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I have known Junior Maduka popularly known as MJ through social media for probably almost two years now and he's really cool, I have always known him to be a model and fitness enthusiast but when I found out he was back in Nigeria and ready to start up his own Brand, I just had to have a chat with him and during the cause of this interview I got to find out wonderful facts about him, like his hard work ethics and got to know the enterpreneur and not just the model. He's so welcoming and nice, hence I had a really nice time doing this and I hope y'all enjoy it. Happy Viewing Guys.

DVF: So tell me about yourself and background?

MJ: I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I'm From the Eastern part of Nigeria. I come from a family of three and I'm the first. Left Nigeria to the UK at sixteen and stayed there for a few years, came back to Nigeria for a year and then went to Turkey for a year and now I'm back to Nigeria again.

DVF: Lol welcome back

 MJ: Lol thanks, I studied computing technology at the University of Bolton

DVF: Is the university in The Uk?

 MJ: Yes of course it's in the UK, greater Manchester :) and I'm actually currently serving Nigeria but I'm almost done though

DVF: You would soon be free lol

MJ: Yes thankfully I would be free soon i'm a model firstly but now I just do freelance work and developing my portfolio, I'm not really a big fan of the way modelling is in Nigeria, so I'm focusing on my new fashion brand right now.

It's called TLM (Tastefully Luxurious and Modern)

It's an urban digital Fashion, Art and Lifestyle brand. I'm the creative director and that's what I do full time now. 

It consists of a blog, online TV channel and an exclusive clothing line.  I also do graphic design on the side, which includes and is not limited to brand logos, flyers, complimentary cards and album arts.

DVF: Wow you really do have your hands full, so much you're doing but that's awesome, so how did you get into modelling?

 DVF: How did it all start for you?

MJ: Yes I do have my hands full.. Thanks!!! Well I have always loved fashion and looking good and when I just got to the UK I realised. I loved taking pictures and being in front of the camera and I decided you know what I think I can be a model and then just went to a studio one day and took some shots to see what I can do and the rest as they say is history.

I have worked with a few renowned photographers and brands and also participated in a few pageants, I have also never been signed to any agency always been freelance

DVF: Cool has beeing a freelance model been a choice of yours?

 MJ: Yep yep

DVF: Cool, tell me about the pageants you have been in?

 MJ: I have just done only two pageants in my life the first was Mr Africa International held in the Uk. I represented Northern Ireland and I came out 6th that was in 2013 ,the next one was when I just got back to Nigeria, Mr Ideal Nigeria.

I came out of that with a title "Mr Culture Nigeria " and that was in early 2014

DVF: Yeah.. How was that whole experience for you?

MJ: It wasn't bad TBH, It was something new. I like to try new things and now that I have tried it I don't think it's my thing. I'm more of an entrepreneur, I have realised.

DVF: Did you make friends from it though?

 MJ: Yes I did, I met a few people that I still keep in contact with.



DVF: That's nice okay let's talk fitness, you are good looking obviously and fit. How do you keep in shape? Especially going for something like Mr Ideal, It must have been something that put pressure on you to really work on your body


MJ: Lol well thanks! at the moment if i'm being honest I don't take fitness too seriously. I work out at home like twice a week and sometimes I don't at all and for Mr ideal I was really in shape for the camp. It did put pressure especially cause I ventured into fitness modelling and personal training in the uk

DVF: The most important thing is you still make time to work out often even if its not every day of the week or something like that lol how did you get into fitness modelling back then?

 MJ: Lol yes I guess so but planning to take it more seriously again soon, I got addicted to the gym and became very interested in fitness and discovered that there was a modelling aspect of it and pursued it that was just before I came back to Nigeria I competed in my first and only fitness competition. I didn't even get to the top 20 but it was an amazing milestone for me ,I got to meet lots of people and my fitness idols and learnt a whole other aspect of fitness and training in general


DVF: Wow In the Uk yeah?

 MJ: Yes in birmingham. It was a big fitness event and expo called bodypower

DVF: Sounds amazing, now you're back to us and I see you are already on red carpets and runways? What is happening??.. lol

 MJ: Lol yeah I'm pursuing my dreams and it seems its taking me to red carpets and runways.

DVF: Haha yes it is

 MJ: I actually walked the runway at the last Africa fashion week Nigeria (AFWN) for celebrity fashion designer Tiannah styling, It was awesome! I also launched my brands' online TV channel there, covered the carpet with pictures for the blog and video highlights from the red carpet. All of it will be found on my brands website once it's launched

  DVF: Tiannah stylings, that's huge! How did you get the job though? Especially being a free lance model?

 MJ: Well with getting the job, lets just say it was meant to happen. God did it!

 DVF: All of this is really great stuff

MJ: How nice of you. Appreciate that

DVF: Can't wait for the launch though

 MJ: Yeah thanks, It will be soon, a lot of workload on my end thats why there's delay and I'm a perfectionist you see

 DVF: I definitely get it, Is there going to be a launch party?

 MJ: No there won't. There's no need for that, I'll rather celebrate when the brand wins awards

DVF: Hahaha... True, Smart!!

 DVF: So when you finally get back into fitness full time will you also go back into fitness modelling?

 MJ: Not specifically, I'm an all round model so I will continue being that

DVF: Okay cool, what do you think about nude photography?

MJ: Well it is somewhat a limit for me as a model. I will tread carefully when it comes to nude. People use nude modelling as an excuse to do nasty things, I will only do nude if it represents art in its purest form but I can't bare it all

 DVF: Yeah, I totally agree with you

MJ: So semi nude of course. As a fitness model you're always semi nude anyway lol

DVF: I love nude photography alot, I would do it but not the nasty type lol I saw some beautiful nude photos you took but like you said they were artsy, non offensive and so beautiful. You literally looked like a statue

MJ: Thanks, yes the point was to project art.

 A photographer friend suggested it that was the first time for me

DVF: Was it difficult for you to get into the vibe of okay, i'm going to be naked but let's try not to freak out and keep it together and just do this?

MJ: Nope, I'm really comfortable in my body and especially in front of the camera It's where I'm the most comfy, I can change anywhere outside in the middle of a shoot, I'm used to it, i'm a huge Arts lover and I can do anything for it, I can die for ART

DVF: Well with a body like yours, who wouldn't be comfortable? Hahaha please stay alive for it lol

MJ: Lool Lmao nice one

DVF: Thank you so much Mj for your time, this has been wonderful and I appreciate it

MJ: A pleasure bro!!! Thanks too

 During the time of this interview the TLM Urban website wasn't launched which was about a month ago but currently it is up and running and you guys can check it all out for yourselves....





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