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Avoir du style which means "To have style" now don't get it twisted though lol I ain't some french speaking guru or anything like that trust me I was definitely not a good french student back in high school lol but I had to look up what to have style in French is because I feel like Aweluv' style is so amazing that only a french word can really describe it.

 It's so suave, dapper yet funky, very urban and dope all at the same time, he is like one huge brand of versatility when it comes to Men's fashion and style , which is usually easily deemed as constricted and restricting to a particular pattern which makes it become boring in the long run and thank God because Aweluv has come to the rescue lol, he is here to show us a thing or two about how we can play with looks, prints, patterns and colours and how to merge things that seemingly should not exactly be put together but yet when affixed with the right proportions and in the right places would totally work. 

I always have a blast chatting things up with him, because he just gets it you know lol, I had such an amazing time doing this and I hope you guys enjoy reading it too. Happy Viewing.

DVF: Tell me about yourself

Aweluv: My name is Aweluv Samuel , Aweluv is like a nickname from my native name , I'm from delta Nigeria, I'm a final year medical student. I'm the sixth child , we are seven , also i'm the only guy

DVF: What was growing up like for you and where did you grow up?

Aweluv: I grew up in ughelli , delta state, well growing , I didn't do much it was home, school and church , I don't really like large companies so I was mostly at home but it was annoying being the only guy , everyone's always picking on you and often you're told to leave a room because they would be having thier "ladies discussion"

DVF: Lol yeah with six sisters it must be like that I can relate because growing up although we are four kids , three guys and just one girl , we had lots of aunts that were living with, so the ladies were alot more than the guys.

So when did you leave Nigeria and why?

Aweluv: I left in 2011 because of my studies, I'm studying medicine in Ukraine

DVF: What are your passions and Hobbies?

Aweluv: Hobbies I love listening to music, I'm never not listening to music , travelling , watching Japanese animes , shopping makes me happy , my passion right now is that I want to be a human rights activist

DVF: Yeah you really love music, wow.. a human rights activist? What inspired that ?

 Aweluv: Well studying here I saw a lot of things that I wouldnt like to talk about , but I realized the big gap between the Rich and poor and the privileged and how some people can't stand up for themselves

DVF: That's really nice, tell me how would you describe your style?

Aweluv: I don't quiet know how to put this but I will say my style is simple , easily put together , appealing , elegant and not expensive at all


DVF: Lol yeah it is elegant, when did you discover your love for fashion and was there a trigger?

Aweluv: Well I can't really say I discovered or something triggered me , cause I always liked clothes from when I was much younger, I was pairing all my clothes as soon as I got them, maybe my preference of the kind of clothes changed 2011 when I came here lol and cause I'm not really fashion cautious I'm just like wearing anything I like or that appeals to me

DVF: Do you have any mentors or people who inspire you when it comes to fashion?

 Aweluv: Not really , though I usually admire a lot of people on Instagram men and women but it's when I see something cool

DVF: Do you see fashion as potentially becoming a career path for you and in what aspect of fashion would that be?

Aweluv: Well yeah , I could be a stylist or designer , I feel like I won't do bad lol

DVF: Yeah you definitely won't, have you styled anyone before?

Aweluv: Yeah , but like friends and few bloggers I know personally but not as a work thing

 Instagram @aweluv

DVF: Still that's something, what has been the response and feedback they have given about your styling?

Aweluv: Well like for example a blogger asked me to help style and I did then they asked to do it again it means they liked it lol

DVF: Lol yup, they sure did, okay so why do you think your style evolved when you got to ukraine?

Aweluv: Well I started dressing according to my body when I came here since I get to dress to lectures everyday, when I was In Nigeria I was in secondary school so I mostly only got to really get dressed up on Sundays for church

DVF: Yeah.. that's very typical of an average Nigerian teenager's style life

DVF: Are you interested in designing or do you think that there's a possible future for you in it?

 Aweluv: Well I pick the fabric and design of my suits myself and do some modifications to my tees and trousers myself, so i'm looking forward to learning how to make suits and clothes in general so yeah I might try designing

DVF: You have a really fit body, good height and you're mostly mean mugging for photos lol much like a model.. plus you are so good with photos have you ever considered modelling?.. ?

 Aweluv: Hahaha I have never really done professional modelling lol but actually I do enjoy taking pictures, I always take pictures so why not if I can get paid doing it :))

DVF: Lol okay that's good, what goes into the planning of your shoots though.. how you put together your outfits and do you creatively direct the shoots yourself?

 Aweluv: Well yeah , my flat mate takes the pictures , it's what I wear to church or lectures and it's basically mostly in front of my house or around it lol I don't own a blog or anything. So I don't see the need to sweat over it

 DVF: You really wear those outfits to lectures?

Aweluv: lol the suits? Noo, well people do come wearing ties and suits few people though

DVF: Well you're studying medicine and not an art course so I can see how it's okay to wear coperate outfits

DVF: So if I was to raid your closet now, what are the top five things I would find?

Aweluv: Shoes, lots of shoes before anything else then hats, bags then blazers before shirts and trousers though

DVF: Really? I had no idea you were that much of a shoe guy

Aweluv: Yeah I am and I really do have alot of shoes

Because I feel like a guy can look totally different with the same trouser if he has a lot of shoes and shirts, actaully I mostly wear just black and blue jeans plain one's and ripped one's that's all

DVF: Yeah that's actually true, so what's the one thing you think you would never be caught wearing?

Aweluv: Hmm I don't know about later but for now I think you will never see me wearing more than two bright colors at the same time

 I have a picture I was wearing yellow, blue and then burgundy shoes lol but I was teasing someone saying she wears too much colors and she liked the picture so I posted it for her lol

DVF: Oh!! so this was a tease? You looked that good just to tease someone? Lol

Aweluv: Yeah I came back from church ask changed into this clothes to take the pictures,

 😂😂😂😂  actually yes because I call her rainbow

 DVF: Lol she was right to like it though because you look amazing it, in anything basically

 Aweluv: Thank you

DVF: Let's talk fitness, been looking at your photos from like two years back and a year ago and then currently... there's obviously been alot of transformation going on with your body.

So how do you keep fit and when did you get into fitness? Did you always like the idea of fitness

Aweluv: Well I think I always had and loved the idea of fitness unconsciously, when I was in secondary school I used to jog every saturday round the stadium 10 times that's 4 km and sometimes same distance before I go to school and I walk like 20 mins to the stadium and back, and I also did weight lifting for a few months but I really didn't know what I was doing and it was for a short time cause back then we were told that we wouldn't grow tall if we continued so I stopped lol

DVF: Hahaha, yeah Nigerians do have that mentality about weight lifting

DVF: But is it even true?

Aweluv: Lol no actually weight training increase the level of testosterone which can increase bone length and density and exercises like pull up and stretching helps to stretch the inter vertebral disc which can also help you become taller, so young people should focus more on higher reps and not heavy weight but in general it's good and a good diet I guess, then we didn't know anything about diet , I didn't even know I needed protein just like I thought beans was the major source of protein and they just told us eat beans and Eba (a local Nigerian cassava meal) and carry weights everyday lol

DVF: Lmao we are seriously mis-guided about nutrition and weight watching in this country and the fact that majority of what we eat is all carbs It doesn't help at all

Aweluv: Well I think it's much better now cause of internet and all

DVF: Yeah definitely better, things have seriously improved and people have taken fitness alot more seriously. Wait though I had no idea you were this informed about fitness

Aweluv: 😂😂😂 Cause I'm not ranting online or posting pictures in the gym

DVF: Lool true, you don't, you are giving me like personal trainer vibes

Aweluv: I prefer to show results

DVF: So you told me about your past work out routines, what about now?

Aweluv: Now I work out two to three hours ,three times a week but it's a little too much you should work out for at most one hour thirty mins cause after about that time testosterone level begins to drop and cortisol level increase

DVF: That's so cool, thanks for that information

Aweluv: Well so they say but I really don't care about this lol, since I see results I just continue cause genetics play a good role also. I see that i'm improving more than the people I started with or was there before me so I guess I'm doing it right lol

DVF: Yeah, that's true genes are a major factor as well as our different unique metabolism systems

DVF: Let's go back to fashion, when you are styling someone what factors do you consider?

Aweluv: The event, how the person wants to look, his or her body shape /stature then what they have in the wardrobe

DVF: Okay, those are definitely essential

 Aweluv: It's good to bring people out of their comfort zone but not force it on them they have to be comfortable in what they wearing and look confident

DVF: Yeah, pressurizng people into fashion choices is a No no. 

Do you have any style tips or tricks you can share?

Aweluv: Well it's my opinion not a fashion do or don't but I think very skinny guys and big girls especially the ones who's belly is bigger than their butt should avoid wearing very tight clothes. When a suit is too tight on a girl it doesn't look classy especially the ones with a big belly's should avoid that, guys shouldn't be too colorful so you don't look like a traffic light, trousers should always be fitted down to the ankle not just around the thighs and if you are muscular tight trousers look good but if you are not just well fitted will ones will do.

So majorly I will say your body shape is the main thing you look at while dressing up

DVF: Hahaha very true, thanks for that. People often forget that and it's a major factor because what looks good on you may not translate nicely on me. Your body is way different from mine

Aweluv: Exactly

 DVF: Thank you so much for taking out the time to do this you already know that I am a huge fan lol

Aweluv: Lol sure, thanks for the honors buddy.


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