Monday, October 24, 2016

Hey guys.... Happy Monday, how are you guys doing?? hope well!! If you are a Nigerian and you are into fitness or a fitness enthusiast and do not know Jjnairaa? that is an error that needs to be fixed ,thankfully I am here to help lol. I have known Jjnairaa for many years now mostly through the ladies on social media who just drool over him lol and because of all his fitness titles and social media presence, back when Keek was the go to social network for posting videos I used to be obsessed with his keek account because of his amazing work out videos which got thousands of views, I should add.

 I mostly enjoyed to see funny comments from ladies lool, I was super excited about three years ago when he liked a video of my on Instagram and I had to save the notification for proof lolthat's how much of a fan of his I am

 funny huh? lol ayway fast forward to now and I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his life and his new Boot camp, fitness programme and then also had the pleasure of meeting him by accident actually in Abuja recently and he was even better looking and nicer in person lol my cousin RUTH couldn't keep her cool when we met him y'all should have seen the look on her face, such a funny moment anyway let me not bore you guys any further, please enjoy the interview guys.

DVF: Tell me about yourself and background?

Jjnairaa: My name is John Akapa jnr A.K.A Jjnairaa, British citizen, grew up in the uk, studied secondary and A'levels there ,then came back and finished up in the University of Abuja, computer Science graduate,my birthday is May 10th, i'm a personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Fitness Guru and President of JayProFitness Health/Fitness Brand, six times Mr Macho Winner, current Mr Macho Nysc Bayelsa State 2016, Mr Ideal Abuja 2012, Mr Culture NG 2012, Mr Physique NG, Mr Ideal Continental NG, former PR for sofa lounge abuja, Hobbies are reading books, health/fitness, bodybuilding, athletes and helping people lose weight

DVF: Wow, that's quite impressive, with you there's such a wide range of things to talk about and discuss, where do I even start?

Jjnairaa: Lool

DVF: Okay.. let's start from the very beginning, how did you get into fitness?

Jjnairaa: I have been into fitness since 2001, I was asthmatic as a boy and I couldn't do anything without getting an attack, unfortunately my elder brother passed away, out of pain and anger I challenged my self to beating asthma and overcoming the loss of my brother and took out all the pain and frustration in the gym and that's what's got me up to where I am today, fifteen years ago I took out all the pain and frustration at the gym so all hell don't break lose out on the streets lol

DVF: When and how did modelling come into your life? Was it something you always had passion for or did it sort of just happen ?

Jjnairaa: Modeling sort of just happened, it was unplanned for I got a call about a fashion show, I auditioned and got the spot and another modeling agency signed me up since then I have been modelling, since 2009 till date, I have done high fashion, runway ,traditional wears, fitness modelling and physique pageantry

DVF: That's so cool ,what agency signed you and are still with them?

Jjnairaa: It was CAS-NOVA modeling agency and I'm no longer with them, I'm my own boss now @jayprofitness

DVF: Wow,!Nice, lol I take it that you can't be tamed

 Jjnairaa: Un-tamable, untouchable and unstoppable that's the motive lool

DVF: Tell me about Mr ideal Abuja 2012 and how that experience was for you and what winning means to you

Jjnairaa: Well it was a good experience, I did it for the people who belived in me and took out thier time to vote for me because of their hopes to see me win so the victory goes in appreciation to them ,God and everyone who made it possible other than that, it was an okay experience and I tried to enjoy myself while it lasted

DVF: Thats nice, tell me how you got about winning Mr Macho six times? that's so crazy

Jjnairaa: It's the grace of God, I kept on being consistent at the top of my game and told myself that I had no competition, I was always on my grind

DVF: So you kept going year after year and kept winning, till you got to six?

Jjnairaa: Yep! day in, day out I even travelled to bayelsa and I also got the mr macho nysc title there, I knew I was going to win even before I booked my flight, divine confidence

DVF: That's called having faith

Jjnairaa: Faith? I have a lot of that

DVF: That's nice, so I was telling a friend that I was going to interview you and he said "Ha!!.. I know that guy ooh back in Highschool every girl in my class would go crazy for him, whenever they saw his photos" lool, all these years how have you coped with being a sex symbol? And is there ever a time when it gets to a point where it is too much to handle and unhealthy?

Jjnairaa: Lmao I coped with discipline and self controll, I never allowed anything to get into my head too much whether it was positive or negative energy I took control of my emotions and managed everything on a neutral level

DVF:Definitely not easy to do, have you had any crazy encounter with a fan?

Jjnairaa: Lmaoo on so many occasions, one time I was with my GF and some girl tried to kiss and caress me,I spent the whole night explaining to my gf that I had never seen her before

DVF: Woah!! That is a mess ooh, a little too extra if you ask me lol

Jjnairaa: At first when it started I was excited but I kinda settled into it because I know the plans God has for me in my future are bigger than where I am today so the earlier I learn how to manage and create a balance with all these things the better for me and the great man I intend to become 

DVF: That's nice, going into the fitness world and especially fitness modelling , what would you say was a challenge for you at the beginning stages?

Jjnairaa: Challenge? Loool there was no challenge really loool because I loved the industry the only challenge I had was with myself to become a better version of myself and always have something to bring to the table every time.

DVF: Yes, I love that. Did you have any mentors or people you looked up to for inspirations when you started out?

Jjnairaa: Initially I just had one and that was Tyson beckford but now that I am the president of a fitness brand I have my father as a mentor he was the senior operations officer of the world bank for fifteen years and is a veteran in his field and coaches me on writing my official proposals, I also have Richard Templar as a mentor, he is a writer and I have his books on rules of wealth rules of love and rules of life.

A very good teacher on so many things and I also have my Pastor Dr Andy Osakwe as my mentor to coach me in the ways of the Lord

DVF: Yes, very true. I was actually going to ask if in the beginning you loved the attention and if it gave you drive to want to go harder before you said that.

As a fitness model and everything that comes with it the sexiness and the perfect body and all that alot of your shoots definitely have to mostly be without clothes, how do you feel about going nude for pictures and photography and have you done it before?

Jjnairaa: It's a normal thing being a fitness model all that comes with it, Swimwear shoots, underwear and so many others require taking your top off so I got used to it as time went on


DVF: That's amazing, what area of modelling is your favorite? Between fashion modelling, photography and commercial modelling?

Jjnairaa: High fashion modeling and photography but soon I will be going into the commercial industry, I am very sure I have a thing or two to offer the big brands like glo, etisalat ,mtn airtel ,Gulder, red bull or power horse

DVF: You would be a great commercial model, especially brands that depict strength like gulder and power horse, so anyways.... tell me, what does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style??

Jjnairaa: Fashion Is an expression of what you feel inside and my style is basically what makes me comfortable I don't follow trends,I create them.

DVF: Yeah I like that lol ,very nice... In all of your titles that you have won so far? Which do you place the most value on and why?

Jjnairaa: I place Mr Macho as the most valuable because it's free and fair, the best man always wins and it's not rigged like all the other contests that the titles have been payed for, the other contests I have been in apart from Mr macho was rigged that's what I'm trying to say

DVF: Yeah I understand you, well thankfully you still came on top even with all the rigging that's the most important so asides modelling, fitness modelling and being a fitness trainer.. what other aspects of the entertainment industry do you have eyes for?

Jjnairaa: Well I got a bit of acting in there somewhere, I use to do comedy skit videos I still have a few down there so you can check it out in your free time.

DVF: Really? Wow.. I had no idea, never seen any of such videos only the fitness ones, I have to tell you something back like four years ago I was kinda obsessed with your keek lol I used to always watch your work out videos and really liked to see all the comments of the girls just drooling over you 

Jjnairaa: I remember does comments, time sure has gone I kinda went a little silent.

DVF: You did, you are the original one in Nigeria the first to do it back then no one was posting work out videos or nothing like that ,it was just you ,Inspiring people and giving exercise do's , don'ts and helpful routines and I ain't just saying all these to flatter you it's actually true

Jjnairaa: Aww bro, I really appreciate, thanks a mill

DVF: Don't mention, you deserve

Jjnairaa: And I am actually grateful to God for giving me such talents to share with the rest of the world

DVF: Yeah, it's a huge talent, fitness is extremely hard and it just comes naturally to you .Anyway so back to the acting have you ever tried or thought of going into it professionally?

Jjnairaa: I have been into fitness since 2001 bro It's just recently I started taking it up as a professional career, as regards to the acting sometimes I just let things come to me naturally, rather than going out like I'm hungry for it......

For now I'm just doing me, at the right time everything will fall into place so regarding the acting thing I set up another page @jjnairaa for all my funny videos and any acting skills,i'm sure if that's also destined for me, the right people will pick up on it and take it to the next level.

DVF: That's a very good idea, I do comedy videos too actually they are all on my

Jjnairaa: Perhaps some day we will collaborate 

DVF: Exactly!!! I would love that, I hope it all works out because I think you would be great in movies especially playing a boyfriend, fantasy guy, Romance stuff as well as play boy roles lol

Jjnairaa: Lmao some real intresting roles lol here's a few clips of the 800 parody videos I have of me.

DVF: Hahaha that military one is soo funny

Jjnairaa: And I dint steal that uniform lool I was in the British Air Cadet of her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Air Force

DVF: 800??? are you kidding me? This is too much to deal with

Jjnairaa : There's a lot of these videos bro, i've lost count now that fitness has taken over lol

Jjnairaa : Sometimes people say to me that God was selfish when he created me

DVF: You definitely shouldn't be boxed to one field of entertainment, you have so much talent to explore on , hahaha I don't blame them for saying that

Jjnairaa: When I realized it was a talent was when I started making these videos at the age of 12 with no training or lessons whatsoever I just had a thing for it, there's still a lot more in there lol

DVF: You started these funny skits at 12? How cool

Jjnairaa: Yeah, my brother and I had this pocket game boy that had a detachable camera, so we just made stuff and I had to seat down to work on it edit and all that, from there I knew some video editing skills and then had to just come up with a sense of humor to package it all up into hilarious skits

DVF: Wow! that's really nice, I like creative minds I noticed the edits the cut out scenes from other videos to fit in perfectly with yours and all that it's really cool stuff

Jjnairaa: I just have always loved videography

DVF: Yeah me too, my friends complain all the time that I'm always filming them or myself or something lol

Jjnairaa: When I'm well established I hope to have my own recording studio, so people will pay for such services, editing ,directing and much more, it's a talent bro, harness it

DVF: Yeah I will, thanks . Tell me how the idea for your boot camp came about, what inspired it?

Jjnairaa : Well we already have a corporate fitness partnership with DSTV MULTI CHOICE that involves an outdoor (boot camp) group work out on a monthly bases that's what's initially trigger the boot camp group workout, and as my client base is growing, I realised I can't share myself equally amongst my clients, so we designed a boot camp that can have all my students in one place so I can teach them equally and still have time during the week for other programmes and appointments because it will be impossible to train thirty clients individually twice a week for a month straight! So I decided a boot camp would be better

DVF: That is so nice, definitely a good decision you made ,this way everyone you're training can have you all at once . So what will the boot camp encompass of?

 Jjnairaa: Great music , fresh workouts, weight loss, calorie burning, building abs, toning muscles , meal planing, nutrition counselling and overall health and fitness

DVF: That's really nice, so here is a fun question, Iet's say I am time travelling into the future, what message would you want me to give a ten years future version of you? lol

 Jjnairaa: Loool my message will be! Great job, well done bro. Thanks for being smart innovative, creative, hard working and never giving up now look where it got us? Giant! Lions of Africa putting the continent on the map of global fitness.

DVF: I love that, that's a great message to your future self by the way 

 Jjnairaa: Ten years from now we would have been fully established fitness event centers In abuja, lagos, PH and London that's the ultimate goal


DVF: How cool that you already have a drafted plan? And to think I just joking with the question

Jjnairaa: You got to have a plan, If you don't have a goal you can't score

DVF: That's a very eye opening quote though, it's so true

Jjnairaa: Sometimes bro it takes a lot of time, money , blood, sweat, tears ,a lot of tears, pain , joy basically a great mix of emotions to get things done, but it has to be done and I'm in it for the long haul.

Nothing good comes easy and you can't rush greatness, got to be ready for whatever it takes

DVF: You definitely embody that strength, you are so inspiring though

Jjnairaa: Thanks and you too


DVF: Lol thanks, so I saw that you and PRINCE EHIRIM are real good buddies and are now collaborating alot for amazing work out videos, what has the experience been like for you to be able to work with someone you shares your passion for fitness?

Jjnairaa: Ohh Prince? Lool it's awesome working with prince he is like my brother. Our spirits connect so easily and we have this unbreakable bond through fitness, It's really awesome having a friend like him, I have know him since 2010 ,we both contested in an online contest Mr Physique Nigeria

Jjnairaa: That's how we got to know each other and built a life long friendship

DVF: That's so nice, I had no idea you guys have known each other for that long. So tell me what should we expect next or soonest from the Jjnairaa brand? And lastly one very important question? How did you come up with the name" Jjnairaa" ?

 Jjnairaa : The name was actually senator jjnairaa because I have hopes of representing our youths in a place of office someday either as a senator or a sports health/fitness ambassador to promote health and fitness in our youths at an early stage. JJ is my name and the Nairaa came about as the funds that will be required for youth empowerment, supplies for the less privileged and so many other infrastructural development.

And when I was a lot younger I use to love Naira if your in my house and your looking for your Naira it was definitely in my pocket ?? and People got fund of calling me Nairaa so the name stuck


DVF: Lmao, I love how there's an actual background story to the name ,that's cool

Jjnairaa: Lol yeah, there's a book I'm reading called "as a man thinket" so I believe you are what you think for your self, These are not just mere thoughts because when thoughts are backed with proper action, your mental picture becomes the actual picture

DVF: Wow!! Amazing stuff. You have been the best, thank you so much for taking your time to do this interview

Jjnairaa: you're welcome bro, anytime.




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