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I Interviewed Tobi Isaac also known as Ferarry C.E.O of the amazing Rarrys Exclusive Mens wear line about his life and career as a designer and got to find out how it all began for him... I enjoyed getting to know how all this greatness began and I had a good time chatting things up with him, one of the nicest and coolest guys in the business so I hope you guys have a good read. Happy a good read guys.

DVF: Tell me about yourself

Ferrary: I'm Tobi Isaac , a fashion Designer and Event planner.. from Edo but born and raised in lagos and I own a Fashion brand called Rarry's Exclusive, it was established in 2014

DVF: You're a lagosian, that's nice. Was fashion designing always a passion of yours or did you happen to stumble upon it and realise you had the talent and drive for it?

Ferrary: Fashion has always been part of me from childhood but I never knew that I'd take it up as a profession . I studied computer science at the University of lagos but I never enjoyed working as an Engineer, later on I came to the realization that there's nothing like enjoying what you do for a living that was when I picked up fashion because that's truly my passion

 DVF: Well said, doing what you have passion for as your life's work beats getting paid monthly for something you have no love for.

Ferrary: That's it

DVF: So I have seen you in a photo with a measuring tape, do you have first hand knowledge of sewing?

Ferrary: Yeah I do have knowledge of sewing .... I have an aunt who's a tailor and used to force me with beating to follow her to her work place when I was young most especially during long holidays.. that's how I was able to gain the knowledge and she taught me well

DVF: That's nice, I guess all those beatings paid off lol

Ferrary: Thanks and yeah they did, back then I thought I was being maltreated but now I understand it's value

DVF: Your aunt most be really proud of you and what good you're doing with the knowledge she impacted

Ferrary: Yeah she's always been a proud aunt. I remember way back when she'd flog me, she'd always tell me how great I will become and she had seen the potentials in me which actually made her have interest in grooming me well.

DVF: Wow your aunt is really God sent to you like she helped paved the way in so many ways

Ferrary: Yeah.. I was seeing it as torture just because I was yet to realize myself

 DVF: How inspiring, okay so what according to you is the best part of being a designer?

 Ferrary: It's an advantage for me, helps me create pace for other designers to follow , as I don't love to repeat styles and most of my creative designs are trends today, just like how I brought Danshiki and Agbada back which I'm still amazed is now a big trend today .

 DVF: Wow! are you serious?

 Ferrary: Yeah.. I was to attend a wedding in 2013.. I didn't even know what to wear then I asked my tailor to make me a danshiki, I told him I don't want it oversize like the oldschool but I want it fitted.. all he could do was to laugh and he responded I'd do what you want as long as I'm getting paid ..

 DVF: Hahaha people always laught first when creative minds speak

Ferrary: When he finished and I wore it, he was shocked to see how beautiful it looked on me, I don't want to exergerrate , more than twenty people walked up to me that day at the wedding telling me how they liked it and want the same thing, even some women said they'd like to take a pic so they could show their husband /brother and etc

DVF: And that right there confirms your genius

 Ferrary: Yeah that was when I started concluding picking up fashion as a career

DVF: Getting other people amazed and interested in something you came up with is always a mark to show that shows that you probably have more to offer in that area than even you know

 Ferrary: Yeah

DVF: Your designs have no doubt been impressive on so many levels because lots of celebrities patronise you.. but when designing who or what can you say inspires your work?

Ferrary: I can't say precisely .. I just imagine it and I put it to work sometimes I could be sleeping, eating and other weird things

DVF: Lol what's the wierdest thing you were doing when you got inspiration for a design?

 Ferrary: Having a drink. . Lol

DVF: Lol okay

 Ferrary: Yeah

DVF: If you are to define your designs what would you say about them?

Ferrary: In one word.. Exclusive

DVF: How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

Ferrary: Well most of the time I don't like to go same way with the crowd, I love to stand out either with or without trends

DVF: That is a really bold move staying true to your heart I see

Ferrary: Yup

DVF: I really love and appreciate an original

Ferrary: Thank you

DVF: So I know you already told me about your aunts influence and support in all of this but what about your immediate family like mum, Dad and siblings when their brother/son who studied Computer Engineering in school suddenly decided to go with Fashion designing, how did they react ? Were they supportive of you?

 Ferrary: Mom is a fashionista , she loves fashion and I got that from her... At first they didn't like it but I asked them is it about doing what they like to do or what I like to do.. they got speechless and had to support what I want and since I already did what they wanted (becoming a software engineer) So it was high time for me to start doing what I love and not what they wanted

DVF: You definitely played your part and honoured them as you should have, atleast you didnt drop out of school and not fufill your obligation to them and go running after fashion. So when you started out what part of designing did you decide to focus on? Because you do coperate and traditionl wears also

Ferrary: I picked up trads for a start before I started doing coperates

DVF: Thats nice, what motivated you to take up coperate wears?

Ferrary: I've always had it in mind, I just thought for a start I should go on to trads first at least to gain trust of my clients and some other reasons too

 DVF: Yeah, that makes sense so you have alot of celebrity clients.. can you mention a few?

Ferrary: I'll start with Sean Tizzle, Kiss Daniel , Kunle Afolayan , Uti etc

DVF: Wow... All very stylish men and for them to wear your clothes really proves something

 Ferrary: You can say that again

 DVF: So why is your line only for men has that always been the vision? have you ever done designing for women and is it something you might try in the future?

Ferrary: Not really, I'm still coming up with the female collections but not now due to some personal reason and yes I have done designing for women

DVF: That's great to hear, I am anticipating the women collection already lol

Artist Sean Tizzle in a Rarrys Exclusive Traditional wear

A groom wearing Rarrys

Singer Praiz rocking a Rarrys Exclusive suit

Artist 2face Idibia rocking his Rarrys Exclusive suit 

Actor, producer and movie Director Kunle Afoloyan also rocking a Rarrys Exclusive Trad wear

Artist Sean Tizzle in Rarrys

Artiste Kiss Daniels in Rarrys

Ferrary: I have a very huge plan for that.. because I'm coming out big on that one

 DVF: So if there was one Nigerian designer who you feel like you relate to his or her creativity and would be willing to collaborate with who would it be ?

Ferrary: Mudi

DVF: Great choice do tell me about your new collection

Ferrary: It came with the Theme "Global Africa" ..  an Editorial shoot has already been done for it with two professional photographers, yoms studios and Ayoka (an official photographer for Tiannnah's Empire )

DVF: Sounds huge

Ferrary: Yeah along side a fashion stylist Teni Oluwo of Style territory

DVF: And I saw from your snapchat videos that Prince Ehirim ,winner of Mr Ideal 2016 is modelling the collection for you

Ferrary: Yes he did model for me

DVF: It all sounds amazing and I can't wait till the professional photos are out so everyone can see the amazing new collection, thank you so much for this exclusive interview and for your time and patience

 Ferrary: You're welcome

 DVF: 👏👏 It was a pleasure Boss

 Ferrary: You're welcome chief..

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Kiss Daniels in Another Rarrys Exclusive Traditional wear

Celebrity Music Producer Deetunes in Rarrys

Celebrity Skin care specialist PelsInternational in Rarrys

Mr Ideal Nigeria winner 2016 Prince Ehirim wearing Rarrys Exclusive new collection, A photo from the editorial shoot

Also from the editorial shoot

Photos from The Editorial Shoot for Rarrys Exclusive 2016 collection

Ferray Modelling his collection

Prince Ehirim For Rarrys Exclusive 2016 Global Africa collection


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