interactive with interaction comes information hence knowledge and consequently more learning.

DVF: Yes very true, are you under any agency?

Richard: None at the moment

DVF: Okay, are you looking to join any or do yo want to stay free lance?

Richard: I am working on some other businesses so I might not even model anymore.

DVF: What?? you are willing to give up something you are naturally gifted at? in the world we live in today almost anything is possible. Surely you can joggle both worlds

 Richard: I am set out for a life of leadership and wealth at a certain stage in my life which is nigh; there's a level of wealth modelling alone can not give me, I must diversify, widen my scope and delve into many different ventures that time is now and I can't joggle because the vision is great, I must manage these ventures and leave some other opportunities for the younger ones, so perhaps having my own agency is one of these ventures.. So I have to stand back to lead and direct because i tell you; I am changing the course of history in every business I storm into and this interview would immortalize these particular words I have said today so men would reference back to it that he once said this at so and so time.

DVF: Well well you really have it all figured out I love someone with a vision

DVF: Okay so you were in Tonto Dikehs Sugar Rush video tell me how that happened? and what the experience was like for you?

Richard: It was just time and chance, clearly my steps were ordered, I can't detail how I got the job but I got it anyway the same day I was a beautiful experience, wasn't my first time acting in a music video tho but this one had me almost everywhere in the script and in my mind I was like 'favored me , a video all to myself and I don't have to pay for it', very amazing crew members Moe Musa, the Db records personalities...

it was lovely and I was very impressed with the outcome of the video apparently Tonto Dikeh is a better actress than me even as regards experience and exposure, at first it twitched me but the effect didn't last... I did my Job and I think even you was impressed.. Well for a while random persons started calling sugar crush, the guy in Tonto's video and some other funny inferences but I suppose that comes with working with amazing people like I did.

DVF: Wow, how cool that is, how did you and Tonto relate? did you guys vibe well?

Richard: Well that I can't say, i'm not much of a vibe kind person sometimes.. I just did what was needed of me and ensured they got what they needed..

DVF: Okay... So did being on the video open up any form of opportunities for you?

Richard: Well not particularly directly, but the good will from jobs like that some what indirectly influence some jobs to be given to you.

DVF: Yeah, that's true, you mentioned that you have acted in other videos before which is that?

Richard: DJ Cuppy's ' I love my country' also directed by Moe Musa

DVF: Ohh thats lovely.. I sure will go check the video out does acting maybe seem like something you would want to professionally go into?

Richard: There's a possibility, but I have an open mind in that regard

DVF: Okay, thats nice, when doing the video Sugar Rush were you like under pressure because of the star power you were working with? or are you the kind of guy who doesnt really get star struck

Richard: I was under pressure because of the time we had to shoot was an all night shoot and dawn was hurrying fast, I should admit I was star seemed every one was expecting me to faint tho or something but when I was done kswitch particularly shook hands with me and said I deserved an Oscar, he jokingly said let me add sometimes we fail and then we pick ourselves up and become even better.

DVF: Wow, you just have to get into acting before I ever saw you instagram, I was already really impressed from the video

Richard: Well am going to learn then more and an opportunity has opened for me in theatre play, so am.going to take it

..there's much I can learn, do and then impart .

DVF: That's awesome you are a handful always something up your sleeves thats great

Richard: Well we are mysteries to the World so what can I say.. am in the right team.

DVF: Yeah yes you are lol well I wish you the best luck with everything, this was amazing and so very insightful. Thanks for doing this any words of advice for the young models out there?

Richard: It's a pleasure... An opportunity to share my new self with everyone *Smiles* the young models, your talent would bring you before Kings and not mere men but there's a certain level of preparation you must engage in before Kings can entertain you so be diligent (he who is faithful in little is faithful in much) research and learn your (study to show yourself approve a work man that needest not be ashamed), and pray to the father, With Him all things are possible.

DVF: Great

Richard: Very well, thanks for the interview and thanks for your time.

DVF: Noo, this was absolutely my pleasure.. I am in awe.

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Richard On Set Of Tonto Dikeh's Sugar Rush Video


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