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Hey beautiful people, how are you all doing today? 

Hope awesome! I have this sweet new interview with Rising model and actor Martins Noble and I can hardly wait for you all to read about this awesome guy and find out about his journey.

Martins is a commercial face who I had seen alot on social media and just had to find out more about him and when I did, it only got me wanting to know more and so imagine my joy when I got the chance to interview him about his life, career goals and new fitness training programme Mart Fit,  Have a good read guys.

Davisfierce: Tell me about yourself?

Mart Noble: I'm martins noble from Imo state, a graduate of computer science, Imo state university. I'm a model, actor and a fitness lover, instructor and motivator.

Davisfierce: Okay so you are first and fore most a model, tell me how you got into modelling?

Mart Noble: Yeah, I registered with a modelling agency in 2013 by the name Glam Models and I was professionally trained up on till 2014 before I did my first pageant the Mr imo state university pageant and I won.

 I also got a free ticket to contest for Mr IMO STATE and I came out as Mr Imo popularity and an ambassador to 360 cinemas in Owerri and then I also went for Mr Nigeria international and I came out as Mr Nigeria international top model. I've walked on numerous runways and fashion exhibitions events till date.


Davisfierce: That's amazing , was modelling always a passion of yours and or did it all just happen to fall into place for you?

Mart Noble: Yeah I grew up to be a fashion lover so getting into modelling is my way of contributing to the fashion industry.

Davisfierce: Great, between runway and commercial modelling which would you say is your happiest and most comfortable zone of the two?

Mart Noble: All, I love them both.

 Davisfierce: How awesome, so what are your goals as a model, how do you see yourself progress in this field?

Mart Noble : My goals are unlimited.

Davisfierce: So would you say that you're a pretty easy model to work with?

Mart Noble : πŸ’― Yes I am

Davisfierce: As a model do you have limitations or are you open minded enough to take on any job, for example would you be okay with nude photography shoots or are those off limit ?

Mart Noble: πŸ’― I would do it, based on the conditions surrounding the shoot and vision of the photographer. As long as they are tasteful and done with the intention of the photos coming out with an artistic appeal, i'm down for whatever, I have a lot of things that i'm involved in but when it comes to modelling I always make out time for it, that's how much I love to model

Davisfierce: What agency are you currently signed to?

Mart Noble: None, i'm currently a freelance model i'm not really a big fan of the whole agency shii.

Davisfierce: You're also an actor, tell me how your acting career began?.

Mart Noble: I have always loved movies a lot, as I grew up, the more I watched movies and actors performing, the more I started longing to become an actor and the desire to act started burning up in me and luckily after I began to gain popularity and get connections through modelling.

I started to get movie role offers and that's how I started, right now though I have only been in a few movies

Davisfierce: That's awesome, so what movies have you featured in, so people can look out for you?

Mart Noble: My major movie roles so far are in the movie "Till death" and HOUSE OF FAME, House of Fame is basically like the big brother Nigeria reality show but in form of a Nollywood movie.

DVF: That Sounds nice.

Mart Noble: Yeah the movie is so fresh, the cast were amazing, lots of hot boys and girls and yeah the production is lit, trust me.  

My favourite one though is "Till Death'' I played a sub lead role, my character's name was Chukky, Gil's best friend. Gil was played by the award winning actor Daniel K Daniel.

 Chukky and Gill are best friends, my character Chukky was also the best man at Gil's wedding and few days after Gil's wedding his wife finds out that she has breast cancer and that it's gone really deep, no chemotherapy or any kind of medical assistance can keep her, so she would be dying anytime soon and that's why the movie is called "till death" .

My character was basically doing the job of a good friend and consoling his best friend till the death comes

DVF: Sounds like a really emotional movie, how did you prepare yourself to get in character and play Chukky?

Mart Noble: I had to switch from martins into Chukky real quick, it was kind of challenging because it's a very emotional movie and I had to my emotional side and stay in that vibe almost all through the movie, so I had to prepare my body, mind and spirit for it

DVF: Yeah, nice job. Do you think "Chukky" is a character that's in any way relateable to your real life?

Mart Noble: Yes I do, because I try to always be there as much as I can for anyone that I regard or call my friend both In good and bad times like Chukky did for Gil.

Chukky was his best man at the wedding which was a good time and he was also there in their bad times to console them too , I just keep thinking about how hard it must be to have such problem rise in a fresh marriage like theirs. The movie teaches a lot, so watch out for it, it should be out soon

DVF: Yeah, true talk, I definitely will watch this, what was it like for you acting with an AMVCA awarded actor like Daniel K Daniel, did it make you feel like you had to step up your game with the acting?

Mart Noble: It was a great experience and yes it did make me step up my game and by the time we were through and I realised that I had done it and that I did well, it made me believe in myself alot more, it was a real confidence boost and I am currently confident that I can take on even more challenging movie roles in the future

DVF: That's so cool. So this question goes along with what I asked earlier about nudity in modelling, in the movie industry models, especially models like you who have built their brands around fitness and sexual appeal are often found being used for roles that depicts sexuality and beauty, hence they get to play sexual oriented characters that mostly requires a sex scene.  

What are your thoughts on that and is that something you're willing to do or is that far off limits for you? 

Mart Noble: I think it's all just part of what the entertainment industry is about and yes I am willing to play such roles, I actually did a sex scene in the movie House Of Fame, we were about to you know, have sex in a scene when some people entered into the room.

DVF: Nice, so i'm curious what are your body statistics?

Mart Noble: Yeah, my shoulder is 20, chest is 44 , waist is 34 ,and my height is 6.3ft

DVF: Really nice physique I must say, so speaking of your body you had an amazing fitness transformation between 2014 and 2015, how did you manage to do that in just a year?

Mart Noble: Hard work! I have an immense passion for fitness, In fact fitness it's a lifestyle for me, if I don't get to train in like three days I start to feel like smeagol from the lord of the rings movie πŸ˜„ that' just goes to show you the amount of  love I have for it and the feeling I get when I don't get to do it.

DVF: Wow! I wish I had that much love for it too, are you all natural based or have you had help from supplements? 

Mart Noble: No I have never bought any supplements, steroids or anything of that sort with my money, I just feed really well through dieting and take good care of myself.

DVF: That's refreshing but protein supplements are actually recommended, would you be willing to try them?

Mart Noble: Yeah sure, but I prefer the natural way of getting protein from natural foods that have high amounts of proteins 

DVF: That's nice, so there has been a few announcements that you are officially starting up your own fitness training programs as a personal trainer and fitness consultant

Mart Noble: Yes‼ This is my way of paying homage to the world of fitness by winning more souls into fitness and making the world a more healthier and fit place by putting in the work to help train people and instruct them on the right fitness programs to follow in order to attain their fitness goals

DVF: How important is nutrition and dieting to you in your programs, would you strongly recommend that your clients follow a diet or meal plan?

Mart Noble: Yeah sure, it's very important, I will be offering diet plans under my fitness program, I certainly will be recommending it strongly to my clients because it is a major part of what determines the level of success that can be achieved with the physical training, we have to be ready to put in the work to rid the world of sicknesses and unhealthy lifestyles one person at a time

DVF: If any client walks up to you and says they want to start training what evaluations would you do to decide the appropriate fitness program for them?

Mart Noble: I would first of all check them out to know areas where they are lacking or having fitness related issues then i'll study their body type and health conditions in other to know the type of workout programs/routines that will be able to work effectively on them to achieve maximum result as soon as possible

DVF: How do you keep your knowledge of fitness up to date?

Mart Noble: I do researches everyday of my life on new workout routines and the results that can be achieved from them, also social media is a big help with that, there are a lot of popular fitness personalities as well as fitness pages that you can easily keep up with and learn a whole lot

DVF: Give me a summary of a training program you would set up for a guy who is looking to lose weight and just tone up muscles.

Mart Noble: Run:-10 laps 

Skip:-50reps 5sets

Mountain climb:-10 reps 5 sets

Reverse crunch:-10 reps 5 sets

Bicycle:-25reps 2sets 

Syn bicycle:25reps 2sets

Lateral leg raise left:-25reps 2sets 

Lateral leg raise right:-25reps 2sets 

Plank:-1min Morning and evening sessions and he or she will be perfect in 6weeks πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‹πŸ½πŸ’―

DVF: That sounds both amazing and really difficult (laughs) , so my final question is what are your own personal fitness goals?

Mart Noble: To me fitness is a lifestyle and i'm an addict so I would say my fitness goals are unlimited.. πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‹πŸ½πŸ’― .


DVF: Thank you so much for such an amazing and insightful interview and Thanks for your time and patience too and for being my very first interview on the Blog. God bless you.

So that's it guys he gave me a few extra key pointers over the phone like for more information you all who are interested can hit him up with the information below




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