Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hey beautiful people, Good afternoon... How is your saturday going? Hope y'all are busy doing the most. I have come this wonderful day to bring you some saturday motivation, as always anyways lol.

But Jamal Stackhauz is someone that I got to know 2014 through BBM back when I was still on it and we'd chat and talk and he'd tell me things about his fitness and how much he loves it and I recall I used his photos alot as my display picture and ladies would text me like "Hey please can I get his pin" lol sure enough I'd give them. Well fast forward to 2016, we had lost touch alot because I got off BBM and everyone was busy obviously getting their lives together lol but it was so nice to re connect with him and just talk about his life, fitness journey and career so far and what he is currently into.

Jamal is one of the coolest guys and I had such a good time,I hope y'all do too reading this interview. Have a lovely read.

DVF: Tell me about yourself and background?

Jamal: My Brand name is Jamalstackhauz.. real names are Tony Chukwu, I'm from Imo state (surprised?) Well, I'm a graduate of Uniben, I studied History and International studies, an entrepreneur who has found comfort and creativity in fitness, modelling and events planning and soon web development and graphic designing.

DVF: Yes, I am actually surprised that you're from the east the name Jamal just always made me think somewhere from around the north, I had no idea Jamal wasn't even your real name I could have gueesed the " Stackhauz" part though but not the Jamal... anyway so how did you come about the name Jamal Stackhauz for your brand name

Jamal: Lol well, Jamal is Arabic - and it means "Handsome", so I am but then what I am and what I do is one, Stackhauz? 😊 Let's not go there. 😉

DVF: Hmm lol Is the Stackhauz part about what I think it is?

 Jamal: What do you think it is? 😏

 Jamal: I didn't say anything oh lol

DVF: Lol, okay let's move on how did you start modelling?

Jamal: Alright lol started when I decided to showcase my fitness abilities or techniques... Through modeling.. that was in 2014 got jobs but couldn't execute 'em because they came with conditions.

DVF: So then what came next for you?

 Jamal: Managing my own brand

DVF: That's nice, you have been in some competitions tell me about that?

Jamal: Yeah. My debut was in 2014, Mr University Africa represented my university, Uniben and bagged an award Best Body Mr University Africa there after I represented Sokoto for Mr Ideal Nigeria in 2015 it was a big one and I was firm and focused on it. There I won another award- Crazy Picture Concept Challenge Mr Ideal Nigeria, I had myself body painted for a photo 

DVF: How nice, which of the competitions would you say was the most challenging?

Jamal: Mr Ideal Nigeria

DVF: Why was it so challenging for you?

Jamal: It was simply bigger than Mr University Africa had to take things to another level and you think big in every situation u find urself, right?

 DVF: Yes, that's true how did you feel being among so many guys from different places was it at all intimidating?

Jamal: It was okay, I'm JamalStackhauz, I never feel intimidated..


DVF: Hahaha, that's nice, confidence is a necessary thing especially in a situation like that

Jamal: Yeah God's got me

DVF: Let's go back to the beginning for a little bit

DVF: How did your fitness journey begin? What got you into fitness? Was it something you always had interest in or was there a moment of epiphany to the realisation of it?

Jamal: Yeah,  I'd say I just loved it and yes there was a moment of awakening but I remember back in my 200 level I'd pull different stunts to that effect, worked my way through it till I competed at Mr University Africa. 

I remember my first pic ever for a competition was a hit 😂 that got me famous, It was just after Mr Ideal Nigeria that my manager felt I could use my knowledge and skills for business and so we created the first fitness business and since we aren't together anymore, I rebranded my services and fitness is a plus to it.

DVF: That's so cool, can you specifically talk about that moment of awakening to fitness and your love for it?


Jamal: Well, I found out I talked more about it and also couldn't stay without working out, I'd work out 4-5 times daily and it was beautiful

 DVF: What did winning Best body Mr university Africa mean to you?

Jamal: Gave me the certainty to keep aspiring for greatness, aim larger 😏 and not just bigger

DVF: Yeah do you like the attention being so fit and obviously sexy brings to you or does it get to a point where the attention it comes with pisses you off?

Jamal: I love the attention but then there's room for everyone to do 'emselves, I love the attention from the ladies and guys with a straight mindset but then I'm not homophobic neither am I one of 'em & neither do I indulge, I simply accommodate everyone.

DVF: That is so nice of you though, so any crazy experiences from a fan you could share?

 Jamal: Well yeah, lots of 'em... But I'd tell of just one

Had a lady who requested I train her at her home but just wanted a butt session, prior to the time she requested for the session, she was already all over me.. and just when I was gonn really talk business with her, she sent me a voice note of her touching herself on my behalf...

DVF: Woah!!... That's wild haha

 Jamal: 😏 you can say that again

DVF: So did you still go for the training session ?

 Jamal: Nope I never mix pleasure with business

DVF: How nice, you're principled too. So not even once have you mixed the two?

Jamal: I have to be principled and no I haven't has there been a situation where by you were really really interested also and tempted and literally had to force yourself to stay true to your rules?

Jamal: Well, I'm quite use to the ladies, I must confess I get a little tempted but hey if I fall business falls, and I wouldn't be taken seriously anymore so I'd rather stay the man I always am.

DVF: Yeah, that's true, that's actually really impressive

Jamal: Graciaz

DVF: Lol so tell me about your fitness programme

 Jamal: Over time I've mastered the art of fitness solo, I started with just leg sessions, arms and chest, butt Sessions, full Body workout for both sexes but now, I write health articles (stopped recently) I can train both old and young people, pregnant women, prescribe diet plans, offer massage therapy and it's all on home services, I don't have a center yet.. I welcome gifts, just incase God blesses you to bless me with a center at which I can touch lives. 😃

DVF: Nice one but true though, there is nothing our God cannot do lol

 Jamal: Exactly

DVF: So when you started doing this what were some of the challenges you experienced?

Jamal: Proximity, Nigeria (especially Lagos). If u aren't careful, Lagos can decide how ur day would go. Beating traffic, people wanting to pay less than what I offer.. I also train Pageants

DVF: Yeah, the traffic is a mess

Jamal: Yeah, always

DVF: Never been there but from the constant complaints it must be some serious shii

Jamal: Trust me, it is

DVF: How did you get into fitness training for pageants?

Jamal: It was simple, I was offered the opportunity from Mr University Africa '15 and then Miss Ideal Nigeria '15 cause of how I blended it, e've people doing d same thing already.. I just need to be different.  I don't totally fancy the gym. Cause I believe body weight is just right, especially for those who basically want to keep fit.

DVF: Yeah, like me lol

Jamal: That's why I train clients at their homes and I introduced a free massage therapy right after each session with a client... That reduces the pains a client under goes after training hehe and I don't just train, I attack my client's feeding and drinking even before we fix a schedule of sessions.

DVF: That's really so generous of you? How did you learn body massaging? Did you learn naturally or under go any training on it? Lool I already feel like hiring your services

Jamal: I read and learnt from people who are in the business... never had a training for it, massage therapy is actually a hobby of mine and I took it to another level by topping up my basic knowledge of the skill.

DVF: What was the hardest part about training women?

Jamal: Well haven't had any, they just simply need to be handled with patience and motivation.. they eventually pick up, being around 'em is wonderful 😏

DVF: So let's talk a little about fashion, how would you describe your style?

Jamal: Provided it's not heavy, I love it.. Stylishly simple.

DVF: Lol okay, nice. So what is the future of Jamal Stackhauz looking like?

Jamal: I'm hopeful. It'll be huge by God's grace.

 DVF: Alright, I truly hope so too. I wish you well with everything Jamal

 Jamal: Gratitude

DVF: Thank you so much for your time and for doing this

Jamal: Anytime, sir.

DVF: Gracias!!.



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