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Kelvin Udu is a male model signed under Beth Model Management and is one who has stood out because of his unique physique, looks and modelling skills. I had the pleasure of discussing with him about life as a model and I got to find out that modelling comes naturally to him. I had a blast, I hope you guys enjoy this interview too. Happy Viewing.

 DVF: So tell me about yourself and background?

Kelvin : Well i'm kelvin Udu, a Nigerian that hails from Edo state, owan east local government and was born and brought up in Lagos.

DVF: Thats nice so you are a model tell me about that when did you discover your love for modelling and when did you officially get into it?

Kelvin: I discovered my love for it in 2013 and started officially in 2015

DVF: So what triggered this love?

 Kelvin: When my brother took me for my very first photoshoot on my birthday as a birthday gift and everyone said I nailed the shoot and I just loved it and that shoot brought out my love, though was Still in high school back then

DVF: Wow look at you so fresh faced, This is so nice, your brother is a blessing

Kelvin: Thanks but now I hate that pic

DVF: Noo don't! , why though?

 Kelvin: Cause it ain't professional

DVF: It's part of what made you into the awesome model you are now, so tell me about when you professionally started modelling in 2015 and how that journey was for you?

Kelvin: It started professionally last year august and the journey have been fair

DVF: Are you under an agency or are you a free lance model?

 Kelvin: I'm presently signed with Beth model management Africa

DVF: How did you get signed?

Kelvin: Well I got signed with them this year

I just had to send my picture to them online and instantly they fell in love with my looks they asked me to come so they can see me , and the next week I went there and took some Polaroids and other shots then I signed my contract

DVF: Wow, so how has your life changed now that you're a model as opposed to Kelvin the normal everyday guy?

Kelvin: Thanks!! Well, my life didn't change

I am still the same person I've always been , and I accept all and don't look down on any the only difference is the fact that I get a lot of public attention now

DVF: That's nice, Yeah.. I was about to ask how has the response from people and the public in general been?

Kelvin: Well you know Nigerian's some will support and some will be against u... But that's just part of life

DVF: Yeah, very true so what particular type of modelling is your favourite between, editorials ,photography, commercials and runway?

 Kelvin: Fashion modelling, which include runway, commercial and editorial

DVF: You are a nice fit for the Runway, do you know your body statistics..?

Kelvin: Thanks bro

Height:6'2, Chest:35, Shoulder: 18 ,Sleeve:25, Waist:30 ,Trouser: 42 ,Shoe:45 ,Shirt size: 17 medium ,Hair:black ,Eye:brown ,Skin tone: Tan

DVF: Your height is my biggest envy you are so perfectly skinny and tall I can't handle it lol

Kelvin: Awww thanks bro

DVF: So I know that your body is mostly naturally toned but what do you do to keep it in that shape

DVF: Like I used to be skinny too and no one ever thought I could gain weight but my body's metabolism changed as I grew up so what do you do to stay in shape and make sure you dont lose your physique?

Kelvin: Working out and eating healthy, I also drink a lot of water and fruits too plus I avoid fatty food and food with high calories

DVF: That's real dedication right there when you started modelling, what would you say you found difficulty in.. for example is it the walk? The posing or learning to work with others?..

 Kelvin: Damn at first I didn't really believe in myself when it comes to my walk, but watching videos online improved me and a few other tutorials though my posing was naturally inbuilt they came from heaven lol

DVF: Yeah the walk is hard I did a little walk training with an agency once lol, Hahaha yeah they did do you have any particular shoot thats your favourite shoot and why?

 Kelvin: Yeah... A head shot

DVF: Oh Wow! look at your smize, Damn!!

 Kelvin: That stare signifies strength

DVF: You are a natural, yes it does

 Kelvin: Thanks

Kelvin: I usually don't apply make up for shoot, all my life there just one shoot that I used make up and that's because they had to contour my face so it could create the look they wanted with prominent cheekbones

DVF: Well this was a creative shoot

Kelvin: Yeah it was that was for house of zene A make up house in Lagos

DVF: Wow! were you comfortable wearing make up?

Kelvin: Yeah I was and don't mind doing more

Facebook : Kelvin Udu

DVF: The best part about the make up to is me that it didn't make you look feminine

It's still obvious that you're a guy

DVF: So do you have any mentors in modelling?

 Kelvin: Lol, do I? Not really, I think I mentor myself

DVF: I saw a photo of you in a shoot with like lots of other models do you feel intimidated in situations like that? Being around all those macho and muscly guys

 Kelvin: No I don't even if I was the youngest there It's no intimidation and

Sexy comes in all sizes

DVF: Yeah, I love that ,confidence is good

 Kelvin: Thanks

DVF: Okay do you get like anxiety or jitters from the audience when walking on the runway?

Kelvin: At first I did but now I enjoy it when people are screaming or giving applause

 DVF: Yes a good hurrah!! Is always welcome, so what about your family what has their reaction towards your modelling been like?

Kelvin: Well they are in full support of me being a model and they proud of their son

DVF: Awwww that's so nice

 Kelvin : Thanks

DVF: Which designers would you really love to model for locally and internationally?

Kelvin : Nao serati


Orange culture

Tokyo James etc

DVF: Lovely picks, asides from modelling what other hidden talents do you have?

Kelvin: Management and also public speaking, I'm very good when it comes to debating also

 DVF: Really??.. that's impressive

 Kelvin: Thanks but not everyone is aware and I dance too

 DVF: Well I guess that's a Dvfstyle exclusive then lol

Kelvin: I have indulged in debates the most I was the president of the literary and debating society in secondary school for three years and was representing in various competitions but that was back then ooh

DVF: I was also leader in my high schools mass communication club lol I don't remember really doing any leading though except getting everyone together for meetings and saying "Quiet" lol

 Kelvin: Wow... That's nice 

DVF: Lol thanks

 Kelvin: You're welcome sire and also I love cooking it's my hobby and i'm really good at it, both local and international dishes yeah... It's my hobby

DVF: What dishes can you make best?

 Kelvin: I can cook almost anything I have tasted in my life but I can't say the particular one that I can make best because I can't judge myself


DVF: True.. it's best for others to judge, how did you even learn to cook international stuff without going to a cook school?

Kelvin: My mom was a very good cook, she has a catering service, cooks for parties and various organisations during end of the year parties and I assist her we also bake together and I usually mix the dough

DVF: Aha! now you're talking, it all makes sense now, that's so nice 

Kelvin: Yeah thanks, anyways that's how I fell in love with cooking and I know food won't break my heart food is everything I desire

 DVF: You eat all of that food and is still stay so skinny? It's not fair I'm jealous

Kelvin: Let's just say it's my physique

DVF: So in the entertainment industry in general asides modelling what other apect of it do you have eyes for?

Kelvin: Acting and presenting and funny enough am not an art student lol i'm a commercial student studying businesses administration in the university of Benin. I Just completed my 100 level

DVF: That's wonderful, as far as modelling goes do you have limitations? like would you do nude photography?

Kelvin: Of course I will do nude photography, first if the pay is worth it then why shouldn't I? At least I have got a great body to show to the world so why hide it ?

DVF: Yes, point well taken lol so as a model, how do you see yourself progressing in this field?

Kelvin: I see myself grow in confidence and being proud and happy to be me

DVF: Thats awesome, thanks alot for taking out the time to do this I had a blast

 Kelvin: Awww, I really appreciate

DVF : Merci


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