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Emmanuel Nacks is a british born to a Nigerian Dad and British Mom he's a Husband,dad fashion enthusiast ,lover and stylist who above all owns his own Clothing line called AfroModel Uk, I had a chat with him about his life, career and what AfroModel stands for as a brand. He was such a pleasure and I hope you guys have a good read. Happy viewing .

 DVF: So tell me about yourself and background?

Afro: my name is emmanuel Nacks Nigerian, CEO Afromodeluk collection and also Afromodel culture nigeria ltd

DVF: Thats nice, so you're half- Nigerian which of your parents is Nigerian?

Afro: My dad, i'm a fashion designer,event planner, celebrity stylist and also a personal shopper who dress to empower and also help other to improve their wardrobe in terms of fashion have worked with a lot of Nigerian/ uk artists

DVF: How did you discover your love fof fashion and when did you decide to go into fashion ?

Afro: Been in fashion for ages ad I think fashion is in my blood would say I was born with it, remember seeing my old pictures of when I was five years old my mama always say that I choose all my clothing as well colour myself lol any cloth she got and I didn't like I would always cry when she put them on me. It had to be my chosen outfit

DVF: Lol you sure were really born with it, So when did you officially get into fashion and what was the beginning like for you?

Afro: I fully got into fashion as a business in 2011 but had been doing it since 2000 though

DVF: How did you come up with the name ?

Afro: Yea when I was younger I use to have Afro hair and then I used to model

so people would always address me as the model guy with Afro ,so then I got my email as and after then I started building up my brand name with it as well as other social media links

DVF: Awww thats so nice lol ,when did you lose the fro

Afro: Lol in 2004

DVF: Okay so do you have knowledge of Tailoring or do you just base on the designing and styling?

Afro: It all comes with the package I design and give to my factories in italy to do justice to the fabric

DVF: That's nice, all the way in italy! Nice, you mentioned earlier Afromodel culture Nigeria limited does that mean it has a Nigerian base ?

Afro: Yeah It got registered in nigeria last year as a brand

DVF: Okay,cool. So will you be bringing over a Nigerian sector for Afromodel?

Afro: Yes, it is selling in Nigeria , I ship all over the world

DVF:I see that alot of your designs are mostly natives inspired, is that AfroModel Uk's design base or should we expect other ranges of wears from afromodel?

Afro: They are Afro European outfits,I wouldn't classify it as native inspired cause it's an Italian slim fit made with polish linen so it's more of the European style plus me being Afro so that's why I call it Afro European

 DVF: Okay,now I get it, that's nice


Emmanuel Nacks C.E.O Afromodel UK

DVF: Earlier you mentioned that you're celebrity stylist do tell me about that and have you styled any of our Nigerian celebrities?

Afro: Yeah alot, I styled humbled smith for his video "bogatti" and also "why you love me" in london along side with wizkid and iyanya

DVF: That's impressive, when you are about to style a celebrity or even anyone what goes into the process of that ? how do you figure out what suits that celebrity and what will be perfect for the vision of celebrity?

 Afro:we work hand in hand like to ask if they like to go out of thier comfort zone and same time pull the outfit out

DVF: Yeah good stuff ,Nigeria has lots of amazing designers are you friends with any and who is your favourite designer and why?

Afro: I know quite a few of few international top designers and Nigerian based as well I like everyone of them cause everyone got thier own unique touch

DVF: Thats lovely so as far as Afromodel ,where do you see in the future for it?

Afro: You see the way Hugo boss is yeah? that's exactly the kind of brand I want Afromodeluk to be

DVF: Wow that's real nice, I wish you goodluck with everything and thanks alot for taking the time to do this

 Afro: Cool, your welcome

Emmanuel Nacks of AfroModel Uk and Wizkid

Emmanuel Nacks and Iyanya

Humble Smith on set of his Video shoot styled by Afromodel Uk




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