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n Hey Beautiful people... How are you guys doing??... Hope your day has been bomb so far, I first got to know Jason James about three years ago on Instagram, I remember he'd post videos of himself singing and cut his face out and make it in black and white lol and I would always watch his videos because he can really sing.

Fast forward to now 2016, he has grown immensely and has become a voice to reckon with in the gospel music ministry, he's become a much more confident and established singer. I had such an awesome time interviewing him about his calling to sing for christ, got to know a funnier and goofy side to him, and of cause how much he has evolved, I hope you all have a lovely read.

DVF: Okay So tell me about yourself and background

Jason: I'm Jason James Dugo, better known as Jason James. I became twenty-two years old ( 22) this month. I'm from Bayelsa state, currently, in Port-Harcourt, music is my hobby, I love playing my guitar also, writing music. Well, everything revolves around music, listening to music as well as creating it.

DVF: So how did your love for music start?

Jason: Well I started singing in primary school, I was in a school band where we recorded our school album( I was the only boy on that band)  

 DVF: Hahaha, typical of Nigerian boys to shy away from such

Jason: Then I left the whole singing thing and I wanted to be a dancer as a teenager, that dream died an early death

DVF: (Laughs) didn't we all want to be dancers

Jason: I don't know what happened but God drew me back to the music and this time I wanted to do it for him, I wasn't sure how then, but I just knew I was to do it.

DVF: Wow that's so nice, so how did the guitar playing start?
Jason: Well I heard Jessie J's 'Who you are' from the step-up movie. I fell in love with the instrumentals of the song which majorly included a guitar and I just loved it and I went and got a little blue guitar

DVF: Awww, did someone teach you or did you learn it yourself?

Jason: I taught myself

DVF: Impressive 

Jason: I'm just an average player (laughs)

DVF: When and how did you officially follow your calling to sing for christ and how was it for you at the beginning?

Jason: Well I joined a choir for starters, I didn't have plans to record soon I was between seventeen or eighteen (17-18) and during that time I wrote a song called 'I believe' and someone persuaded me to go to the studio to record it so I did it and It was wonderful

DVF: How lovely, so what happened next after you recorded it?

Jason: I wasn't even still sure of the path I was taking. There were times I wanted to quit but then I thought to myself 'why did you start this in the first place', I then began to record other songs, I just kept putting stuff out there till I got signed last year to Branded Starz Entertainment. The whole thing changed, it became serious business and it's even getting better.

DVF: Really? wow cool. How was the signing process like did you audition or what, I usually wonder how this whole process of getting signed works?

Jason: (Laughs) I didn't audition or anything like that, I basically got referred to certain people and I was blessed to have them be people who believed in me

DVF: That's what we all we pray and hope for, It's super important in whatever we do

Jason: Yeah

DVF: So how do you write songs, where or how does your inspiration mostly come?

Jason: Well I get the rhythm first then I create beats on my garage band app or play my guitar then the words come in, situations and the word of God does the rest

 DVF: I see nice, okay so let's talk about your lifestyle for a little how did getting into gospel music change your social life?

 Jason: Well I sure know I outgrew some of my friends. Normally I'm an introvert so it didn't really affect me.

DVF: Ohh well that does help, In the gospel music industry who would you say are your mentors or music inspirations?

DVF: Jason: Yes well In Nigeria I respect Frank Edwards, Nathaniel Bassey, Nosa, Pita and apart from the Gospel ministry artistes like Adekunle Gold inspires me big time 🙆🏽

DVF: Wow I wasn't expecting that, that's cool

Jason: Yeah

DVF: What of internationally?

Jason: Travis Greene, Jonathan McReynolds, Mali Music, Colton Dixon, and Jah Cure

 DVF: I love Travis and Jonathan, they are too awesome for words

Jason: Yes they are

DVF: So as far as collaborations... If you could do a collaboration with one of the artistes you mentioned earlier in Nigeria, who would it be and why?

Jason: Adekunle Gold because he just has to be on the Gospel Truth remix, it is so his thing.

DVF: That'll really be awesome, so does that mean that you could do secular songs? Even if it's not too secular cause I believe the balance can be kept

Jason: I don't really believe in categorizing music like that, as far as the message is true, noble, and of good report. I'll sing it I think someone like Adekunle makes that kind of music and that's why I respect him. He's real

DVF: Yes, exactly I agree with that mentality too, thank you for that. So tell me about your family, what are their feelings about you taking up singing and especially gospel music for the most

Jason: Well my family supports me one hundred percent (100%) and I'm so thankful for that

DVF: So far what has been a real high point for you as an artist and what would you say has been a not so great time?

Jason: Well we just made a video and it's dropping soon and also when I got signed

DVF: Definitely high points

 Jason: A not so great time would be...(laughs) I can't really find one, I'm incredibly optimistic 

DVF: Well that's awesome then, thank God for that

Jason: Even if things don't go according to my plan I somehow manage to stay grateful

DVF: That's a good spirit. Tell me about your latest song and what the message behind the song is?

Jason: Well my Latest song is called 'Jesus', the message behind it is that no matter how far I might go in life, Jesus still takes first place. It's all about Him. He's why I do this.

DVF: That's lovely, It's really nice to see young people with a passion for Christ. I saw a post of a song that you featured four other guys, tell me about the song and how you got to make it with the four other guys

Jason: (Smiles) that's not my latest song, It was only part of a throwback post, I did 'Little drummer boy' some years back It was inspired by The Pentatonix version

DVF: So how was it like working with four other people how do you make everyone's ideas work and merge into one sound?

 Jason: Well we all have our different styles. I brought the rocky feel with my part, Melvin did the whole jazz/soul thing on the song, Kelvin did his thing, James is the pitchy guy (smiles) and Paul brought his energy to the song. Everything just worked out, we just decided to be ourselves on the song, at that time I was still a baby boy though

DVF: Hahaha... how long ago was this song made?

Jason: two to three years ago I think

DVF: Yeah a lot can change within three years so what would you say is really different about you and your music now compared to back then?

Jason: Well my voice has improved, I've found my style and the message. I believe I was called to prepare the hearts of men to really worship God. I'm not a worship artiste though. Someone has to let people know God loves them, someone needs to tell them what He did for them and if they know and believe this their lives wouldn't be the same.

DVF: Yeah true, I love that I was recently having this conversation with my cousin that all gospel singers are not "worship artistes or ministers", most people just feel like when they get on stage, they have to try and get people into the mood or atmosphere of worship, whereby that is a special kind of ministry on its own and you literally have to be gifted with the spirit of worship before you can do that naturally without faking or forcing it

Jason: Yeah, that's very true

DVF: I noticed you have lots of collaborations, you seem to really enjoy working with others on songs?

 Jason: I love to collaborate with others, I won't say I prefer it the most because sometimes I'm the only one that can understand what a song means to me.

DVF: Yeah, that's true. So far how many collaborations have you done?

Jason: Four 

DVF: So if you were to pick six of your songs that you feel are your best work which songs will they be?

Jason: What can I give, I believe, Gospel Truth, Jesus, Little Drummer boy, we don't stop

DVF: Okay tell me about the video

 Jason: Well it was shot in Asaba by Harry Aduaka and we shot it all in a day. It's pretty colorful and lively

DF: What's the concept of the video like, did you get to do any acting?

Jason: Not really, (laughs) let's just say I farmed and it was funny

DVF: Hahaha I can't wait to see that, this being your first time making a video how was it for you being in front of cameras and taking directions on what to do, which angle to look and all that?

Jason: Well, I just had to free myself, we had a lot of takes, most of them we didn't even use finally.. were you part of the editing process? Picking scenes and all that?

Jason: No I wasn't. I was in Port-Harcourt. The editing was at Lagos.

DVF: Oh!! Okay and is the video going to be released soon?

Jason: Yeah, soon hopefully

DVF: Okay, I'll be waiting for that but for now though can we discuss your dating life?

 Jason: (Laughs) no please, there is no dating life to be discussed I'm single and satisfied

 DVF: You sure? (laughs)

 Jason: Yes... hahaha

DVF: Alright Jase thank you so much and I really enjoyed doing this

Jason: (Laughs) thanks and thank you too

To Download any of Jason's six favorite songs, click on the SONG NAME TAGS BELOW AND WATCH HIS MUSIC VIDEO FOR "WHAT CAN I GIVE BELOW"








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