Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sometimes Life gets you cornered up and you're literally stuck in a boring and an un -ending cycle of work, work ,work especially down here in Nigeria, for us life is generally hard enough all that hustling and bustling when its become such a consistent pattern for you and it almost feels like your going to loose it one day and probably just go stark raving mad lol what you need at that point is an Escape ,a beautiful escape.

Somewhere you can go where the breeze swallows you up, where you can poke your head out through the car window, take your hat off and take in the breeze with your hair flying in the wind.

You can dip your feet into the sands, bring out those bikini bods and show off those curves you have been squatting almost all year long at the gym to get and nothing matters but the peace ,serenity ,beautiful scenery and people around also alot of the goofing around and crazy freedom lol, an escape is definitely needed often to balance the cycle of life.

A picture they say is

More than a thousand words

Well, that’s because for every shot taken

More than a billion light particles are captured

The best way to speak

Is in pictures and

The best moment is now. Captured by ObiSomto Photography

Chigozie Fabolos George

Facebook : Chris Obia


Instagram @obisomto 

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Instagram @MrcharlesDallas

Facebook: Steffy Luff

Facebook : Dayo Dane

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