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I am back with a fun new interview with Scott Obilo, an amazing footballer, actor and model, it's rare to find someone with such a mix but he is defying the norm and prooving that it is possible to chase whatever passion and dreams you have, regardless of how much of a dis-connect there might seemingly be between them.

Scott and I had been Facebook friends for a while before proceeding to following each other on Instagram which is where I really got to discover how interesting he is and knew that I just had to have a chat with him about his life, accomplishments and dreams. Hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as I did. Have a lovely read guys.

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective, please tell me about yourself ?

Scott: I'm Scott Obilo a semi-professional football player, a model and a graduate of the international institution of Paris, I studied International relations and diplomacy. I'm twenty three years yo!.. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria but I now currently live in Paris, but I travel around a lot.

I have two elder siblings, one's a professor, while the other is a psychiatrist, my father on the other hand is an entrepreneur and my mom is a retired journalist

DVF: Wow, that's so cool y'all are like the perfect blends of careers

Scott: (Laughs)

DVF: So which did you get into first... Football or modelling?

Scott: Football

DVF: How did you discover your love for football ?

Scott: I just watched a bit of football growing up on the television and it caught my attention and that was fourteen years ago

DVF: The typical boy falls in love with football story, how did you officially kick off your football career ?

Scott: I played in some private teams in Nigeria and got linked to a french academy so I moved over here to become part of the academy

DVF: Quite a bold move, so for how long now has that been ?

Scott: I have been playing in france for three years

DVF: Do you speak french now ?

Scott: Yeah, fluently

 DVF: Wow In just three years ?, i'm jealous (laughs) , so what's the name of your football team and what do you play as ? 

Scott: I'm a striker for AS Aeroport de Paris

DVF: Nice... So now let's get into the modelling and acting aspect of things, how did you get into modelling ?

 Scott: Well I used to be under an agency. Berts productions but I didn't do many gigs with them untill I got to Paris

DVF: Is the agency back here in Nigeria or over there ?

Scott: Nigeria but I never did anything while I was with them though

DVF: Was modelling always a passion you had alongside with the football and acting or did the opportunity to model just happen to come by ?

 Scott: (Laughs) It wasn't a passion really, I have more of a passion for acting but the modelling always just popped up and it's kind of hard for me to say no to the cameras 😁 

DVF: (Laughs) I know the feeling, so why haven't you tried officially going into acting?

Scott: I have I gotten a couple of auditions for some shows back in Nigeria but my time and scheduling conflict has just never let it work out

DVF: Yeah, the scheduling must be crazy, so what kind of modelling are you majorly into ? 

Scott: I did runway for the first time a couple months ago but mostly photography and a bit of commercial, right now I model for an upcoming european accessory brand and I'm about to sign on with another european brand

DVF: What was the experience like for you being on the runway for the first time?


Scott: Weird but hey, there were cameras so I was comfy😁

DVF: ( Laughs) You really love the cameras.... so tell me about the brand that you're it's ambassador? MÔSHE ?

Scott: Yeah, It's an upcoming Parisian accessory brand that was established this year, It's fast spreading right now. It's hit London and Amsterdam already with it's high quality sunshades

DVF: That's so cool, I see you rocking them shades in photos, the other European brand you would be signing on with soon what are they about ?

Scott: It's owned by a young Brazilian couple and it's all completely hand crafted accessories and bags and It's called BOA stores

DVF: That all sounds really nice, you'll have more stuff now, than just shades to play with in front of the camera

 Scott: Yeah, I guess (Laughs)

DVF: So let's talk about fashion for a little bit, how would you describe your style?

Scott: Simple but hip, It's something I had to get used to when I moved to Paris. I try to keep it as simple as possible but also look modern, mature and hip 

DVF: What about before you moved to paris, how was your style then ?

Scott: Yeah, I was never a flashy or fancy dresser, but I didn't see reasons to dress like I do at the moment

DVF: Well seems like the home of fashion has made an impact on you after all, but then how can you not though ? Paris is a very fashion conscious place so it naturally will get to anyone

Scott: Yeah it's kind of like that. You learn alot and you've got to keep up with the city

DVF: Yeah, So do you think it's a wierd dynamic that you're a footballer and yet you model and even have intentions of going into acting?

Scott: Naah.. not at all but a lot of people think so, I think I can get it all to work perfectly

DVF: Yeah people will easily think so, okay what would you say has been the highest point of your football career and a not so great time ?

Scott: So far I haven't gotten as far as I would like to go but playing in the french cup and also getting to the semifinals of the coupe de Paris felt really good and also when my team won the VTM cup but I'm pushing to go much higher 

DVF: The french cup! That's huge stuff, what about modelling? how far down the road are you willing to go with it?

Scott: As far down as it can possibly take me 

DVF: As far as photography goes, do you have limitations? Like are there certain shoots you would not do, for example would you be willing to do nude photography or would that be a no, no for you?

 Scott: Yeah, that's a no, I won't do that, it's not something I look forward to or plan on doing

DVF: (Laughs) Okay, so do you have plans of coming back to Nigeria any time soon?

 Scott: I visit a lot. Maybe soon, maybe even stop by one of those movie auditions

DVF: Yeah, you should totally do that (smiles) .... anyways, thanks alot for your time and for sharing your journey thus far with me

Scott: 👍🏾 Yeah, you're welcome




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