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A Rebel in the literal definition is one who refuses to conform to the formalities of his /her environment, he makes his own laws and goes by his will and creates his own Yardstick.

He breaks out of the crowd to stand for what he believes in whether or not it is acceptable to his society or environment. So when it comes to fashion you can only imagine how that translates, to be a Rebel in fashion you must be willing to go out of the normal boundaries of fashion, be extremely innovative with outfits, be able to create your own personal style and manipulate looks in such a way that they are unique to you, your personality, your brand, and your style. It should be done with such masterly finesse that your style becomes a representation of you.

People easily mistake being a Fashion rebel for being a fash hole, the two are way different but the misconception is common, now a fash hole is someone who thinks they are breaking the norms of fashion whereas they are actually pulling off completely confusing looks, this happens a lot often when people put too many random and abstract pieces that have no business being together and infuse them all into one look especially when they forget to pay attention to those slight details that could potentially really connect those dots and perfect a look or give it the beauty that it otherwise would not have, and essentially make sense out of a look that could have gotten people thinking that the ensemble was a mess.

 Now back to being a fashion rebel, being a fashion rebel doesn't mean that he/she doesn't dress or wear clothes like others or everyday people do, because of cause they do (laughs).              

But when a fashion rebel walks into a room, they would always stand out with a piece or two of everyday clothing worn completely abstractly or creatively, in most cases they may be pieces that you (A non-fashion rebel) would easily shy away from trying on not to talk of actually wearing out (laughs). In our world today we have a lot of fashion rebels those who have found a voice through their style and have decided to speak out through it.  

A fashion rebel is also, one who can make the most “outlandish” sartorial choices seem almost natural and normal, as they have mastered the art of styling such looks up well enough to make you fall in love with it.

I had the pleasure of Interviewing and discussing with fashion Stylist Soouizz and getting first-hand knowledge from him about what it means to be "A Fashion Rebel" and trust me I couldn't get enough, I wanted the conversation to keep going on and on.            I hope this interview will give you guys a clearer perspective and understanding as to what it means to Rebel in Fashion especially those of us who are interested in going down that path, these are direct words from a brother and not some dictionary or Wikipedia definition of what it means (laughs), have a lovely read every one.

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective, Please tell me about yourself?

Soouizz: My name is Emeka Okeke, born and raised in Nigeria, in surulere Lagos, I came over to New York in 2010 after high school. I have two brothers, one is in Texas and the other is here with me.

I came here for college, to study Computer science but now fashion has the best of me so now I'm thinking about dropping science for her

DVF: (Laughs) No one would mind if you do, you are an embodiment of fashion. So how did you come up with the name "Soouizz"?

Soouizz: My journey through life, Soouizz is pretty much the whole tattoos on my body

DVF: What does "Soouizz" represent in full?

Soouizz: Soouizz stands for "Serenity Of Our Universe In Zealous Zion" which pretty much means the world's peace resting on the shoulders of one man (me obviously), so the serenity of our universe would be world peace and Zealous Zion would be this guy (me again) (laughs),  I feel like everyone goes through some shit every day and people really let stuff get to them and if for just one second you can stop what you're doing and put a smile on someone else's face no matter how bad things are going for you then you're Soouizz as well

DVF: Okay! that's deep

Soouizz: Yeah that's all I preach. Nothing too crazy though, with the whole visa struggle and all that, I still manage to make niggas laugh and have a good time and catch good vibes. I'm who I am in that manner.

DVF: You sound like immense fun, who wouldn't want to have a friend like you? (smiles) ... so when exactly would you say you fell in love with fashion, was there a trigger or is it a love that has kind of always been there?

Soouizz: Oh there was definitely a trigger, I've had different phases trying to find myself and my own fashion sense and then finally hitting the "oh f*ck it phase" (laughs), the main trigger was my friend buying a camera and saying "hey man, let's shoot"                  I remember my first actual set of photoshoots ever.

They were lame AF (as f*ck) but when I was in the moment I really was feeling it and it really opened my eyes to a lot of other shit, I met more people with better fashion sense and style also met more photographers and niggas kept expanding on and on

DVF: And shooting of course obviously kind of makes it compulsory to wear lots of different outfits and try different looks

Soouizz: Exactly. I did all kinds of shoots from suit and tie ( not really a tie kind of guy) to jeans and shirts and then the other crazy stuff that I put together (laughs), and then came the tattoo phase and it all added up

DVF: What was your first tattoo and when did you get it?

Soouizz: My first tattoo ever was Soouizz written on my right forearm, I got that in umm.... 2012 I didn't think it through then it was just a nickname at the time so I regretted it for a while but now that it's a lifestyle, I love it

DVF: Thank God that in time you changed your mindset concerning it cause it would be really awful to go about with regret literally on your shoulders (laughs)

Soouizz : (Laughs) Yeah, I know right!

DVF: How many tattoos do you have now in total?

Soouizz: I have lost count cause my tattoos are all together so it looks like one big piece, from my chest to my arm and the other all around my forearm and then there's a lion on my finger I always forget to mention cause it's so small compared to the others

DVF: It's sounding like one huge art piece sitting on your skin

Soouizz: ( Laughs) it sure is, I'm almost done with the last session for my chest to arm then I can finally fully show it off, I'm sure you lot have seen my chest piece

DVF: Well I would really love to see the complete stuff and yeah I have seen the chest piece, It's something of a beauty, I especially favor the lion head one

Soouizz: Yeah I would love to see it too (laughs), yeah the lion head and my lion finger tat are my favorites, I'm a Leo

DVF: Makes sense now, (smiles)

Soouizz: And all my tattoos are tribal Polynesian tattoos, I'm not doing anything else besides tribal. I feel like those are real tattoos. Everything else is a fluke so mine is African tribal tattoos.

You will most likely never find anyone else walking the earth with what I have, (smiles) that was kind of the goal that I and my tattoo artist had in mind

DVF: Okay for us that are literal laymen when it comes to tattoos, ink and all of that, what are or is the "tribal Polynesian tattoos" ??

Soouizz: Tribal Polynesian tattoos are pretty much supposed to be the ancient Hawaiian tattoos that tell various family stories through the lines and shapes incorporated in the tattoos. So for mine, giving that I'm not from Hawaii (laughs) I had to take it back to my roots and tell my story from that point of view

DVF: Oh wow, this keeps sounding better and better by the second..... okay so you are obviously from the eastern part of Nigeria but which area exactly would that be?

Soouizz: I'm from Igbo ukwu in Anambra, we're like the original Igbo clan

DVF: Did you visit your village often back when you were still in Nigeria?

Soouizz: As often as we could

DVF: Okay cool, so... let's go back to fashion because if we keep talking about your tats, you're going to make me run to the next available tattoo shop (laughs)

Soouizz: (Laughs) ok, ok back to fashion

DVF: So when you hear fashion what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Soouizz: It's an art, it's a lifestyle and you don't just wake up one day and decide to do fashion you either have a good fashion sense and just need money to establish what you like or you don't have it at all and there are too many people out there with loads of money but no fashion sense at all, that's where I come in as a stylist.

I can make anyone look like anything for the right price so, in the long run, I want to be able to style as many people as possible, just to be able to put them on to the dopeness cause there's a whole lot of people out there who think they can really pull off some dope shit but it all turns out to be shit in the end.

Everyone always likes to think they look good but half of them are really not original. Originality is key and being true to yourself and most of all being comfortable in your own skin comes first and then everything else follows

DVF: Wow pretty insightful opinion right there and really mostly true which by the way actually brings us to the title of this interview " A Fashion Rebel"

When you hear that what comes to your mind and do you think you should be identified as one?

Soouizz: oh (laughs) I guess I am because I think everything I wear is pretty controversial, it gets people thinking is he gay or straight or is this how he dresses every day and suddenly you're interested to see what I'm going to wear the next day. I don't even know what I'm going to wear till I'm wearing it (laughs) so I think that I'm a fashion rebel. Being able to express yourself and your mood by what you're wearing is insane enough. F*ck a society or culture

I wear suits to occasions because that's what's appropriate for them shits and I wear the suits way better than niggas who wear suits every other day and then when it comes down to other outfits, I make sure I stand out as well. I don't want my best dressed day to be in my casket you know?

DVF: I know right!!!... We have got to live it up whilst we are yet alive (smiles) so if I were to raid your closet right now... What would I find?

Soouizz: I'm starting to get a lot of denim now this season. I have a lot of bandanas and scarves as well, a couple of leather jackets here and there and then some suede leather jackets as well that I really love and Instagram hasn't seen yet cause I kind of stopped dressing up for the gram

DVF: Wait!!!... Why did you stop dressing up for the gram? ... I'm on your gram and I know for sure that we would like to see more stuff.

Soouizz : (Laughs) I don't know, I just think there's a lot of fakeness going on on the gram

 I'm not trying to sell a fake life cause what I'm about is reality and some real shit so I'm trying to get more of a fan base from those around me first and then build them to my Instagram

DVF: Well okay, I understand where you are coming from with that. So tell me, are you a shoe lover kind of guy?

Soouizz : (Laughs) not really a shoe guy. I rather just walk out of my house in some Birkenstock every day but I have some good sneakers though

I love Adidas (smiles) especially after my nigga Yeezy exposed Nike

DVF: (Laughs) Cool, so... remind me again, why you don't own a blog?

Soouizz: They are overrated, everyone has one now

DVF: I know but like you said Originality is what you're about and in a world where loads of people who don't deserve to have blogs, do have, I definitely think the blogging community would appreciate an original mind like yours

Soouizz: Exactly!! It'll be hard to make people believe you're different, what I want to do is become part of something bigger than them blogs and shit 

DVF: Okay. I hear you! (Laughs) so who would you say is your fashion icon?

Soouizz: My friends have a clothing line which I put their link on my page so I'm trying to do more stuff with them and put the word on and my fashion icon is God

DVF: God?? (laughs). ...Well, I can see your point, since he did start it all 

Soouizz : (Laughs) I know right! Okay, I would say Theophilius London, he's one of the most versatile guys out there today and he really doesn't give a shit. He really wears whatever he feels like at the moment and he doesn't even know this but he put me on to the rings and shit, we hung out and he didn't know I got the rings concept from him and he was there like "oh shit bro you got the coolest rings" and I'm like shit thanks bro but I didn't tell him those were his aesthetics I was on (laughs)


DVF: That's so cool, so what is your go-to accessory and why?

Soouizz: So my go-to accessories would be my rings of course. That's all I wear, well that and a skull bracelet I've had for almost four years now

DVF: Yeah... I also love your rings, I actually have a photo of them on my phone they are really dope and I know that bracelet too (laughs)

 Soouizz: Yeah, I have about fifteen rings, (laughs), not enough fingers (laughs) everyone knows the bracelet (laughs)

DVF: (Laughs) definitely not enough fingers, when running errands what are you most likely to wear?

 Soouizz: Denim or sweatpants, white tees, and some Adidas sneakers, I wear my Yeezy's everywhere (laughs) they are my to go sneakers

DVF: Nice, so funny thought came to my head earlier when you mentioned that you were a Leo I was like "Hell yeah, I can see that " your body is insane

Soouizz: (Laughs) Can you really?

DVF:  Yeah I mean, look at you (laughs) so speaking about your body, you are a fitness lover, how did your fitness journey? 

Soouizz: (Hahahaha) umm... Since Nigeria actually, I had this friend who used to work out and he always cussed me out talking about how I would never look as good as him without my shirt lol so I started working out with him now long story short I look better than him

 DVF: Of course you do! (laughs) I have been following you on Instagram for two-plus years now and I have really seen the transformation

 Soouizz: (Laughs) Why thank you, now however I'm much bigger than you think I got, multiply that by two

DVF: That's how big you are now?

Soouizz: I'm too big now that I have to cut down, everyone thinks I'm a bodybuilder now (laughs)

DVF: So that's how behind we are here with you on Instagram? c'mon (laughs)

 Soouizz : (Hahaha) yup, y'all are really behind, but now you have my Snapchat, so you'll see (smiles)

DVF:  So did you always want to be really buff or is it something that sort of happened like you saw the gains and were like hmmm... I look really good, I should just keep this going

Soouizz: Yeah, pretty much and you can't stop the gains, you can only delay it and yeah I worked for all my shit so I guess the inevitable happened

DVF: So like you mentioned earlier your looks and outfit choices are controversial and for a place like Nigeria where I would say hasn't fully grasped and welcomed the idea of such liberating looks would you still wear them here in Nigeria?   

Soouizz: Hell yeah, I would rock my shit in Nigeria, my style is my style and changing it is the last thing on my mind, I'm thinking of going in even crazier

DVF: Do you feel like you would be willing to bring your talents back here to share with the Nigerian fashion industry?

Soouizz:  Yea I'll go back to the Nigerian fashion industry soon enough when I'm established here already that'll be in a couple years but for now I'm still trying to create awareness

DVF: If you could do a collaboration which Nigerian designer or blogger that speaks to your style who would that be?

Soouizz: This guy called Steven Onoja he's based here though, he's really dope and my man Alani Gram


Alani Gram

DVF: Awesome picks, I had an amazing time discussing with you Soouizz, thank you so much for this interview and for your time also. 

Soouizz: You're welcome anytime bro. 




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