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Why Live out one dream and leave out another?...why do just one when you can do it all!!... Hey beautiful people.. how has your day been, hope y'all are busy doing the most.

Jim Jideox is a graphic designer, a model and a club promoter for Crave Cubana Abuja, he proves that we have no reason at all to limit ourselves to a particular field, when we can reach out into as many as our hearts are inclined to, It was a wonderful time chatting up with him about his life, career and how he has evolved into the man he is today, it's a good read and I hope you guys love it as much as I do. Happy Viewing 

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective, please tell me about yourself ?

Jimmy: Jim is my name but friends call me jimmy ,my hobbies are dancing, singing, partying, i'm twenty four years old(24), I don't have a favorite color only if black will count.

I appreciate realness in people and hate anything fake, a graphic designer, and a club promoter with Crave Cubana and as you know a model and a photographer,i'm from Enugu state but I'm based in Abuja

DVF: That's so nice, so of all three things that you're into which did you first get into and what led you into the rest?

Jimmy: I first had the skills of graphic designing, then it wasn't on a professional level before I started modeling and after a while modelling, I became a club promoter and after a while my modelling eventually led me into becoming a photographer

DVF: Did you train on graphic designing?

Jimmy: Nope I actually learnt it myself although my brother who is also into it thought me the basics of it a bit

DVF: Okay

Jimmy: Yeah

DVF: Makes sense, so lets talk about your modelling, what made you go into modelling, was it something you always had passion for ?

 Jimmy: Well yeah I have always admired it and also people kept telling me how fit I am for modelling

DVF: Yeah, you are so speaking about fit how do you keep in such good shape?

Jimmy: Funny enough I don't do much work out

DVF: Really?

 Jimmy: Just a normal push ups routine

DVF: Like how many push ups can you do at a go?

Jimmy: And yeah I go to the gym once in a while, and like 80 push ups at a go

DVF: Woah, now we know why that's quite a lot and body weight exercises sure does a lot to the body

Jimmy: Well I can even go 30 push ups in 5 sets daily

DVF: Daily?

Jimmy: Yeah

DVF: That's really nice. Okay moving on, back to your modelling are you under any agency or are you free lance?

Jimmy: I'm with G.I modelling agency

DVF: Awesome

Jimmy: Yeah, thanks

 DVF: I see a lot of G.I models photos all over social media, how long have you been with them?

Jimmy: Over two years now

DVF: That's a lot of poses , what can you say so far has been your worst and best moments modelling?

Jimmy: I guess my worst moments are when I don't get picked up after an audition and my best is when we go for trips to model in different places.

DVF: Yeah, rejection is definitely hard to deal with, what kind of modelling would you say is your favorite between editorials, runway and commercials?

Jimmy: Runway

DVF: Yeah you look good on the runway, do you have limitations, are there any kind of clothes that you would not wear or brands you would not model for and would you pose nude?

 Jimmy: Hmm I don't have any limitations, It all depends on the pay

 DVF: Okay, that's cool what are your long term goals as a model, how do you see yourself progress in this field?

 Jimmy: Would love to model in Paris and other countries and also to be an ambassador for for big designers

DVF: Yes, you would be amazing

Jimmy: Yeah, I would

DVF: So what would you say to people who think taking pictures and strutting the runway for a living is not a real job?

Jimmy: Well they simply don't have any idea

 DVF: (Laughs) true, so in what way can you say modelling has changed your life?

Jimmy: It has Made me to become conscious of how I look, dress and behave

 DVF: So as far as your career goes as a model, who would you say you look up to as a mentor for inspiration?

Jimmy: I really can't say, but I always admire every model out there that's doing a great job

DVF: Asides modelling, what other aspects of the entertainment industry do you have eyes for?

Jimmy: Acting

DVF: Have you tried it? auditioning and stuff?

Jimmy: Yeah, once but I didn't get the role

DVF: But hope you going to keep trying,because you would be a good fit for TV

Jimmy: Yeah I will give it a try

DVF: What about your family.. how do they feel about you modelling?

Jimmy: Very Supportive

 DVF: When you started modelling what would you say you found difficulty in doing?

Jimmy: Nude shoots

DVF: But did you do it still or not?

Jimmy: Not yet but I did a couple of semi nudes

DVF: That's fair enough. What does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style?

Jim_jideox: Fashion to me is my basic lifestyle, everything I do in life is in someway related to it, I would say my style is classy, bold statements with an urban chic twist to it

DVF: Okay so I saw these really artistic photos of you in make up or body paint art? Not sure but tell me about this shoot

Jimmy: It was a body art make up by an amazing make up artist known as Make Up by Jaru, It was a photography and video shoot ,the video is on my Instagram page

DVF: When you heard that you were going to have make up done, were you comfortable with the idea or hesitant?

Jimmy: Yeah, I was actually excited

DVF: Haha cool what I like I about it the most is that it still gave you a masculine appeal, it didn't change your features in anyway

Jimmy: Yeah, that's true

DVF: Let's discuss your photography, how did you get into it?

Jimmy: I have always had an eye for good pictures and I direct shoots for people so it was kind of inevitable

DVF: That's nice, so did you get any training on photography?

Jimmy: Yeah I did and learnt how to use a camera and all those intricacies for two big photographers, Ademolaniran photography and Ejike Manny photography for over two months

DVF: Ohh!! I know Ejike Manny, his pictures are really cool, that's real dope

 Jimmy: Yeah, thanks

DVF: So how long have you been doing your own photography and how has the journey been?

 Jimmy: I just started it, like five months ago and It's been going great, for now i'm into modelling shoots but with time I will be open to do expand and do events too.

DVF: So what part of photography would you say gave you the toughest time to learn back when you were still training?

Jimmy: Hmmm none actualy once you have perfected on how to use the camera and you have the skills taking photos won't be an issue, It's the editing part dat could b a lil bit trickish

DVF: Yeah exactly, very tricky so now let's get to you being a promoter for Crave Cubana. How did you get into it?

Jimmy: I was formally working with cosmic lounge, formerly known as avatar so I got a better offer to work with cubana

 DVF: How did you know you would be good in club promoting?

 Jimmy: It's basically about knowing people and bringing them to come spend at the club

 DVF: And you are a famous face and popular with the ladies lol

Jimmy: Lol funny

 DVF: What kind of challenges do you go through as a club promoter?

Jimmy: People coming to buy and not paying immediately, it can be quite a stressful thing because you have to try and keep tabs on them as well as remind them about it 

DVF: Yeah, trying to use their friendships as reason for deliance

Jimmy: Yeah something like that lol

DVF: But is a club promoter completely different from a hype man?

 Jimmy: Yeah, hype men are the ones that bring about that extra energy, vibe and ginger to the club

DVF: But I had no idea that a club promoter was involved in the payments made by customers, thought it was strictly to get people to come to the club because when I asked about challenges you said "People coming to buy and not paying immidiately"

Jimmy: Ooh yeah that's because you basically manage the clients you bring

DVF: Okay now it makes more sense

Jimmy: Some pay instantly which is great while some pay later or after a while

DVF: Yeah true,I understand you better now so working in the clubbing business what is the craziest thing you have ever seen happen?

Jimmy: Can't really specify because almost everything is crazy in the club

DVF: Lol IKR, thanks alot for your time and for doing this, you are awesome.

Jimmy: You welcome bro.




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