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The Beauty of the Northern Nigeria to me, the way I see it especially because I have lived there for most of my life, it's not only in their ancient cities or structures or monuments it's in the people .. their faces, their love for their Kaftans, Abayas , Hennas, their wedding ceremonies ,the love of their religion and their Unity. So I just had to seek out a true northern man to help me expantiate more on the values of the northern Nigeria. 

I met with the delectable Nasir Muhammed on instagram and I was excited to discuss with him ethnicity and I got to find out just how much love he has for his roots and what according to him is the beauty of the northern Nigeria. Have a lovely read everyone.


DVF: Tell me about yourself and background?

Mnass: Well i'm Nasir Muhammad popularly known as Em Nass, i'm from katsina state but my family is based in kaduna state ,my father is a civil servant and my mum is a late. I have a brother and sister from my mum and step mum, I had my primary education in kaduna and moved to katsina for six years where I did my secondary school at Ulul albab science secondary school before I moved to India and did my degree program in Jamia Hamdard for three and half years and got a first class.

Currently am doing my masters in greater Noida university and will be through by next year Well basically i'm a student but I also do business here too.

My hobbies are reading, hitting the gym ,football and exploring places

DVF: Wow a first class degree that awesome and I'm so sorry for the loss of your mum must have been hard

Mnass: Thanks

DVF: So tell me a little about your time in both katsina and kaduna

and the significant differences they have from your point of view?

Mnass: Well actually I grew up in kaduna and it's a nice place to live cause I lived in a place where both Muslims and Christians live and we both love each other and I made a lot of friends and it was nice being there

DVF: Do you have any fund memories of kaduna that you'll never forget?

Mnass: I sure do, In fact I dated Christian girls back then and they are really cool Cause even with the religious differences we both got a lot in common and also we respect each others choices, and in katsina the school I attended is a Muslim school so I had no Christian friends from that school but outside I had, I had where I would buy stuff,hang out and all of that. It was a fun time but basically the difference for me is that I loved my time spent in kaduna than I did katsina

because I made a lot of friends there, making friends is nice cause it helps you to experience a lot of things and I got advice from my friends whenever I would do good or bad.

 DVF: Sounds like you had a really fun childhood

Mnass: Yes I did, believe me it was really fun

DVF: So if you were to describe the northern part of Nigeria as a person who is from there what would you say makes it unique and stand out from the rest of Nigeria?

 Mnass: Yeah I will describe it as a good place both the north and south Cause we got no difference to me even though people think they are differences. I don't believe that cause at the end of the day we are all Nigerians and we both have bad and good sides even to our own people but to me peace, love, unity and equality matters when it comes to our country.

That's what will make it good and make us set a high standard of living for our selves and our children

DVF: It's so nice that you feel that way, what are some of the family values and trainings you know are unique to people from the north and they carry along with them wherever they go?

Mnass: You know the truth is I would say basically everthing about us,  we can't say we as a people are 💯 percent good cause one way or the other people will make things worse in their own way , so every country and it's people got good people and bad ones from my experience living here in India and I know a lot about what the future of our country needs, these people over here are willing to make their country good and make their people live a good life.

As far as values from the north well i'd say the traditional dressing differentiates people from northern Nigeria from other countries and cultures so I will say the unique thing people from north carry on are our style of dressing, our attires, the language and our accent because a northern man will always speak his language wherever he is in the world and will always have his accent, no matter how sophisticated or educated he/she is and then also our religion . Northerners can easily be reckoned with by our religion the part I can't know for sure is what is in their hearts cause it's something hidden inside of them

DVF: Yes, that's right, even those with the biggest smiles could have the biggest knives

 Mnass: Yes bro, so right only actions proves who a person is, it doesn't only depend on how they act cause even if someone smiles often he/she can also be evil with bad intentions. Only God knows the heart of man.

DVF: Yes, true talk. So I remember growing up, people used to always say that the yorubas are the most intellectual people in Nigeria and they seek for education the most they even go as far as going abroad and stuff which was true but in the last like ten years the northerners I would say have done a take over they are chasing education alot now especially abroad, thousands of northerners are studying abroad and graduating with honors not that the yorubas aren't anymore though because they never stopped, but I would like to know how you feel about that especially being one of them?

Mnass: Yeah I heard that too I know they are educated and also intellectual as you have said but now adays the world moves round and round and all of us are willing to give our best to see that the future of our country is bright , so in all parts of Nigeria you can see that education is everywhere even in villages, all because we all need a bright future both for us and our little ones so personally I don't think it's a Northern thing, I believe the pursuit for education is now a general thing with Nigerians

DVF: Yeah, very true so another huge trend these days among Northerners are beauty and fitness, now you guys have always had beautiful people, I usually tell people that a Northern man or woman that is fine, is mostly always exceptionally fine lol

Mnass: Hahahaha , that's your saying bro!! But anyway It's true 😃 and yeah I see them everyday on and offline

 DVF: But in recent years, the women have evolved alot in terms of style and beauty and the men well they have become serious fitness lovers and I know you're one so tell me about that

Mnass: Hahaha i'm not one, I'm just a normal guy like you

DVF: Noo!! Lol no you're not, I see those biceps and your work out videos, how did you get realise your love for fitness and when did you get into it?

Mnass: Well I am into fitness for my body and I have had passion for it since like years back athough I have been into it officially for two years now and I don't take any supplements

DVF: That's nice, I noticed that you sometimes also train others at the gym too, how did that start and is it something you would consider as a career path?

Mnass: Yeah I do train with my friends both boys and girls and also train them sometimes, I personally train for an hour before I join my friends to train for another one hour everyday.

Yeah I will want to be a gym instructor even with my certificates, I would love to make fitness a serious goal and be able to help others cause a lot of  people want to keep fit but due to the lack of trainers and availability of gyms in their areas they end up not doing it.

For example, people who always do cardio find it hard to train all week long because they lack training partners or training friends and the number one thing in fitness is motivation.

When you have a motivator, fitness will always be easy, but when you don't, trust me it's 💯 percent hard  

DVF: So you obviously have been in india a long time would you say, your heart is now there and away from home (The North)

Mnass: Yeah been here for six years now but my heart is still home and always will be but I was home last year

DVF: That's nice, let's talk about fashion for a little bit, what does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style?

Mnass: I'm not really into fashion but... what I can say is that to me, my personal style is just the way I love to dress and show the kind of clothes that I like to get dressed up in .

Alot of the people that I’ve talked to about this topic have said that they find fashion daunting or intimidating. Some will say that "To them they don’t really have a style" it's a common phrase I hear but it’s just not true! It might be that their closet is just packed with too much random things that they don’t actually love to wear or that their interest in clothes have just been in a rut lately. But, yeah I believe that absolutely everyone has a personal style of their own.

Fashion isn't much of a big deal for me but I know that I feel good when I dress well and look good cause I believe that a person's style is often a strong indicator of what type of personality they have.

DVF: Do you like high fashion or simple statements kind of fashion pieces?

Mnass : I wear what I feel suits me best, I don't really have any favourite, I only wear what I like, I don't pay attention to what's a high fashion piece or what isn't as long as I like it

I can dress casual, I also like dressing crazy sometimes, depending on the mood that I'm in and the kind of crazy outfits that I'm referring to are the Hip/Hop street wear looks lol, I aso love to wear my traditional attires which I love the most

DVF: Is there any particular reason why you love your traditional attire the most?

Mnass: Yeah, because it defines where I come from and it also defines my religion and those are two very important things to me

DVF: I know Northerners have alot of traditional festivals where they ride horses and you see the men wear gorgeous regalias and thousands of people walk behind the leader in his own horse, have you ever attended any of such festivals?

Mnass : I sadly have never attended any of those festivals, because they only take place in states where they have traditional leaders known as "Sarki" which means the king 👑 .

The royal family of the north 

People do ride horses with traditional dressing and ride through the city to celebrate Eid with them 

And it takes about three or more days to celebrate each with a given name of the day to celebrate.

I live in kaduna and we don't do such celebrations but in zaria one of the nearest local governments of kaduna state, they do celebrate those festivals  each Eid but I never had time to go

DVF : Another Sallah celebration is around the corner, do you miss celebrating Sallah with your family or is it the same way you celebrate it over there in India?

Mnass : Oh no! It's definitely not celebrated the same way as back home, I missed the last Sallah  celebrations with my family and I'm going to miss the forthcoming one again.

I think for the past six years, I have only celebrated Sallah once at home cause all those years i've been  here studying, I miss celebrating with my family and friends, I miss all the fun and love at home.

We don't really celebrate Sallah here in India because there isn't nearly as much Muslims as they are back in Nigeria, all we do is go out with Friends and have fun after Eid prayers at the Mosque and then celebrate again with friends at night

  DVF : I saw this photo of you on instagram and in the caption, you said that you have always wanted to be a politician, is that real talk or was the caption just for fun?

Mnass : It's not joke lol I seriously have interest in politics

DVF : What brought about your interest in Politics?

Mnass : Living here for the past six years has really enlightened my mind even though India also lacks some development in certain places but believe me when I tell you that the Indian government are always ready and willing to work and to help the needy.

Their government is always improving day by day to the extent that the people don't wait for the government to do things for them as much as you would expect because their Union systems are very effective and functional in almost every neighbourhood and street, these Unions which they do help them contribute for their own use and for the future of their kids

DVF : Wow! Really? But according to alot of statistics India also has a high rate of poverty or is that not true?

Mnass :Yeah it's true but India should be having a population rate of over 1.4 billion people, but still you can't say that anyone is completely left behind in progress of the country because they make sure everything the rich has a common man can relatively also have it.

There is a good balance of equality also the government makes sure that stuff like food, education, transportation and many more are cheap.

I envy it and I would love the opportunity to also give Nigerians these same rights and make our country Nigeria great again

DVF : But what would be your first step towards becoming a Politician?

Mnass : I want to start by contesting for the chairmans office and then move up to the higher level I believe my hard work towards improving the lives of my people will give them joy in electing me to the next office.

I don't want to use the godfather way  whereby the people that pay for your campaign will end up using you to achieve their own main goals in the government, It wouldn't work like that for me

DVF : I love that, Nigeria needs more minds like you

Mnass : Thanks alot

DVF: So one last question, when you are married and have kids in the future, would you rather your kids grew up abroad or back home in Nigeria and why?

Mnass: I will train them in Nigeria because Nigeria is my home land, I won't want them to be trained in a western way but in our own way to make them explore the good at home and know how to operate with different kinds of people at different places in life and also know their culture and roots

DVF: Thats nice, thank you so much for your time and sharing this much with me

Mnass: You're welcome bro, the pleasure is all mine.


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