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Adebayo Adebambo is a fitness trainer, music and arts enthusiast whose bulging biceps and abs of steel are a testament to his level of hardwork, commitment and dedication to fitness... I had a chat with the funny man about his life ,career and how he got to this point in his life. Have a good read guys.

DVF: Tell me about yourself and background?

Ade: I was born in lagos, Nigeria, 1990 July 7th originally from Ogun state.

I attended home science assoiciation school and st Marys private school in marina for my primary school days, I went to fggc odogbolu for secondary school, left naija at age 14 in 2005 for the UK to reside with my mum and sisters.

Did my a levels and went to Uni, I was an engineering student, I lived in Liverpool and schooled in Manchester, Manchester metropolitan university, I didn't finish though because I had a major set back and had to be out of the university.

DVF: Any particular un forgetteable childhood memories?

Ade: I loved playing football and basketball when I was young though but my mum would smack the black out of me whenever she caught me playing. ..... She was all about "reading the books "

I'd get punished a lot stood down, sit on the floor and raise your legs etc. But all these exercises where the building blocks for the foundation of my fitness journey, but at the time I didn't know even planking was also a punishment lol.

I had an 8 pack at the age of 13 but I didn't know it was a good thing, I thought I was malnourished lol ( we were brought up as Nigeria's to have a big belly as a sign of good food/ wealth)

DVF: So funny but true, alot of Nigerians think having a big belly is an immediate sign of good living lol

During my fall out of the University ( Olympus fell flat on his face ) I found my love for fitness and also art ( music fashion , poetry. )

I knew at this point in time in my life that I was not called to be an engineer I only wanted to do it as it's such a lucrative job.

I was natural with the gym I can gym at anytime of the day that's how much I fell in love with it likewise my love for art, at this time I was not even freaked about the whole gym thing.

Major reasons why I left engineering for fitness and arts are

1/ I feel much much alive in these field.

2 I use my natural talent more here.I,e being able to educate and motivate

 3/I don't want to ever work for another mans pocket to be heavy so I went to start my own life, every thing I do now is an investment for my future and not another mans company to be in billions while I get brain washed because I'm driving a nice car ( I hope you get it ) , I was a good student always been among the top 10 in every of my classes

DVF: Wow! How nice, what impact do you think leaving Nigeria so young had on you?

Ade: It opened my mind to a different culture, A different life, a different way of reasoning and a deeper understanding as to why Africa is and will  remain the way it is unless we change our orientation.

It made me realize how great my continent is only if we utilise what God blessed us with.

DVF: Yeah, I agree with that

DVF: When did you realise your love for the gym exactly and what would you say triggered that passion

Ade: My love for the gym really started when I was 23 ... Frustration carried me to gym, I used the gym as therapy to chill myself out and I just slowly fell in love with it, It made me feel powerful I set myself a target in the gym and I reach it.

 I transfered that same believe into other areas of my life therefore now I believe I can do almost anything as long as I put my mind to it.

Spritual!!! Lol

DVF: Yeah working out really is therapeautic, that's actually a really good impact it's had on you.

So you before we began the interview you mentioned how you were just done training a client, how did you get into becoming a trainer for others?

Ade: I learnt the trade basically went to educate myself in the field.

Personal training course,First aid then I had a mentor who taught me a lot about training myself and also training others but most of all I drown myself with self reasearch on health and fitness

DVF:Impressive! What kind of clients are your favourite to take on?

Ade: I prefer women

DVF: Okay.. any specific reason for that?

Ade: They have more drive to train than men.

DVF: Really?? Wow!

Ade: They listen well too

 DVF: I actually have never heard that before, thought guys were more about this life

 Ade: That's true but when you get a woman who wants to loose weight and be sexy again, you'd see passion in every work out  , 

Well from my own experience , my women clients work more than the men the man will always be a man lol but a woman will listen to everything you tell her to do just to impress her traininer , especially when the trainers body looks hot.

DVF: Lol yes! Exactly!! I was gon say that ,of cause they'd comply more when they have sexy trainer like you right in front of them, few probably have crushes on you lol

Ade: Lol I can't even lie, most females just stare but I don't blame them because I stare at them too if they are sexy 😂😂😂

 DVF: Hahaha I bet you do

Ade: I be telling them to stretch while I watch their big ass African bootys pop lol

DVF: Lmao!! You nasty, I actually just interviewed another personal trainer down here in Nigeria and he was telling me some crazy experiences he's had with women who come to him at first as clients and then insist on home calls and then when he gets there it turns into something else have you ever found yourself in similar situations before?

Ade: Nope nope, I keeps it professional so I dont give avenue for such lol I'm too scared their husband be watching them so I stay away lol but definitely from their actions and the way they stretch you can tell they trying to seduce me but I be moving like Joseph in the bible running away from potiphers wife hahaha

DVF: Lol but has it ever been hard to stay away from a particular one?

Ade: Yes it was but I had to control myself so I just flirt with them just so they carry on working out and I carry on making muller

DVF: Hahaha well it's partly your fault you went and got the hot bod so you gotta receive all that comes with it

Ade: It's God and my mummy and daddy's fault o I'll take that as a compliment lol

DVF: Lmao yeah it is a compliment so what kind of trainer are you? The tough as nails kind or the soft and easy going type?

Ade: All of the above I'm evil but i'm nice, I'm fun with hard work

 DVF: Lol that's nice the perfect combo do you put insist that your clients be on a diet plan also?

Ade: Well it depends on what they want to achieve some people want to loose or gain weight so I tell them to stick to their plans in correspondence to what they want to achieve but some people want to just be fit so they don't stick to a diet plan

DVF: I have a friend who wants to really gain body mass but doesn't really eat much and works out often so he's worried he would never be able to gain the kind of body mass he wants to build up any advice?

Ade: Eat up, eat eat eat you can't gain weight without eating. Its impossi -cant lol

DVF: That's true I'll be sure to tell him that

Ade: That's the part of training that people fail a lot ( they don't eat enough to gain weight ) or in the case of those who want to loose weight, ( they eat more than they should, so all the exercises won't really show, they'd just be cardiovascularly fit I.e I have some fat friends who are fitter than me their heart rate is on fire.

DVF: Is that even possible? Have you met you? Lol

 Ade: Yes o Rooney is not as ripped as I am. He probably got some body fat way up than me, but the guy can play 90 mins football everyday if he had to lol I can't last more than 60 mins before my energy drops I can't do a back flip but I've met fat people who can do back flips.

DVF: Yeah that is actually really true , Rooney is slighty kind of chubby

Ade: Exactly, Rooney is chubby I couldn't believe it when he took his shirt off after a game, I was like " see orobo rooney o "

DVF: Hahahaha yeah he's always been kinda chubby never had that like Ronaldo tight abs thing going for him yet he's really fit so eye opening thanks for that.

So okay let's use Rooney again lol If a guy that's as chubby as Rooney signs up under you and tells you I don't want muscles, I don't want to get shredded but I want to be lean and toned what kind of exercise routine would you put him on?

Ade: Shredded is toned just different ways of saying the same thing saying ripped or shredded is just more details on a toned up body

 DVF: Ohh! pardon me I'm not well knowledged in the world of fitness lol

Ade: No it's not your fault, It's just a lot of people out there passing wrong info that's all

DVF: Thanks for schooling me lol

Ade: Haha you are welcome

DVF: So back to the question though, let's just take the word" shredded" out

Ade: Okay yeah, we woud work on doing weight training, do calisthenics, body weight exercises. E.g press up , squat , pull ups , etc

DVF: Nice, so have you ever been faced with a client that you train and go hard with but you just didn't seem to be getting results?

Ade: Not really I see result until they mess up with their diets so they gain weight again ...that's result just a negative one lol

DVF: Hahaha yeah a real negative one

Ade: So I let my client know every time they loose weight and every time they add it back on

DVF: Lol okay... So what do you think about fitness modelling? And would you consider doing it?

Ade: I won't mind doing it, but there's time for everything but when I do implement all my ideas down, then I'd venture into the modellig aspect.

DVF: So if and when you do go into fitness modelling as you know It involves alot of skin baring and nude photography, semi nudes, full on nudes Is that something you'd be okay with doing?

 Ade: As long as I got a boxers short on I'm not scared lol

DVF: Hahaha so that's a 'No' to the full on nude part then?

 Ade: I want to do all those armani boxers shoot or their vest shoots, why would I be fully nude , is it porn ?  If it's porn with big ass bad bitches then I don't mind hahahahhaah

DVF: Hahaha oh my goodness, so funny. How about the fam though in all of this?

What do they think of this fitness career path?

Ade: They were not supportive at first but when they realized I ain't turning back, they had no choice.

DVF: Lol you definitely don't seem like the type to give up

Ade: I've been through hell and back so nothing breaks me no more what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

DVF: Yeah ,you definitely are inspiring. Thank you so much for doing this, It was amazing talking to you

Ade: it's been a pleasure I enjoyed the interview got me feeling like usian bolt in his interviews.

 DVF: Lmao! Thank you very much

 Ade: You are very much welcome


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