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Tochukwu Okafor is an amazing Model that has stood out for his unique features like his stare, cheek bones and his naturally retro look, he has a subtle yet very manly presence he brings to his photos, it's almost impossible not to give him a second glance.

He definitely knows how to werk the camera and get our attention, the soon to become Lawyer made out a little time to have a quick chat with me even with his busy schedule and I discovered that there's more to him than just being picture perfect, it's a good one and I hope y'all have a good read. Happy a lovely read guys.

 DVF: Tell me about yourself and background

TC: Well... My name is Tochukwu Okafor, most friends call me Tc, I'm from Imo state, Nigeria and based in Abuja. I'm studying law at Afebabalola university and I'm in my final year.

DVF: Final year.... how nice, congrats. 

How and when did you discover your love for modelling

TC: Thanks, I discovered I could model around April 2015, actually it was a friend of mine that saw something in me and encouraged me to compete as a model during the ABUAD top model competition which occurs in my school yearly so after much deliberation, I took his advice and that's how my journey began 

DVF: How did you get signed to your agency

TC: It was as a result of the outcome of the competition that I started receiving offers and eventually got signed to G.I models agency In Abuja

DVF: How does your family feel about you modelling

TC: My family supports me and my parents have played a major role in showing me such support. And I'm really glad about that.

DVF: That's so nice, what challenges did you face when you started modelling

TC: I faced a lot of challenges when I first started modelling. I used to be very shy and modelling requires a lot of confidence and so my shyness was sort of a challenge to me and also combining modelling with school was a challenge for me but with the help and support I got from friends and family I have been able to cope.

DVF: What has been a real high point for you and a real low point in your career

TC: A real high point was when I won the top model competition in my school and got signed to an agency and for my low point well being a model is difficult and requires a lot of commitment I've had to turn down several offers because I'm still in school and for now my studies comes first.

DVF: Yeah must be real tough to turn down good offers, What does fashion mean to you?

TC: Basically being comfortable with what I wear and knowing that I look good in it, is fashion.

DVF: Okay nice, asides modelling what else would you like to get involved in the entertainment industry

TC: Asides modelling I'd like to play professional football... but I don't think that's in the entertainment industry (smiles)

DVF: Well depends on how you see it, football still majorly entertains. You have an amazing physique, how do you maintain it?

TC: Thanks. Well I eat healthy and exercise regularly. God handles the rest.

DVF: In the industry who would you say has been an inspiration and a mentor to you

TC: My manager has been my mentor. He taught me alot of things I needed to know about modelling and he always keeps on motivating me to put in my best.

DVF: That's so nice to have someone believe in you like that but who can blame him, just from your photos alone though, it's from one amazing photo, anyone would be impressed. Your friend who pushed you into modelling is a blessing

TC: Haha... Thanks a lot. I'm flattered, I know! he is really a blessing and a close friend too

DVF: What aspect of modelling is your favorite?... Editorials , runway or commercial modelling

 TC: I enjoy walking on the runway, that's my favourite aspect of modelling

DVF: Do you have limitations in modelling? Would you be willing to do nude photography?

TC: Yeah I do have limitations like No.. I would not model nude

DVF: Which designer would you love to work with both internationally and nationally?

TC: Internationally i'd like to work with Marc Jacob and Tom Ford while nationally i'd like to work with orange culture

 DVF: Those are really good picks and yeah you would be a good fit for Orange Culture, what has changed the most about your life since you started modelling as opposed to Tc the guy next door?

TC: A lot has changed since I started modeling. I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, and I've been more exposed than I used to be and I've gained more confidence in myself.

DVF: How cool, do you get nervous or scared of the audience when you're on the runway?

TC: I do get nervous sometimes but not scared but above all I just try to enjoy myself.


DVF: Okay that's nice, so finally as a model , how do you see yourself progress in this field?

TC: I am actually just going with the flow and being humble all the way through. I believe with having a good character and remaining focused I will be a success.

DVF: Yes that's very true, you're such a pleasure thanks for taking the time out to do this

TC: Your welcome and thank you for having me on your blog, It's a pleasure.


AND FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT  GI  Model management +2347017111112

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