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Hey guys ... how are you all doing?... So Tsgbemi Emmanuel a.k.a Gbemmiemannuel is an amazing and eccentric model whose charisma and fun filled personality caught my eyes on Instagram and I just couldn't wait to interview him and share with you guys and I am excited about this interview ...I had so much fun doing it and I hope you guys enjoy it. Have a good read guys

Hey Guys... So It is a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and I hope y'all are having a wonderdul day.

I had the pleasure of Chatting things up with this amazing, energetic and hilarious model Gbemmiemmanuel, his energy is so contagious that I could almost feel like I've known him for years, we had the best time doing this interview and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Happy Viewing.

DVF: Tell me about yourself with background details?

Gbemmiemannuel: I'm Tsegbemi Emmanuel Okotie Yesin , Model name : Gbemi Emmanuel, Age :19 . My Hobbies are hanging out, chatting, basically just trying to have fun and make something out of my life everyday (laughs)

I'm the first child and first son of my parents I have two younger siblings one girl and one boy and my mom sadly died after I had just finished WAEC in 2013 July 6th . Dad's still alive and kicking , I come from a Christian home . My parents are entrepreneurs my dad runs a couple of businesses ,I'm a student of central university Ghana currently studying human resource management and I also model.

MODELLING has always been my number one passion though I tried the whole singing thing but it wasn't really my thing ,also tried acting once and I wasn't picked during the auditions but modeling has always been my passion

been a model for about three years now and I can say I have done a little for the time being though I still have so much more to give out

From Gbemie "The Photoseries" Shot by Tenzy Paul

I dream of taking modelling to greater heights to work with major brands both home and abroad

DVF: My goodness, I am so sorry that your mum passed that must have been so hard on you guys

Gbemmiemannuel: I was closer to her like really close , she's like my mentor cause she was so hard working.  She knew what she wanted and she would always go after it and that's one thing that keeps me going in terms of modelling though modelling is very stressful and hard in this part of Africa I still push on very hard because I know where I want to get I won't give up for anyone

DVF: Yeah, modelling is really a though one, so when exactly did you start modelling?

Gbemmiemannuel: Yeah especially when the public doesn't place value on the models, yeah I started modeling late 2013 I joined an agency and was with them for about a year then I had to leave cause there was no productivity coming out of them so I became freelance for a while but I recently got signed to Zane Model management it's a new agency and the owner seems like a very promising person as long as you're willing to work she's ready to push you far so am just hoping now that it all goes well

DVF: Yeah, it's good that you recognized on time that you had to leave and Congratulations. So what would you say is the most significant way in which modelling has changed your life?

Gbemmiemannuel: Yeah thanks, modelling has changed my life in so many ways ,the way I see the world in general , the way I act , the way I dress, health wise and so many other ways

DVF: Yeah, speaking about health wise how do you work on your body? and stay in shape because as a model its a a huge deal

Gbemmiemannuel: Well I usually go jogging twice a week and I go to the gym as well

DVF: At the gym what exercises are you most likely to be caught doing?

Gbemmiemannuel: Sit-ups ,Squats , Thread mill runs, Aerobics and light weight

DVF: Awesome, so what would you say to people who think taking pictures and strutting the runway for a living is not a real job?

Gbemmiemannuel: I honestly have nothing to say to them, they don't have a passion for it so they don't know how it feels but if only they can give it a try and see how it is and see the challenges we go through from just the body, the good walk ,the good facial structure and all that

DVF: I know right!! Especially the facial structure and expressionism

Gbemmiemannuel: Yeah (laughs)

DVF: So as far as your career goes, who would you say you look up to as a mentor or an inspiration?

Gbemmiemannuel: Tyra banks , Naomi Campbell , and Robb Evans . Honestly I can't really say I have so many people who inspire me but what I have noticed about some models is that by the time they get to a certain height they forget their roots and the struggles and fail to give the up comers an opportunity, instead they do the same thing to models which they themselves suffered from

DVF: That's very true and that isn't unique to the modelling world, in the entertainment industry in general that is a problem that I think we need to shed light on and really do something about. What do you think about nudity and modelling, do you think it is something that is inevitable and would you be willing to indulge in it?

Gbemmiemannuel: I feel like nudity isn't compulsory, there are different aspects in modeling . I feel comfortable being nude I don't have any problem with being nude and I feel like every model should be comfortable with their body but if being nude is going to be a problem for them then they shouldn't do what they aren't comfortable with

DVF: Love that response, witty and true

Gbemmiemannuel: Thanks a lot

DVF: So which designers would you absolutely love to work with both nationally and international?

Gbemmiemannuel: Orange culture, Maxivive ,Yomi casual ,Tokyo James, Balmain and Zara. Honestly I could go on listing all day (laughs)

DVF: (Laughs) okay so what genre of modelling is your favorite k?

Gbemmiemannuel: Runway modelling

DVF: Aha!! I kind of knew you would say that

Gbemmiemannuel:(Laughs) I love the runway, there's this vibe I get when the music is playing and I just want to walk, walk, walk

DVF: Haha!! What if the music doesn't vibe like in an awkward situation where the song the Dj is playing a song or beat that you just ain't feeling, what do you do?


Gbemmiemannuel: I have learnt to be able to walk to any tune, I feel like you as the model should rock the song and not let the song rock you

DVF: Lool good one, what can you honestly say has been your worst experience modelling and your best or a real high point for you?

Gbemmiemannuel: My worst experience was when I was rejected for something I have really wanted for years I virtually trained so hard for it but I got rejected but that won't pull me down, will still keep trying.  My best well I won't say I have that I consider every show I do a good one I don't underrate.

DVF: Okay, I know someday you're going to get that thing you were rejected for or get something alot better than it that It makes the other meaning less

Gbemmiemannuel: Hmmm I pray so too

DVF: Yeah, so what about your family in all of this? how did they react to you wanting to model?

Gbemmiemannuel: My dad just found out this year and he seemed really cool about it

DVF: Really?? but why did he not know about it all this time?

Gbemmiemannuel: I didn't want to tell him because I felt he wouldn't be in support of it but I just had to tell him because he is definitely going to find out eventually

DVF: Yeah, my dad is the same way, he complains that I always have my hands on my phone or laptop

DVF: But I can't tell him why which is because of my blog obviously but eventually when it gets to a certain undeniable stage i'd definitely have to tell him but my mum knows, she knows everything

Gbemmiemannuel: Mothers are just the best they are always understanding

DVF: Did your mum know about your modelling aspirations before her passing? And Yeah!!... The absolute best.. I feel like that's because more than anything,we their kids are literally part of them cause they carried us and we formed in them and came out from them.

Gbemmiemannuel: No I started modeling after she passed away but I think she always knew me, she gave birth to me

DVF: Exactly!! I bet she wouldn't be surprised at all up in heaven

Gbemmiemannuel: Lol

DVF: Lol what about your sister and younger brother?

Gbemmiemannuel: They all know about me modelling

DVF: Is she a fan? lol

Gbemmiemannuel: And she's like my model brother, using me to brag to her classmates and all lol

DVF: Awww that's so sweet, love that ,means you're doing something right

Gbemmiemannuel: She sees me to be this upcoming Celeb and she's like when I start rolling with stars I should take her along πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

DVF: Hahahaha you best become a celeb then oh

Gbemmiemannuel: Lol working towards it

DVF: Lol how do you handle the audience during runway shows .. do you ever get scared of the eyes watching you strut the runway ?

Gbemmiemannuel: I don't make eye contact and if I eventually do I just blank my mind

DVF: Lol okay so far which photo shoot would you say, you have done that you absolutely loved and would never forget?

Gbemmiemannuel: lol I don't have any favorite I love all my shoots and I appreciate the photographers because it's not easy being a photographer I actually made research on photography and am like they are really trying , I had a professional camera once but I gave up I couldn't handle it

DVF: Hahaha I know right I'm into photography too I have a little training It's quite alot

Gbemmiemannuel: I swear, so I can't say I have a favorite shoot. I appreciate it all

DVF: That's nice when doing a shoot do you prefer working alone or with others?

Gbemmiemannuel: Working alone mostly but at the same time would want to work with others so I learn from them too

DVF: Do you have a favourite Nigerian model?

Gbemmiemannuel: Ermm I won't say favorite but I have a few names Victor Ndigwe ,Mayowa Nicholas 😍, David from beth model models and David avidole

DVF: Okay,those are all really nice picks what are your long term goals as a model,how do you see yourself progress in this field?

Gbemmiemannuel: I hope and aspire that by the end of this year or beginning of this year I would be walking for really good brands and in about two years I should already find myself in Paris walking on top runway shows

DVF: You won model of the year? In an award ceremony, Just saw that on your Instagram

Gbemmiemannuel: Yeah in my school, best student model, central university college

DVF: That's awesome and what's up with these photo series you doing?

Gbemmiemannuel: Lol it's just photos of me in general like my average everyday life

DVF: Okay, lovely

 Gbemmiemannuel: Thank You

DVF: I hope you achieve your dreams, thank you so much for the most fun interview everr

Gbemmiemannuel: Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚thank you so much for the interview 😁😁😁 lol Merci, Thank you very much

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