Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hey Beautiful People, how are y'all doing today? I hope awesome. 

I have a brand new interview that I'm currently overjoyed about and I just can't wait for you guys to read all about it. Leo Babarinde Dasilva is an entrepreneur who aims at always being an overachiever. He has a knack for education, entrepreneurship, he is sapiosexual and equally intelligent himself, his love for fashion, style, fitness, and a fun, spontaneous and balanced healthy lifestyle is quite applaudable. 

I had my longest and most in-depth interview yet with him, we discussed his life, career and I got to find out some amazing facts that gave me insights into his personality and also some surprising revelations. It is a really good one guys, have a lovely read every one.

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective Leo, firstly I have always wondered what the name "Dasilva" means?

LEO: It's just a title, anyways it's actually a Portuguese originated name, my forefathers were the first to settle in Lagos, all of the Dasilva's, Darochas, Dacosta's, Cardozo names and so on (laughs) we all have weird names, most true and original Lagosians 

DVF: What? I think these are all such elegant names, they aren't weird at all

LEO: Well to you they are elegant, but generally they are perceived as weird, to most Nigerians that is (laughs)

DVF: Surely not to me cause I am picturing you in a tux in a black and white 70's movie and you walk into a scene and say 'Hi, I'm Leo Dasilva' (hahaha) It's very classy 

LEO: (Laughs) that's what I usually do actually but I don't mention my last name most times

DVF: Why not though?

LEO: It draws questions most times

DVF: (Laughs) just like I had questions, I get it.  Okay so now tell me about yourself and background?

LEO: I was born on the tenth (10) of July 1992, born in Ishaga Surulere to Sir Leo Babarinde Dasilva and Alhaja RMO Sanni-Dasilva

   I'm from Lagos Island, likewise my whole family obviously, my mum is from Obalende and my dad is from Lagos Island, I attended Pampers Private School Surulere for my nursery and primary education then moved on to Christ the King International School and Rainbow College for my secondary education.  I'm from Lagos Island, likewise my whole family obviously, my mum is from Obalende and my dad is from Lagos Island, I attended Pampers Private School Surulere for my nursery and primary education then moved on to Christ the King International School and Rainbow College for my secondary education.  

After that I left to do my College in Hertfordshire International School of Business and Technology before subsequently, going to bag a double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Hertfordshire, I was pursuing a Ph.D. in Optical Networks from the same university but I decided to transfer to America next year to complete my research program

DVF: That's almost insane, how do you keep up with all of this and manage to have a social life? 


LEO: Well It's simple really when there's an end, you need to create a means.

I started my first company called 'SODZ' in England on May 28th, 2010, I needed funds at the time and I went creative and invested my last funds and it paid off, I started organizing parties (laughs) that's how it all started, I lost my way initially with regards to my education but I learned to balance the two on the long run 


DVF: Your own company? That's really cool

LEO: Yes, with the help of God, I expanded it to America, it's called SODZ Entertainment USA 

DVF: This is amazing, at what age? Wow! What exactly is the company about and what does "SODZ" stand for?

LEO: Actually at 18, Wait! Nah actually at 17, I turned 18 in July of 2010. It was an event company and I organized club parties 

In London, Hertfordshire, Nottingham, and Colchester. SODZ stands for Stanley Odeon Dasilva'z, Stanley was my event manager and Odeon was my financial manager, I obviously couldn't do it all alone, we were good partners. 

DVF: A cool way to use everyone's name and of course, you couldn't do it all on your own, no one can. 

All this at seventeen 17! (smiles) you are goals right now

LEO: Yeah (smiles), what a wonderful thing to say, I was able to realize things quick and I even moved it to the USA.


 It's one thing to be able to do a good event in your town but another to be able to move towns and then also to move countries

DVF: So true, I have always wanted to meet someone who organizes events and parties to get inside their head and just understand how it works and how they get to bring all those amazing event ideas alive 

LEO: Well it's really hard, to be honest, but I stopped doing that in 2012 though. I had an epiphany, one time an older man that does the same thing as I did came to meet me and wanted us to do a collaboration event and I said to myself "this is not what I want to do when I'm his age" but my SODZ USA continued till the guys created their own greatness now they do concerts in America which I'm very proud of.

I started another company called Big Figure Small World in 2012

DVF: Wow... The man was brought to serve a greater purpose than even he would ever know. That's so nice, at least that vision that you gave so much to chase didn't die, the legacy still lives that's what's most important

LEO: Yes it still lives, I have not totally abandoned it, I have just abandoned handling the club events and small stuff

In 2012, big figure small world wanted to bring in Rapper J.Cole and last year I wanted to organize an even bigger concert but with the way the economy was shaping up, a lot of sponsors were not forthcoming

DVF: Wow! J.Cole!! Yeah the economy really turned a new leaf

LEO: Right now my company is focusing on real estate construction and we are about to go into Agriculture, I have three directors at Big Figure small world

DVF: I just keep hearing one huge stuff or the other from you, I just can't deal, it's a lot to take in all at once (laughs)

LEO: It's real-life (laughs) I can't help but mention the Co-Founder of Big Figure small world Peter Aisagbonhi, we have been friends since Junior secondary school and he has always trusted in my decision making but my Director Mr. Gbenga Olaniyan who is the Managing Director of Mawe services has used his experience to bring a lot of initially unforeseen success. He is also a very good friend  of mine even if our age difference is much

DVF: That's so nice to have someone believe in you that much and for this long too

LEO: Well some friendships are meant to be that's what I believe. I only met Mr. Gbenga in 2012 and he probably knows me more than a lot of my family members.

I really will do greater things next year and even more amazing things after I'm done with my PhD

DVF: To find people who believe in your visionary, intellect, ideas and trust your judgment this much is all anyone hopes for in life


LEO: He organized the charity event that was done in Ife to fund jamb forms for the less privileged, Peter Aisagbonhi helped in developing most of my philanthropic ideas with Big Figure small world and I have always wanted to do more in that aspect and soon I will be able to

DVF: This is all very impressive, charity is such an amazing field, I am so happy and proud that someone my age is even thinking about that. You are so ahead of your time though

LEO: Thank God for it

DVF: So let's talk fashion for a bit, I have been following you on Instagram for almost two years now I think, and I recall I followed you because I saw a photo of you dressed up really good so I know you are obviously stylish, tell me what fashion means to you and how you would describe your style?

LEO: I am quite flexible, to be honest, I just wear anything I feel comfortable in, I like shirts a lot, most times fashion to me depends mostly on the occasion, I can't wear suits to the beach and I can't go shirtless to a business meeting so comfortability and the occasion are the two major things I consider when it comes to my style

DVF: Yeah, very true and speaking of shirtless, you are into fitness, when and how did you begin your fitness journey, was it always a lifestyle for you?

LEO: No! It wasn't always a lifestyle for me, I joined the basketball team in my college in England and with all my skills I was very skinny and I wanted to change that so I got into fitness and I started working out to become a better athlete  


DVF: That's nice, did you find it difficult to adjust to the whole fitness lifestyle when you began?

LEO: It was really difficult going to the gym and seeing way bigger people oppressing me 😂 (hahaha), but I had my goal set and I focused on it

DVF: Yeah I can imagine how that must have been like. 

So tell me, with all of this going on for you, all the busy schedules do you find time to date?

LEO: I have not dated since 2010 but I hope to soon, I spent a lot of my attention chasing my dreams, I still am but amidst that when the right person comes along, I will go after her accordingly

DVF: Six years is a long time  

LEO: (Laughs) Yes, it certainly is

DVF: How is that even possible. A good looking, intelligent, well educated, well-traveled and a prosperous young guy like you are single? I have a feeling that the ladies come knocking but you just ain't been answering

LEO: I have not been stable and developing a relationship is quite hard, I don't want a long-distance thing and I don't date for the sake of having or being in a relationship, I want to date someone that I actually see a future with obviously

DVF: Yeah, you're actually making a lot of sense, but I'm sure you've had some fun along the way. (winks)    

LEO: Travelling is fun sex is not fun, sex is a short-lived excitement

DVF: (Laughs) oh well it can be put that way too, so have you had some short-lived excitement along the way? (laughs)

LEO: Not as much as I should have because of the busy lifestyle

DVF: Yeah, I get it, okay so moving on from that .... what does your family think of all this, how have they taken to their son and brother being so awesome basically (laughs)

LEO: They should be proud hopefully but if they aren't it doesn't matter, I don't live my life for anyone but God, I know it sounds deep but that's how it really is

DVF: Yeah, It does but you are also right. So you just mentioned traveling not too long ago, let's talk about your travel life because you seem to travel a lot

DVF: Tell me where and where you have traveled to?

LEO: Morroco, Ethiopia. Spain, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, England, Scotland, and Wales. I will travel more when I have a little more time oh and Italy too (laughs) I almost forgot about Italy 

DVF: That is way more than I was expecting to hear, do you just travel alone to these places or you go with friends?

LEO: I go to meet friends at times like I have plans of going to china next year to see a friend or friends rather

DVF: You are living the travel dream (laughs), so do you mostly go for vacations only or are the trips also business inclusive?

LEO: Some for work but mostly just vacations to be honest

DVF: In all the places you have been, which is your favorite, the one place you just can't forget and often wish to go back to?

LEO: It will be Spain, Spain felt like home, I was on the coast and everything was so beautiful, also they make the best jollof rice in the world, it's called Paella

DVF: That's so cool, I actually have heard about the Paella through movies (laughs) do you speak any of the languages from places you have visited?

LEO: (Laughs), not at all

DVF: (Laughs) Okay, so I saw a pay porte advert with you in it, tell me how that came about?

LEO: Yeah I did some for them, I had a pretty decent deal with them and I was less busy at the time. I have actually modeled a lot, even when I was in England

DVF: Really? How did you get into modeling?

LEO: I think it was back in 2009 when I started playing basketball for my school, I modeled my University's new jerseys and from there I had a few jobs but by the time I was eighteen to nineteen there about I had stopped

DVF: Did you get serious with it and get into an agency and all that?

LEO: I mostly did things myself, casting calls and all that

DVF: Why did you stop? 

LEO: I was doing so many things when you're young and you have opportunities like me,  I tried to take them all but I am one person, also It was around the same time I started my business, there was no time and my business was way more profitable

DVF: Yeah and modeling demands commitment, I will say though that you definitely did a good job of involving yourself with a lot of things and doing them all to a really good extent

LEO: I did, I did

DVF: Did you ever make it to the runway?

LEO: I always declined runway I knew if I took it, it meant I was going to be fulltime so I always did commercial work

DVF: Yeah, that's true and which designer would get a physique and height like yours and not call you back again for another show

LEO: (Laughs) I had more of the model look back then, I was way skinnier but I'm a big man now and I have more of an athletic body build more than the 'modelly' look if that's even a word

DVF: (Laughs) , I doubt it is an actual word but yeah, you're definitely a lot more athletic built now,

earlier when we were discussing your fitness journey I was going to mention how cool it is seeing your transformation from being really skinny to now having this build-up.

 You're obviously good at commercial modeling, why don't you try getting into one of these top agencies as a commercial model so you can use your talent more often and make the modeling thing official (laughs)


LEO: I guess so, people buy things they see me wear and it's really cool, I have so many things I'm doing. I have gotten offers but I just don't have the time and the entertainment industry in Nigeria is mostly fake

DVF: Well I understand the part about the time factor

Leo: To be honest It's mostly a not worth it journey unless it's your dream hence I will get tired easily because it's really not my dream

DVF: Well saying it from that point of view and in that light, it totally makes sense, if it ain't your passion you just wouldn't last

Speaking about how people see you and like stuff that you wear (me inclusive) (laughs) has fashion designing ever crossed your mind?

 LEO: I have thought about it, I sold out all the t-shirts I made for Big figure, small world, they were awesome shirts.
I don't know much about designing but I can sell anything to people, I'm a good businessman (laughs) I will need someone to design what I have in mind if I ever go into it

DVF: Really? That's nice, well, of course, that's mostly what creative directing is about, some creative directors also have the tailoring and actual designing skills too but not all of them

LEO: Well exactly. So how do you see yourself progressing in the future and what should we be expecting from you personally and your brand in the coming years?

LEO: I have a lot of big things I'm presently working on In the coming years, I'll soon be done with my Ph.D. and then I can fully pursue a political career. In the future, I know people will look at this interview and probably pick out some things they don't understand and exaggerate it

DVF: Wait!.. political career?

LEO: Yes I want to go as far as God wants

DVF: Wow! Politics too?

LEO: You have known me on social media, my love for politics is evident, I will eventually go into it

DVF: Well yeah it is but I just thought it is just an interest of yours as a good citizen of the country (laughs), what aspect of politics and what do you hope you achieve through it? 

LEO: I would like to govern my state Lagos and also go as far as the federal level. The presidential seat is not far or too ambiguous to want.

DVF: This is so intriguing and I say a huge Amen to that, a mind like yours is exactly what Nigeria needs and I pray to God things all work out because it would be a dream come true in terms of the evolution Nigeria deserves and needs

LEO: Thank you

DVF: I am so glad to be the first to interview you, I'm honored, thanks for taking out your time to do this.

LEO: (Smiles) it's all good bro, It's not a problem, thank you as well. I really enjoyed doing the interview.



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  4. Fantastic interview, I felt like I was in the same room while you were doing the interview! The best sentence was when he said I'll go after her accordingly; give me hope that the younger generation hasn't forgotten how to pursue a woman.


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