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Hey there guys... how y'all doing today? .. Hope all good?. Okay so Roby Ekpo is an outstanding Host, OAP, comedian extraordinaire and actor, the first time I ever saw him was on tv in the old but gold Nigerian hit reality TV talent hunt show "The Next Movie Star" in 2006, and I didn't even get to the realization of this fully until I got this splendid opportunity to have this interview with him, I had tonnes of laughs while doing this, I know you guys will too so enjoy and Have a lovely read.

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective, kindly tell me about yourself?

Roby: My name is Robert Ekpo and I'm the second son from a family of three boys, my grandmother was the Late Chief Dr. Mrs. Margaret Ekpo.

I'm an OAP, comedian and I work with Hit 96.5Fm Calabar, Nigeria. I'm a very carefree person, we only live once, so I try to make the most out of my life, for me, each day is pretty easy going and fun, I try not to bother myself about life's hardships and just see it all as a blessing because the more you worry about it the harder things get and you will just end up doing yourself more harm than good

DVF: Yeah, so true. So.... why does your grandma's name ring a bell?

Roby: Yeah, she was a popular Politician and women's Rights Activist.  

DVF: Ohh.... makes sense now, so tell me, in everything you do which did you start first?

  Roby: It all began back when I was in the University, mind you, I studied Radiography and I practiced at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital but my love for the world of show business and entertainment made me abandon all of that

DVF: Wow, so how did you go from being a medical student to an entertainer?

Roby: I was the second runner up for The next Movie star reality show competition back in 2006

DVF: Now it all clicks, that's where I really know you from, I keep saying to myself how much you look familiar

Roby: Really?

 DVF: Yeah, I watched every season of that show and that's why I added you on Facebook and even when I would be checking your Instagram, I'm like I know this face but I just couldn't place it all together, I just thought to myself that "well he's a famous comedian, so put that aside and try and get this interview"

Roby: (Laughs) Small world

DVF: Yeah so was that your first major attempt in the entertainment industry?

Roby: Yes, it was but after the next movie star show, I tried acting for a while but wasn't really feeling the Nigerian movie scene back then cause the production and everything was whack at the time but it's really grown and become much better now though

DVF: Yeah, I completely agree with you on that, so have you now started trying to act again?

Roby: Not yet, the industry now has more of a "man-know-man" setting

DVF: Also very true, how and when did you get into the radio world?

Roby: About six years ago, I used to feature with a friend on his sports show then I did a bit of comedy on another breakfast show then from there I was given my own show It was called "Paradise Sunrise With Roby Ekpo" then it metamorphosized to "The Dawn Show"

DVF: What was the show about?

Roby: That was in Paradise 105.5 FM and It was just a morning show, Information, music, and education. Later on, I moved to Hit 95.9 FM and I present a Friday show with my brother and it's called #FunkyFreakyFridayShow, 7-10pm every Friday, it puts you in the mood for a Friday night, I also work as a compΓ¨re and a host for literally almost all kinds of events you can think of (laughs)


DVF: How funky and freaky does the radio show get though (laughs)?

 Roby: Brother, it's the freakiest show on radio ever!!! Trust me

DVF: (Laughs) I can only imagine

Roby: My younger brother is crazier than me though

DVF: Wait, he's like an actual sibling of yours? I thought you just meant work like a work brother?

Roby: Real brother, same father, and mum, he's two years younger and it's the only radio show in the whole of Nigeria that has two blood brothers as it's presenters, you can google it


DVF: Wow! Two brothers on a show must be quite fun. Okay, I sure will check that out, did you invite him to join you or did you both get the job together, how did that happen?

Roby: The CEO of the station already knew about us both and so he actually requested for both of us to come to do the show

DVF: That's so cool, so being on radio all this time... what can you say has been some of the challenges you have faced in doing it?

Roby: So far, I wouldn't say I have faced challenges cause when you love what you do work becomes play

DVF: True but what about your parents though?.. what did they make of their son leaving medicine for entertainment?

Roby: Sadly they're both late now, but my parents were very supportive they didn't complain, mum died in October 2009 and Dad later died In January of 2010

 DVF: Must have been hard, I can't imagine my life without my parents, so sorry about that

Roby: Yes it was difficult, it's not easy at all and yeah thanks

DVF: So how did you become a master of ceremony (MC), was it something you always had eyes for or did it sort of just happen for you?

Roby: Started out as a joke back in the University, my friends started recommending me to departments to host their departmental weeks and stuff like that and with time I became good at it

DVF: Wow.. you really have been doing this for years, what was the first Mc job you did.. do you recall?

 Roby: I can't recall it's been so long but I think I can recall my first major event it was the Physiology students week and other schools were invited, It was mad fun and from there, I started hosting even in other Universities

DVF: That's so cool, I can just imagine you on stage back then doing your thing (laughs)  do you still get nervous at it even after all these years of doing it?

 Roby: Nahhh I don't, I'm so used to it now

DVF: How do you keep it fresh and entertaining every time you get on that platform to do the same thing of hosting over and over again?

 Roby: I'm spontaneous bro, I speak English really well, I'm really fun and I'm good looking so it sells me

DVF: (Laughs) yes you are, how did comedy come into play in all of this or was it something you always had been into?

Roby: It just came, I was always making people laugh and I always have something funny to say about almost everything, so before I knew it, it had become part of me

 DVF: (Laughs) I understand that I had a friend like that and he eventually made a profession out of it, Crazeclown

Roby: Like me

DVF: Yeah and like you, he's also studying medicine currently I think you guys would be good friends

Roby: Oh! I do know him and yes, we are friends

DVF: See what I mean (smiles). So let's talk fashion for a little bit because your style is really cool, what does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style?

Roby: Fashion for me is a lifestyle, I always try to make it synonymous with the "Roby Ekpo" brand. I read a lot of fashion magazines and I'm conscious of what I wear, how I combine what I wear when I'm supposed to wear what and to where I swing whatever way I deem fit from casual to semi-casual, formal wears and mind you, I host events so most times I'm dressed with the theme of the events I host

DVF: I love that, I respect how much effort you actually put into it

This year alone can you number how many weddings and events you have hosted?

 Roby: Wow! They should be up to 20 or 25, I actually started the year with a wedding on the 2nd of January and I'm ending the year hosting a wedding too on the 31st of December

DVF: Wow! That's a lot, lots of talking, weddings attire and joke-cracking, my goodness... that's just crazy

Roby: Yup and don't forget, lots of dancing too

 DVF: What kind of events are your favorite to host?

Roby: The ones I just get to feature cause I get paid a lot and perform for just a few minutes (laughs) but I love weddings too especially when the couple is young

 DVF: (Laughs) anyone would prefer that, are the couple ever old though?

 Roby: (Laughs) not really just that some don't really have swag (laughs) and then again if the couple are like too young, their parents would want to control everything

DVF: Nooo! Parents controlling everything is a big no-no

 Roby: (Laughs) I have seen a lot of things brother

DVF: (Laughs). What are the things you must always do when you host an event like you just have to accomplish it?

Roby: Always make an impression and it works every time


All Hail Sire Roby Ekpo... Duke Of Ashburton Groove

DVF: (Laughs) and you sure do make an impression from your dance moves alone, no one will forget you

Roby: Hell yeah!

 DVF: What would you say is the craziest thing you have done while hosting an event?

 Roby: Removed my shirt and trousers when the audience shouted that I should (laughs)

DVF: What?? Oh my goodness! I'm hiding my face on your behalf (laughs)

Roby: (Laughs)

DVF: Okay so let's talk about you, the real Roby, the Roby at home, not the performer, actor, host, or radio host, but the husband and lover. How long have you been married?

Roby: I got married on the 28th of November last year

DVF: Almost a year already, that's lovely, how did you guys meet and how long have you been together?

 Roby: We met on Instagram, met in June, I proposed to her in August and got married in November


DVF: Wow! That was really fast, was it love at first sight?

Roby: Does it matter? We are happy

 DVF: No! not that it matters

Roby: Exactly

DVF: But I feel as though such speed can only be attained with instant love that's why I asked

 Roby: Some don't last

DVF: Some instant love?

Roby: Yup

DVF: True

Roby: So I'm lucky

DVF: I know it's a cliche kind of question but how did you know she was the one?

 Roby: I married my best friend I always hear people say "When you see the one that's meant for you, you will know". I never believed it but it happened to me

DVF: Yeah I can only imagine how much that must have meant to you, to feel love like that

Roby: I swear, as a fine boy that I am (laughs) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ at first I didn't even believe it was happening

DVF: (Laughs) some people are good at showing their love through putting up good public fronts, trying to make people believe their love is perfect but with you guys, It is obvious that even beyond the picture-perfect Instagrams there is much love for each other

 Roby: Thanks brother

DVF: Okay let's discuss your social media before I begin to cry that I don't have my own bae (laughs)

Roby: (Laughs) Okay, let's discuss that

DVF: So you two make funny videos, lots and lots of them
They are always so funny and the way you both combine both your comedic strengths and characters and create something hilarious, it's so freaking cool. How did you guys start this and whose idea was it? 

Roby: Yes, thank you. It was her idea and it started on our honeymoon

 DVF: Awww, at least for once you're not the one with the crazy idea (laughs)

Roby: (Laughs) Yeah but she never accepts that she's the crazy one

DVF: (Laughs) I think you have met your match, but I have to agree with you, your wife truly is the craziest one, I watch her videos on her Instagram, she's so funny. 

So I have to ask, what was your wedding like?

Roby: It was mad fun, I went wild everywhere, danced like a fool, I think she has a couple of videos on her Instagram

DVF: (Laughs) I was about to mention that I know how much you must have destroyed the dance floor, I will go watch them, are you the kind of guy who always envisaged what his wedding would be like or the type who never really cared for it?

Roby: I definitely always did but like the saying goes "Man proposes, God disposes of" it was everything I hoped for, exactly how I envisaged it, It was awesome

DVF: I love that, your perfect day. Was there a particular moment from that day you would always cherish and never forget?

Roby: Yeah, where she and I enacted the famous Bollywood dance moves, the hall went wild (laughs)

DVF: (Laughs) yes they did go wild, I just watched a few of the wedding videos on your wife's Instagram. I just can't understand those dance moves you were doing

Roby: Blame it on Zee World (A Bollywood Tv station) πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

DVF: I watched almost all your funny videos together and you guys are worse than insane, God is really wonderful, he brought two powerhouses of comedic craze together, I still can't phantom it y'all should be twins.

 Roby: (Laughs) very true

 DVF: So what is the future for Roby Ekpo, where do you see your career and brand headed and what should we be expecting next from you? 

Roby: Bigger and better brand, we planning a TV series called The Ekpos Diary, we also plan to have just two kids by God's grace

DVF: Sounds amazing, I can't wait for the series I bet it's going to be the bomb

 Roby: Amen

DVF: Would you like for your kids to get into the entertainment industry like their parents?

Roby: I really don't know yet, but I won't decide for them, my parents didn't decide for me

DVF: I really love and appreciate that I hope more young Nigerian parents do the same because it's been a real barrier for talented Nigerians

Roby: Yes my wife is an architect but followed her passion

DVF: How cool! Both of you rebelled against your fields of studies (laughs)

Roby: (Laughs)

 DVF: We do know one thing for sure about your kids, they are going to have lots and loads of laughs because of the hilarious parents they have

Roby: (Smiles) Amen

DVF: Thank you so much for doing this and giving me your time, God bless you and I wish you the best with everything

Roby: Thank you too, and thanks for having me

DVF: I hope to attend a wedding one day and see you standing at the center stage with a mic(laughs)

 Roby: Hopefully

DVF: Yeah (Smiles)

Roby: It's not impossible ☺️☺️

DVF: I say amen to that

 Roby: (Smiles)

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