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So I first heard and found out about singer Morachi through SOUNDCITY years ago back when I was still in highschool and he had just released his Hit single "Hapuya Like That" , the song came at a time when the music industry in Nigeria had hit a really messy wall and we had but very few good artistes who we heard on tv and with amazing visuals to the song which may not seem like much now but was everything back then and instantaenously made the song a hit.

The massive success of the song shut Morachi into instant fame and stardom.

 The song came with it's own unique mix of the western sound that cut into the famous Naija afro beats tunes, it also had a bit of rap, hip hop and RnB all infused into the song.

It was kind of dis-heartning when he disappeared from the music scene for years but now he is back, bigger and better than ever and he came back with another huge hit called Labalaba which has hit the airwaves and has everyone buzzing about him once again so imagine my excitement when I got this fabulous opportunity to have a chat with him about his life, family, music and big come back.. this is a wonderful read and I hope you guys enjoy it as much I do and please tell a friend to tell a friend to come and read this because Morachi is back!!!..... Happy Viewing Guys.

    DVF: So tell me about yourself and background?

Morachi: I am Richie Marvin Chieme Akuba, from IMO state, born in bariga Lagos, 1st out of a family of 4

 DVF: What was growing up like for you?

Morachi: Growing up wasn't easy, it was a hard time growing up... I remember a lot of pain and sadness, didn't really have the time to grow up as proper kids do, have play time and all that I started experiencing how to be an adult at a very young age

DVF: That must have been so difficult.. what was the reason for all of that hardship?

 Morachi: Lol well I didn't come from a rich home, actually did but due to some issues that golden spoon was snatched away from my family and I

DVF: that's one of the worst things that could happen? So how did things change for you and at what point in your life did you find your love for music?

 Morachi: Music has always been part of me but I just never took it seriously until the end of my high school session when friends decided to push me to the studio and that changed it all

DVF: What was your first song like?

Morachi: My first song was a love song and a song dedicated to my mom produced by Nelson Brown who was the biggest producer for plantashun Boiz back then

DVF: Really? You have been doing this a real long time

 Morachi: I sure have

DVF: So what came next after high school?

 Morachi: Hapuya like that happened and changed everything for me ! The song blew up just as I put it out there , I went to bed only to wake up a star.

 A star who didn't know anything about the music business and how to run it so that was a new school and experience for me

DVF: Yes.. I can testify to the massive success of that song like everyone couldn't stop singing it in school , I was in highschool then and it was all over every tv station

Morachi: 🙏🏽  more songs and more hits sure to drop by his grace

DVF: So when you did Hapuya like that you hadn't left Nigeria at all then?

Morachi: I Was just traveling back and forth , I was supposed to go base in the US and leave Nigeria for good at the time but the success of the song made me leave all that and stay back

DVF: How did you come up with the brand name "Morachi" ??

Morachi: Morachi is a combination of my original names mixed together

DVF: Let's talk about a fashion for a bit, what does fashion mean to you, how would you describe your style ?

Morachi: Fashion is very important and it means a great deal to me as it represents the brand you wish to sell to the world, my style is a combination of the sexy and classy look

DVF: So how did you go from a highschool kid doing music to releasing a song like ' Hapuya like that' and with such a video too did you get signed to a label? Because it most have cost alot of resources to pull that off

Morachi: I used to get upset a lot about crap I saw on tv and I knew that we deserved better so I decided to set a good example,  I had used up savings meant for traveling to get ready for school in the Us, labels have never favored me because they have never seen the picture in my head, they think I am too high maintenance

 DVF: Setting that example really changed alot, for me personally it gave me alot more faith and hope in the Nigerian music industry because it was a time when there was so much trash people called music having airplay. I remember thinking "wow so a Nigerian video can be this cool"

 Morachi: That's exactly what I wanted, I know what I want and that is the basic thing just like my new video LabaLaba has everyone inspired to take video productions more serious once again

DVF: I'm not surprised, it's exactly what is still happening till today the real talents get rejected by labels and they pick up those who aren't even ready to put the work in to make a difference

Morachi: Well not really, most labels want artistes they can bend as they please and manipulate,  some are not like that though

DVF: Yeah, a few are the exceptions, let's talk about a fashion for a bit, what does fashion mean to you, how would you describe your style ?

Morachi: Fashion is very important and it means a great deal to me as it represents the brand you wish to sell to the world, my style is a combination of the sexy and classy look

 DVF: You got off the scene for a long time what happened? And why have you decided now is finally the right time to get back into the Nigerian music industry again

Morachi: Nothing happened , still was in the scene but was not consistent as I had other things I have been trying my hands on, things are more structured now and social media is father of it all now and things are different now so if you do the work right it will all blossom

DVF: Yes, that's right social media is the father of it all now. Okay let's deviate from the music a little bit, let's talk fitness

Morachi: Okay

DVF: How and when did you get into fitness?

Morachi: I have been fit from school, back in highschool I used to represent my school in international competitions and we never lost, the abs everyone talks about today I got it years ago when Nigerians didn't even care to know what it was all about

 DVF: Did you get into fitness because you wanted to be fit or because you wanted to gain the attention ofthe ladies lol like alot of guys or was it a bit of both reasons?

Morachi: I got into fitness for me and no one else and I am glad that I have now become a motivation and inspiration to a lot of my fans when it comes to fitness

DVF: Obviously you're an attractive man and a public figure, has the attention that comes with it ever been too much to a point where it's pissed you off or are you used to it and can handle all that it brings?

Morachi: Well yeah there has been times when it gets to me but I handle things just fine

DVF: Okay so you model also, fitness and photography modelling?

Morachi: Yessir

DVF: Was it something you always had passion for or did it just happen and when did you officially get into it?

Morachi: I would say I have everything needed for showbiz, some qualities I have hidden in the past and others like the modelling overtime I have shown but this time around I will be reavealing a whole lot more

DVF: Okay let's get a little more personal, you are a dad to a handsome baby boy and I haved watched videos of you and your baby boy just having father and son time at home, goofing around with him and you seem to really love him and love being a father, so tell me how your son has changed your life?

Morachi: Yeah I am a dad now, my son has changed my life in more ways than I can imagine, he makes me work harder and look even deeper at the future, he motivates me everyday

DVF: That's so lovely, does he know yet that dad's a music artist? Lol

Morachi: Of cause he knows and he also loves music so much

 DVF: Awwww that's just lovely, let's talk about your new song "Labalaba" did you know it was going to be this huge of a hit? Did you feel pressure to want to write a hit song for your come back to the industry or did you just let things happen naturally?

Morachi: Is it a hit already? Never knew it's a hit in Nigeria now .... I just had to do a really dope video and make it top notch and I always let things happen naturally

DVF: Oh yeah? Well It is, I hear people blasting it on a daily now

Morachi: Oh yeah? That's some good development and good news

DVF: In the industry who would you like to collaborate with ?

Morachi: I have a few artistes I love their work, wizkid is definitely going to be on the album , Davido is keeping it blazing as well, flavor , Phyno , olamide , 2face, Muno  just to mention a few

DVF: That's so nice, so what should we expect from Morachi , where do you see the future of your brand as an artist going?

 Morachi: Expect more songs , more videos, another album , my clothing line (YEBOluxury ) and many more things God has for me, expect stories from my new songs , songs that tell my story , stories that have never been told 

DVF: What kind of clothing should we expect from your upcoming clothing line?

Morachi: YEBOluxury will be designing almost everything

DVF: All amazing things, Thank you so much for doing this and giving me your time

Morachi: You're welcome




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