Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hey beautiful people, how are y'all doing today?? Happy Sunday. So y'all know how much I love models like (in my head) I literally sometimes feel like models are the reason why clothes get made , anyway so I interviewed Model Livinus Osakwuye who I got to know through another model I interviewed Anderson Jeremiah if you missed his interview click HERE well I was stalking him on social media (laughs) which by the way is what I always do with every and anyone I have interviewed and will interview just to be able to gain basic knowledge and info about them. 

So (smacks lips) I saw some photos with Anderson and Levis and I got interested in him because the boy has been on so many runways and he is a favourite among designers and I am happy to have interviewed him and glad to share it with you guys, I hope y'all have a good read, enjoy.

DVF: Tell me about yourself and background ?

Levis: My name is Livinus Osakwuye, friends call me Levis I’m from delta state ike south “Agbor” last born out of eight , my parents are awesome people and I am a model, I started modelling in 2013.

DVF: Was modelling always a passion for you, something you wanted to do
or did it happen to come into your life?

Levis : I never thought of it though...  A friend told me about it , that was way back in  2009 but at first I didn't really know much about the modelling industry...  I actually didn't follow up on it that year. But then like two years after I started watching fashion shows on TV, that's when I really got interested in it.

DVF : That's nice,  so how did you then get into it?

Levis: I had to go to modelling school for a week and learn my professional catwalk and skills though it was a bit challenging cause I really didn't know if I was getting right or wrong.

DVF : Yeah, it must have been tough being uncertain

Levis : In that year 2013, I heard of a modelling audition then I tried it, that was my first audition and to my surprise I got picked and ever since I have been modelling professionally now for three years.

DVF : So how has your life changed now that you're a model as opposed to Levis the normal everyday guy?

Levis: It's been good, it has gotten me to believe in myself more , being a model makes me happy and I feel like the sky is my limit and I know that I will get to the top by the grace of God but generally not much has really changed though just that I've been getting attention from people who I doubt that without modelling would have seen me.

DVF : So you have an awesome physique, how do you keep fit?

Levis: Yes I do, thanks... I go jogging like three times a week, I also go to the gym and I eat fruits to stay healthy but I am not on a diet and I do not starve myself either but I avoid fatty foods

DVF: What is your body statistics?

Levis : Medium, height 6'2 chest size 40 waist 31 shoe size 44

DVF : I noticed that you have recently lost weight, was the weight loss an intentional act that you worked towards or did it happen naturally?

Levis : A bit of both because I worked towards it and there is also the stress factor due some personal things that's happened but I am fine now, I also stopped working out for a while but have resumed again so all of that is why I have lost weight.

DVF : That's nice, so between photography, editorials, commercial and runway modelling which aspect is your favorite?

Levis : Runway

DVF : Why?

Levis : Runway modelling is the major reason why I went into the fashion world... cause I have so much passion for it

DVF : Makes sense seeing how you've been in a whole lot of runways , do you ever get nervous due to the people watching as you strut down the catwalk?

Levis : Not at all anymore ... but honestly at first when I started I used to really get nervous.

DVF : Have you had instances where you have been a model for a designer on the runway but you didn't like the clothes ?

Levis : Not really.. I have been lucky to work with amazing designers that always make me feel perfect each time I wear their designs.

DVF : Okay, that's nice. Do you have any particular designer that you always love to model for?

Levis : I don't have any in particular...  Any designer who's creative I can always rock their designs... so for me any is good to go.

DVF : When you became a model what aspect of it did you find most challenging?

Levis : The competition, the competition  is quite much because they're a lot models in the business..

DVF : What about your family, how did they take your decision to become a model?

Levis : My family supports me

DVF : That's cool, So I have a few random fun questions for you

Levis : Okay

DVF : What's your favourite color?

Levis : Sky blue and white.

DVF : Favourite food?

Levis : I eat all kinds of food basically anything delicious

DVF: Where's the one place in the world that you would absolutely  love to visit?

Levis : Israel but I have a lot of other places that I would also like to visit like USA, Canada, Australia and Holland in fact I should stop there cause there are a lot

DVF : What do you do for fun?

Levis : I enjoy hanging out with friends and listening to music

DVF : What kind of music is your favorite?

Levis : Pop and RnB

DVF : Nice so asides from being a model, do you have eyes for any other career path?

Levis : Yes I do, I would like to be a fashion designer and also have an agency... I'm working towards that.

DVF : Fashion designing, that's great. So what aspect of fashion designing are you interested in?

Levis : High fashion

DVF : That's lovely, so what should we be expectant of from the Livinus Osakwuye brand?

 Levis: Well my aim is to go international with my modelling career and also like I mentioned earlier work on my own designs and build towards my own modelling agency.

DVF: That's great, I wish you the best of luck with everything and thank you for your time and for sharing your story with me.

Levis : It's okay bro, thanks.


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