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Steve Chuks is an amazing Actor, Vlogger, host and Editor for RadrOnline . His amazing and funny youtube videos and instagram skits have definitely gotten tongues wagging and I am excited that I got the chance to have a chat with him about his life, career and body of work. Have a good read guys.

DVF: So tell me about your self and your background?

Steve : Well Steven Chuks is an actor , VLOGGER and host, only son to a family of three from anambra state, I sadly lost my father in 2008 to the hands of Armed robbers and currently studying Theatre Arts in the university of Lagos

DVF: My goodness, thats must have been horrible to lose your Dad like that I'm so very sorry

 Steve : Yeah thanks

DVF: So tell me how you came about Vlogging and when did you start?

Steve: Well I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I have always wanted to host a show so In 2013 I got a YouTube channel with my blogging then then 2014 I started the Steve Chuks show and due to the fact the people loved my idea of giving tips and my opinion on stuffs I just continued so all lot of YouTube videos and personal interest prompted my vlogging ways

DVF: That's amazing, you're also an actor and an amazing one I must say

I watch your video skits here on instagram, what does acting mean to you?

Steve: Acting is basically an escape route for expression and freedom

DVF: Yeah, when did you realise your love and desire to act and when did you start?

Steve: I have always loved acting since primary school down to high school but started officially in 2013 with my first movie " to have and hold" produced by Africa Magic and directed by Alex mouth

 DVF: I had no idea you had even been in a movie

What role did you play?

Steve: A supporting role, a friend to the son

DVF: So how about your family have they always recognised and supported your talent and love for acting?

 Steve: Yes they have. Especially my mum

DVF: You also do acting skits for your VLog? How did that come about?

Steve: I just wanted to find a medium to promote both things

 DVF: Okay, cool so let's talk about fashion for a little bit how would you describe your style?

Steve: My style can be described as "comfortable to the core" If it's not comfortable on me you will never see me wearing it

DVF: Thats nice, If I raided your closet now what i'm I likely to find?

Steve: A lot of black colors first of all , then a lot of jeans and proper shoes, Jumpers and t-shirts

 DVF: Yes you do wear alot of black, you are the lifestyle editor for Radronline tell me about what exactly you do there and how you came about the job?

Steve: The original founder Fifo Adebakin came up to me when he wanted to start up and asked that I help handle the section and I was more than glad since the magazine deals with creativity and freshness

DVF: That's like huge stuff right there, was it a career path you were ever interested in or saw yourself doing prior to doing it?

 Steve: Not for once. It just came and I thought to myself why not

DVF: So how has it been so far? Are you enjoying doing it?

 Steve: Yeah, it has been a ride

DVF: As an actor ,are you versatile enough to do alot of different roles or would you prefer a particular line of roles?

Steve: I'm opened to any role

 DVF: As an editor.. What has been your biggest challenege so far?

 Steve: Striking up new contents I must say

DVF: Yeah, I can relate to that, happens to me with my blog too . I visit Radronline and It is very avante garde and very artful and almost abstract in a way to be pulled into that out of the blues and you're doing so well how did you even get your self to fully understand the vision of Fifo Adebakin when he came to you with this?

Steve: We really just wanted to re invent and do something different and he's a very good friend so I was really happy

DVF: You guys definitely did, it's very impressive It's almost unbelieveable that it's Nigerian

Steve: Thanks a lot.. People say that alot that's exactly what we were going for

DVF: It is something else, I'm obsessed with the magazine and I could go on and on about it but let's get back to you lol. 

So I watched a video on your YouTube channel about five types of annoying people in Nigeria, It's very funny but true how do you come up with topics to discuss on the VLOG?

Steve: With vlogs I try to relate to me , and the society at large but it's quite difficult dealing with the fact that you want people to like it also and lol thank you ,your blog is also nice by the way

DVF: That must be quite a dilenma to deal with often, you're most welcome and thanks coming from you ,means alot, Merci!!.

Who are like mentors or inspirations to you locally and internationally?

Steve: I love Leonardo Di Caperio , Denzel Washington , will smith , Eddie redmayne. TBH locally I don't really recount any maybe RMD (Richard Mofe Damijo) and Genevieve Nnaji

 DVF: Yeah RMD is awesome, Genny too both my faves why are we thinking alike? Lol Eddie Redmayne is a beast in acting, too much perfection. When you become a huge Nollywood star.. will that stop you from VLOGGING?

Steve: To be honest I will never leave vlogging, I love talking to the camera like i'm mad 😂😂

 DVF: Hahaha.. well don't we all ,so where do you see yourself in five years.. with the magazine and your career as an actor and Vlogger?

Steve: I always thought I knew but just hopefully a better known actor and hopefully doing bigger things outside the Nigeria .. with the magazine I really hope we bloom pass Nigeria also and with the vlogging I plan doing bigger things with content I'm presently planning some new content for the YouTube channel

DVF: Yeah I actually wanted to mention earlier that if you can handle a magazine like that you sure can work abroad

 Steve: Aww thanks 🙌🏽 👑

DVF: I sure hope so too and we'll be looking out for the new contents on your channel, thanks alot for taking the time out to do this

Steve: Thanks a lot I enjoyed this 🙌🏽👑

DVF: You're welcome, I'm so glad to hear that. Merci!!

For more on Steve's work visit RADRONLINE , his YOUTUBE CHANNEL


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