Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I had the pleasure of interviewing the fabulous Bertha Amuga ,who first of all ,I just really love her name it sounds so luxurious in way, I can just picture her saying "Hi ,i'm Bertha Amuga...nice to meet you" (laughs) let me get out of my head.... anyway Bertha is one of the models produced by Nigeria that is constantly out there making Nigeria proud by crossing through the borders and modelling for top international designers while giving us some serious slayage everytime she walks the runway and I am beyond excited to be interviewing this talented queen of the catwalk... Have a good read guys!!! .

DVF: Tell me about yourself and background?

Bertha:My name is bertha amuga from imo state lived most of my life in Port harcourt from a family of three two girls and a boy

DVF: When did you become a model ?

Bertha: five years ago, I was scouted by kinabuti an italian lady

DVF: Oh Wow!! Was modelling always a passion for you and something you worked towards or did it sort of just happen for you?
Bertha: All of the above

DVF: Cool... Can you recall your first time modelling and give me an idea of how It was?

Bertha: I felt like my dreams were coming to reality and that dreams do come through

DVF: That most have been a special moment for you
 Bertha: Yes it was

DVF: How would you say is the most significant way in which modelling has changed your life?

Bertha: Looking back at where I am coming from I will say modelling has given me a lot of opportunity and am grateful to God that I choose this path of life

DVF: That's wonderful

DVF: Is there any other aspect of entertainment you have eyes for?

Bertha: Acting, if I wasn't modeling maybe I would have become an actress.

DVF: Do you plan on maybe giving it a try still someday?

Bertha: Yea of course I already did two movies before that's a very long time ago I think am a very good actress and not sharing that with the world makes me selfish.

DVF: Yes,true.. no one should hold back their talents they should be shared

Bertha: Yes I think so

DVF: What can you honestly say has been a really big high for you and a real low point in your modelling career 

Bertha: I won't say the road has alway been rosy I have had so many disappointments from my management to my co workers, even people trusted most with my career but all this make up life and we all have to be prepared for that, almost every model that will be honest with you will say almost the same thing which is rejection a lot of models I know quit there career because of rejection

DVF: Yeah, it can be a very heart wrenching thing

Bertha : It can be very hard when people tell you to lose some weight or sometimes add some too much expectations

DVF: Yeah, so much scrutiny

Bertha: My high point was when I was awarded as fashion model of the year and goodwill ambassador as an humanitarian last year .

DVF: Wow... that is huge!! , you deserve it though.

So as far as your career goes, who would you say you look up to as a mentor or an inspiration?

Bertha: Thanks, I love Naomi Campbell she inspires me a lot and she has made the world know that a black woman can remain at the top forever

DVF: Yeah, she is quite powerful

Bertha: Yes she is

DVF: After you were scouted did you go through any training?

Bertha: Before I was scouted I use to belong to a group called great youth in port harcourt we do a lot of things like dancing acting and cat walking but I never knew what all that was preparing me for, so before I was scouted I already had an experience 

DVF: That right there was fate, so wonderful

Bertha: But since then I will say I have improved a lot working internationally really helped

DVF: Tell me some of the international brands you have modelled for ?

Bertha: Alot, I can't even begin to mention

DVF: Wow... that's actually a good thing, I think it shows how much work you have done, as a model how do you see yourself progress in this field and what are some of the brands that you would absolutely love to work with both home and abroad?

Bertha: I think finding who you are is very important in every field and when you do hold on to it because that's what makes you special and succeeding in modelling has a lot to do with your uniqueness. I have worked for almost all the top designers in Nigeria but internationally I will love to work for Chanel, Versace, and alot of them top designers

DVF: Wow!... almost all?? you go gurl!!

Bertha: Thanks 

DVF: Yes, very true, finding yourself most certainly is key....

DVF: So would you be willing to pose nude or is that like a limitation for you?

Bertha: Lol I have done that so many times, it's my job and I think am very professional I don't have limits

DVF: I love that,lots of people out there usually critic being a model which mainly involves taking pictures and strutting down the runway for a living as not being a real job, what do you think about that?

Bertha: We all have our own perception about everything and I respect people's opinions lol

DVF: You obviously have an amazing that genetic or do you work to stay in such shape?

Bertha: No good things comes easy and in this case my asset is my body that means I have a lot of work to be done

DVF: So very true, what's your body statistics?

Bertha: Bust 23/ waist 24/ hips 36/ height 6ft

DVF: What advice do you have for young apiring models?

Bertha: My advice to the young models out there is believe in yourself.

DVF: This was lovely, thanks alot for doing this and sharing your story. God bless you !!

Bertha: It's okay, Bless you too


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