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Anderson Jeremiah Ngozika is one of the most commercial faces in the Nigerian modelling industry and one of the nicest and chillest, I had a fun time chatting things up with him to find out how he went from Model to Designer... Hope you guys have a good read. Happy Viewing.

DVF: Tell me about yourself and background?

Anderson : I'm Anderson Ngozika,an actor,photography and fashion model.....creative director entourage empire which is my fashion line...First son of a family of three....from abia state...... doing my second degree in National Open university of Nigeria

 DVF: That's so cool, I'm currently studying in Noun too. Tell me about modelling ,how you got into it and when you started?

Anderson: I started in 2011 I was being stopped several times by agents to start modeling and join their agencies cause of my height and looks but didn't until my sister who started modeling before me took me to her own agency and that' was it,  It wasn't an easy experience at first due to rejections at castings and all but thank God it's history today....

DVF: Yeah, thank God it's all history and how cool though a family with two models so did you get any form of training for modelling at the agency?

Anderson: Yeah I did by learning how to catwalk and also etiques of photography modeling lots of online research by watching fashion shows on YouTube and buying fashion magazines which helped me a lot in my career back then

DVF: That's so nice, that you had to push yourself to be better, so are you still with the agency?

Anderson: sure I did, for now I'm not with any agency I work as a freelance model and I also manage and train upcoming models too

DVF: Okay, what are the major differences between being under an agency and being free lance?

Anderson: Well it depends on your level as an upcoming model in Nigeria you need an agency to manage you very well and expose you out there but for you as an old established model being freelance doesn't affect you in getting modeling jobs

  DVF: How would you say modelling as changed your life? Compared to when you were just Anderson the boy next door?

Anderson: Well alot has changed for me, first off all the exposure it gives you, you go to places normal you wouldn't go, travelling around and meeting new people, the fame and even though the money, it honestly isn't as much money as people in the other areas of the entertainment industry make like the movie stars and music artistes but modelling also has awesome advantages that are much than the disadvantages like being a model created a good platform for my fashion business in terms of client base and all that

An old classmate of mine from highschool school saw me on TV in her university in Benin and told me that she was proud of me, that alone makes me smile also I have been able to use my influence in putting so many upcoming models into the industry who are now also big time models now , people want to associate with you and recognize you for the fact that you're a model and they see you in their Televisions and magazines and all that is really nice and alot different from how my lif used to be before I became a model

 DVF: Awww so sweet of the classmate and yeah true, before I ever saw you on Instagram or knew your name I had seen your photos online and on runways, you have an amazing physique, really good height and very fit, how do you maintain your physique and how has modelling influenced into paying more attention to your body and looks?

Anderson: Thank you very much bro, It's nothing special than an everyday work out in the gym Wether your in the mood for it or not lol from Monday to Saturday morning I go to the gym to work out before stepping out for the day, also eating healthy and I avoid late night food cause it makes your stomach big and you don't need that as a fashion model especially but basically a strict work out routine for me and that's it

DVF: So much dedication right there, tell me exactly how did you transition from being a basic model to one who trains other models and also become a creative director for a clothing line?

Anderson: Well I guess it depends on what you want in anything your doing in life for me I've always been very passionate about modelling and fashion.... So I think it become a major reason for me going into fashion business and also training new models too fashion has always been a part of me right from childhood and also with the experiences I had in being trained that got me this fat I think impacting it to others as far as I'm concerned is the best one can do

DVF: What are the common challenges you mostly face in training models?

Anderson: Most times it's always un-seriousness from models that's the major challenge I face

DVF: That must be so frustrating lol do you think that this could potentially lead you into having your own modelling agency?

DVF: Lol people have said I should start up my own agency but I don't think that will be possible case running an agency on its own isn't child's play lol I feel like me training models is just a temporary stuff for me right now it's my business that my priority

DVF: Speaking of your business, tell me about when it began and how it all started?

Anderson: it started in 2014 a friend of mine had the vision and I partnered with him and that's how it started

DVF: So do you involve in the designing aspect of it?

Anderson: Yes that's what I do basically the creative aspect of it

DVF: That's nice

 Anderson: Thank you

DVF: How do you get inspired and did you go get professional training on it?

Anderson: Well it comes from the environment what I see but most times it just comes to my mind

 I didn't get any formal training, just online and that's it. But I hope to go to a fashion school abroad in the future though

DVF: Yeah, that will really make alot of difference and broaden your knowledge

Anderson: Exactly bro, everything is one step at a time

 DVF: Yeah, So back to modelling? Do you have limitations as a models? Are they particular kinds of clothes or brands you would refuse working with or modelling and would you indulge in nude photography?

 Anderson: I don't really have limitations as a model but I can't indulge in nude photography, I can work with any brand as long as the services rendered to the brand is of good renumeration, I've done shoots with briefs before but not completely nude , semi-nude is the highest I can do

DVF: Okay, definitely fair enough


DVF: Anderson: yes bro

DVF: So asides being a model , a model trainer and being a designer do you have any other hidden talents that people don't know about?

 Anderson: I started swimming at the age of 10 and swam for my junior secondary school team but I was transferred to another school lol so i'm a good swimmer and a basketballer not by profession though also a computer nerd in terms of computer engineering cause that's what I studied computer science...

DVF: That's really cool

 DVF: I can't swim lol, if for instance I met you at a pool, would you be able to teach me?

 Anderson: Not really bro, I don't think I can teach lol

DVF: Lmao! Let's just go back to fashion talk, what does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style?

 Anderson: Fashion to me is an expression of yourself and to me style is about how I make myself distinctive from others It's all about class and being a classic man ,wearing something unique which is a representation of myself.

That's my style as a fashion lover and entrepreneur

DVF: That's so nice, thank you so much for your time and for doing this, you're so cool and I enjoyed this alot

Anderson: Thank you too, thanks for the compliment ☺☺

DVF: You're welcome sire


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