Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ola Jays is a guy that I have known through Instagram for over two years and he is an entrepreneur ,who owns his own shoe line called "OJAYS BESPOKE SHOES" I am so excited to be able to interview him and share this interview with you guys, hope you enjoy it, get inspired and tell someone about the OJAY BRAND. Have a good read guys.

DVF: Tell me about yourself and your background?

OJay: My real name is Oluwafemi Olabiwonu Jaiyesimi, which I formed the name (O'Jays) from I am from a family of six, mum,dad and three brothers also myself making four boys.

 I am the second to the last born and I was not born with a silver spoon and I was also born with a silver spoon lol what I mean is that I came from an average family, I went to king's college lagos and studied business management in the University of London, i'm from a polygamous home, life was not really that easy when I was growing up but I survived the storm. 

I was in the UK for six years and decided later to come back to Nigeria and start my own business.

DVF: Wow! amazing

OJay: Thanks

DVF: So what does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style?

OJay: Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your fashion choices and using your clothes and shoes to tell someone something about you or at least it is for me, I suppose for some people clothing is just about comfort or utility but for me it's about expressing myself and I would describe my style as unique and mind blowing

DVF: I had no idea you was back in Nigeria and yeah I agree, your style is mind blowing in such a subtle and classy way

OJay: I have been in Nigeria for more than six months now

DVF: Wow..that's quite a while you have been around

OJay: Yeah

DVF: I hope you're loving it? and not like nah.. I should have stayed back in London

OJay: I'm loving it here, London is just so boring for me and the hustle is so real there, there is really no place like home where you get your freedom

DVF: Really?? thank God you feel that way though

OJay: Lol yeah

DVF: So you have an amazing shoe line, tell me about it and how it started? how did you decide shoe designing and creating is what you wanted to go into?

OJay: Thanks, well O'jays bespoke is a unique brand that makes hand made shoes with unique designs and it all started when I was in London.. I used to spend all my hard earned money to buy shoes because i'm a lover of shoes, I can kill someone just to get a pair of nice Louis Vuitton, just kidding (laughs) anyways I realized that since I love shoes so much I could turn my love for them into a career... I'm not in it for the money, i'm in it for the love and passion for shoes.

So I decided to come back to Nigeria and make shoes and also give people in Nigeria a good sense of style and I am one who believes your shoes speak for you, you can wear a dress which does not look good but when you put on a good pair of shoes it makes you bold and confident and i'm also tired of hearing made in Italy, I want to be hearing made in Nigeria... I believe we Nigeria's have got talent

DVF: That's awesome, you're so right

OJay: Thanks

DVF: We really do need more minds like you in Nigeria

OJay: Thanks a lot.. I really appreciate


DVF: So what and what goes into the process of making these shoes? How do you pick the design, print and materials for each shoe and all of that?

OJay: Well it's very simple, all I do is visualize what kind of design can be made with a shoe and I create most of my designs and some I do my research on shoemakers that have made it big in the society and pick one or two designs and implement my own design and come up with a good and unique designs that people will love.

DVF: Impressive, so do you have first hand knowledge of shoe making or do you just focus on the designing and have people who create it for you?

OJay: I create and design but I have people working for me who create them, cause creating and designing them will be too stressful for me alone so I decided to employ workers to make work easier and faster.

DVF: Yes, most definitely, having workers helps to balance things

OJay: Yeah

DVF: So it's all made here in Nigeria?

OJay: Yes, all made in Nigeria

DVF: That's awesome

OJay: Thanks

DVF: You're most welcome, so moving forward what is the future for your brand? are you sticking solely to shoes or will you branch out to other things?

OJay: Very good question, well I intend to create a name for my brand which people will be familiar with and I hope to be like dangote some day, lol yes for now i'm going to be more focused on shoes but I intend on having my clothing line as well..but I just want to focus on shoes for now and see where it takes me to then I can plan on moving to other things to expand my brand

DVF: Well I sure can't wait to see the clothing line, your style has always always been something amazing.

OJay: Trust me it's going to be mind blowing, I'm working on it

DVF: It's definitely going to be awesome, I trust you.

Well I guess that's all for now, this has been amazing thanks alot

OJay: Okay thanks for interviewing me and I pray what you have started God will finish for you in a big way

DVF: What?? No! Thank you! I'm so honoured that you did this and Amen



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