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Goodafternoon beautiful ones, so I had the pleasure of interviewing this awesome brother in the world of blogging, who is a med student,fashion and fitness lover, he's intellectuality and unique style of blogging caught my eye and I couldn't help but want to get to know about him and yes I did get to learn a whole lot more than I envisaged. I hope you guys enjoy it and learn a thing or two as well as get inspired cause he did inspire me. Happy viewing guys.

 DVF: Tell me about yourself and background?

 Kevwe: My name is Odogun Oghenekevwe David, I'm from Delta State Nigeria. I grew up in Warri but had my secondary school education in Edo state, I'm currently studying medicine in All Saints University, St Vincent.

DVF: What was your childhood like? Any particular fervent childhood memories that stuck?

 Kevwe: I was an avid reader, still am. A lot of my childhood memories revolve around finding strange books in sometimes strange places. Like finding a book on Ancient Rome in a mechanic's workshop or African poetry while dodging mass in boarding school. But I think boarding school gave me the most memorable years of my life.

DVF: Wow..really? That was so adult of you though for a kid lol

 Kevwe: Haha, my school friends nicknamed me grand pa or G.P for short.

DVF: Lol I don't blame them, where is your University located?

Kevwe: It's located in St Vincent and the Grenadines a small island in the Caribbean.

DVF: Oh wow! how cool, you living the carribean life . When did you leave Nigeria?

Kevwe: Haha, I guess you can say that. I left Nigeria in 2014. I haven't been home in almost three years.

 DVF: Awwww, don't you miss home?

Kevwe: Yes of course, there's no place like home.

DVF: Nice, so what is the typical caribbean life like?

Kevwe: Well I wouldn't know lol, I may be in the Caribbean but I'm also in med school. But I guess the beaches and the night life are distinct experiences.

DVF: Ohhh!!.. sorry I forgot how much time studying medicine takes

Kevwe: Lol it's alright. I do make time for other things too.

DVF: Yeah, so was medicine always your passion and what you always wanted to study?

Kevwe: Well, to be honest I've never really had any other courses in mind. Since I was young I always told people I wanted to be a doctor and it just became a self fulfilling prophecy.

DVF: That's nice, that you're actually going through with it asides studying medicine what other sides are there to you?

Kevwe: I double as a photographer. And I run a fashion blog which I occasionally update due to the strain of time. I also write and draw. I guess I'm an artist in a scientific world, people always ask me what I'm doing here in med school.

DVF: Lol how did you discover your love for photography and when did you get into it fully?

Kevwe: Well I initially wanted to make videos discussing political content, but then somehow I started taking photos and decided to stick to that instead. I've also always loved fashion so I guess that inspired my decision too.

DVF: Political contents? You're good with politics too?

Kevwe: Lol yes, and history. I think it's impossible to understand one without the other.

DVF: Lol you're good with alot, so how did you get into blogging?

Kevwe: Well, it ties into the fashion thing, and I owned a camera I wasn't using so I decided to just do it. It was just something that happened, not something I planned.

DVF: That's nice, so as a fashion lover... What does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style?

Kevwe: Well to me it's about what you like, sometimes I wear things people don't approve of and I feel so confident wearing it that I don't even care. Style is personal, it's knowing how you want to look and being able to pull it off.

DVF: Well said, tell me about your blog and what the inspiration behind it is?

Kevwe: It's a casual fashion blog. I think one not so obvious inspiration is the weather. All other blogs I had seen before now revolved around wearing a good suit, and coming from a tropical country I decided "ain't nobody got time for that". I decided to just wear clothes that I wouldn't suffer in when the sun is blazing.

DVF: Hahaha I love that, originality is a necessary key and people tend to want to follow the crowd more often than not and miss that

Kevwe: I concur

DVF: As a fashion blogger, what do you hope your audience can get out of viewing your posts? Or what do you aspire to inspire your audience with?

 Kevwe: Well I hope I can inspire them to be original. Fashion can become a cliche and I think it's important for them to know that I don't really care what people think about my outfit. I've learned that if you're confident enough you'll pull it off. How else do you think Kanye West sold torn clothes for 1000 dollars? I mean I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them but that's my point, my opinion wouldn't stop him from being a fashion icon.

DVF: Yes, true talk so one unmiss-able fact about you is your body.. you're very fit and have passion for the gym life.. how did that all start and when did you discover your love for fitness?

Kevwe: Well I was always the skinny kid. I've also always wanted to be muscular, so it was a question of what do you want and what are you willing to do. So I signed up at a gym last year and I haven't stopped since then.

DVF: Really? Just last year? Wow! So much has changed I thought you probably have been at it since you got to University?

Kevwe: Lol no, I actually started in December. The thing is, it's always best to start early, because my only regret is not starting sooner.

DVF: Well I think you're doing great, your gains are impressive

 Kevwe: Thank you

DVF: So What is your body building goal though? To get really toned or like gain mass and go buff on us?

Kevwe: Lol I'll just work hard and let the gains happen, I plan to gain mass.

DVF: I'll be right here to see that lol when you started out with the gym life what were some of the difficulties you faced and had to over come to get these results we now see?

Kevwe: Yes strength was a major issue for me I just couldn't lift heavy enough or lift enough reps

 DVF: Asides your physical gains and appearance what else do you think being fit has impacted or changed in your life?

 Kevwe: It's changed my mindset a lot. I've learned that taking the first step is the most important. I look at old people in the gym struggling to lose weight, I see how the obese or skinny people look at the bigger, stronger guys at the gym and admire them. They all wish they had started sooner. 

Time is key, the difference between a fitness model and a skinny/obese guy is time and decision making. 

Do something today that you will thank yourself for in five years.

DVF: Yeah I love that, true talk even I needed to hear that but what about the ladies huh? 😜 what do they think of the new improved sexyy Kevwe? Would you say it has gotten you more attention because lets face it that is why alot of guys get into fitness

Kevwe: Lol, at first the ladies matter, at first you want to impress. But the sooner you start reaching your goals the less you care about the ladies at all. You only care about breaking this record, reaching this goal, etc. You learn to focus on what's important, and that's your goal. I've gotten more attention, but I'm not all that interested anymore lol. I'm too busy tearing serious muscle fiber so you enjoy the attention for a short while, then it's back to business.

DVF: Hahaha thanks for saying it like it is, when you do make out time for some fun what are the things you're mostly likely to be caught doing asides hitting the gym of cause lol

Kevwe: Friday nights occasionally, sometimes I go out with friends, excursion with the school mates. But I don't really enjoy it, I'd much rather be at home reading or watching tv. Lol.

DVF: Really?? Lmao! Grandpa!!

 Kevwe: Lol, that's my name.

DVF: Hahaha so they are lots of really good designers in Nigeria, do you have any particular one that speaks to your style ?

Kevwe: Uhm, I really don't follow these things, but one person that's managed to catch my attention is Denola Grey. It's not even about what he wears for me really. It's his ability to be comfortable with his own style and own it.

DVF: You definitely picked a good one, he does own his style plus he's almost like a designer anyways

Kevwe: Lol, I'm not even sure what exactly he does.

DVF: Lol he's a Tv presenter for Ebony life tv and a fashion blogger, has his own website and everything

Kevwe: Oh lol, then probably I don't know any Nigerian stylists then. I know Akin Faminu and Orange Culture but I'm not sure what they do either lol

DVF: Lol you should come back home soon, Akin Faminu which is also a good pick when it comes to fashion, is a celebrity fashion blogger down here and stylist. Orange culture is an androgynous menswear line owned by Adebayo Okelawal, amazing designer who is well recognised internationally

Kevwe: Yeah I really should I'm out of touch. Oh, well I only know those three.

DVF: Even Kanye west has been in a show room with him and Anna wintour where his designs were show cased lol do and come back to us ooh but the fact that you know their names or brand names and correctly from all the way over there means they doing something right.

Kevwe: Lol, yeah I award myself some points

DVF: Lool yeah you should, this has been an awesome time

Kevwe: Yeah it has

DVF: Thank you so much for doing this and giving me your time

Kevwe: And thank you for taking the time.

DVF: You are such a pleasure

 Kevwe: You too πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

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