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Yerins Abraham is a rap/hip hop artiste who first caught my attention about a year ago through his unique style of photography only to find out that he is a doctor in the making as well as a Rap artiste, I had an amazing time interviewing him about his music and got to find out the many layers and talented sides to him.

This is a really good read and I hope you guys enjoy it. Happy Viewing.

DVF: So tell me about yourself and background?

Yerins: Well, I'm from Nigeria, Both bayelsa and delta state. Full name is Yerinmene Abraham, I'm the first born, with four siblings, I grew up in bayelsa state... I love sketching, fashion and learning new stuffs.   I have a passion for music, art and medicine, I'm currently a medical student in Ukraine.. My fourth year

 DVF: When did you realise your love for music and how did you get into it?

Yerins: Music is my everything.. I love rap music so much.. and I always try to inspire as much people i can with my music... I don't just sing or rap anyhow.. I try to make sure behind every melody, there is a message.. Music is life.. It gives joy to people and it feels great doing that

DVF: Wow nice, what kind of music do you do?

Yerins: Rap/Hip Hop

DVF: What is music to you?.. how would you describe it?

Yerins: Music is my everything.. I love rap music so much.. And I always try to inspire as much people I can with my music... I don't just sing or rap anyhow.. I try to make sure behind every melody, there is a message.. music is life.. It gives joy to people and it feels great doing that

DVF: Yes I love that, that's one major thing the Nigerian music industry lacks in

 DVF: Do you sing at all or just rap basically?

Yerins: Yes I sing too, music that actually has a meaningful message

DVF: So when you started back at just sixteen ,who were your musical mentors ,those that inspired you?

Yerins: J. Cole, Nas, Andre 3000..

DVF: That's a nice group of talented guys, how do you joggle music and medicine though?

Yerins: Its all going well, there is time for everything... I make sure I don't let one interfer with the other and I make sure I give my 100% in both

DVF: That right there is determination, so let's talk about your sketching how did it all begin for you and how far into it are you? Because I saw a snapchat video where you sketched a photo of yourself on a computer and it went from just a sketch to an amazing art piece

 Yerins: Lol, yeah.. I have been sketching with pencil right from nursery school.. I get better and better as i grow... As for computer illustrations.. I started that five years ago.. I just love art and I try to make it any way i can

DVF: Did you train yourself in it? I mean the computer illustrations?

Yerins: Yeah I taught myself

 DVF: You have a beautiful sense of photography too though is it because of your artsy side?

Yerins: Yeah.. Plus I'm a perfectionist.. In what ever I do.. Whether art, photos, medicine, movies, sketches or fashion or any other thing.. I try to make it 100% good.. Not 99, lol

DVF: Lol It's obvious let's talk about fashion, you seem to really love fashion were you always a lover of fashion or did your love for it grow with time?

Yerins: Yeah... It kinda grew.. I don't think I cared when I was much younger.. So I think my love for it grew

DVF: How would you describe your style?

 Yerins: Well, I try to look as simple as I can and at the same time look good.. I realize most people are afraid of going into fashion cause they feel it's expensive.. so what I do is, Icombine cool hats and clothes together that doesn't require much money and make a good look. Generally, I try to be creative with clothes

 DVF: Yeah you definitely are creative with clothes, do you have any style icons?

Yerins: Not really.. I just do things my own way

DVF: Okay that's cool, let's go back to music ,you told me about your musical mentors back then but what about now? Or are is it still the same group?

 Yerins: Yeah.. Still the same

 DVF: Okay what was the most difficulty you experienced when you started rapping?

Yerins: It's just my genre... Especially in Nigeria, people don't really get my music.. they prefer the songs that are noisy and loud... But it's getting better now.. I'm getting a larger fan base and my music has inspired people

DVF: Yeah, thankfully the music industry is growing in Nigeria and Nigerians ear for good music has improved alot , so good music is vastly appreciated now too as well, how many songs have you written..??

Yerins: 11, I think!

DVF: Great, 11 songs... Not just songs but really good songs takes alot to write and people don't really know that, Which amongst them will you say is your best?

Yerins: Don't really know.. I allow people pick... It's hard for me to, lol

DVF: Lol okay, which of your songs to do you listen to the most?

Yerins: Poverty's Paradise

DVF: Why can't you stop listening to it and what is it about?

Yerins: It reminds me of my surrounding while growing up... It's about children being deprived of the simple necessities while growing up to the extent that they get used to living the way there are happily

DVF: Wow It sounds so good, now I can't wait to listen to it

Yerins: Lol okay

 DVF: I often think of it too

Yerins: Alright cool

DVF: How a certain situation that I can't even stand is someone's reality

Yerins: Yeah

DVF: Aside from music, art and medicine what other hidden talents do you have that people generally don't know about?

 Yerins: I make music beats, I play table tennis (won three gold medals in a competition held here)... I direct and edit music videos.. And some other creative little stuffs

DVF: You're kidding me! Three gold medals.. wow

 Yerins: Lol

DVF: How cool, I can't just deal with how cool you are though

Yerins: Thank you 🙏🏽

DVF: Lol You're welcome but seriously though, tell me about the video editing and how you got into it?

Yerins: I got into that here, a year ago.. taught myself.. Already good at it now

DVF: Self taught and you are already good in just a year

 *drops mic*


 I'm done!!!

Yerins: Lol

DVF: What about your family though?... are they in support of the music and everything else you doing or are they like "Boy best focused on medicine" ?? Lol

 Yerins: My family supports my music.. They know it's not affecting my studies. So they all supportive

 DVF: thats awesome, how do you write? Your words are always so heartbreakingly beautiful thats literally all I can say how do you get inspirations to write and where is your mind set at to get such lyrics?

 Yerins: It just comes naturally.. I just sit down and I write then everything comes out, I don't really think too much

 DVF: I sing too and write have not yet gone professional though like you have lol but the point is it is really hard to write a good song and for it to make meaning that's deep, It is a gift

Yerins: Yeah, thanks

 DVF: What goes into a perfomance for you.. like how do you get your self ready for one and what you most want your audience to get out of every performance you do?

Yerins:Performance is when relate with my fans and people who love good music... I always want to get inspired and not just listen to the music but get one or two lessons out of it

 DVF: That's so nice where do you see your brand and music headed and what should we be expecting next from you?

Yerins: Well, I'm working on big stuffs by God's grace... I just got signed to a record label.. Will be announcing the details next month.. I'm currently working on two music videos for my new songs yet to be released also on also a signature clothing line... Yeah

DVF: All amazing stuff, I am so happy to hear about the clothing line you can finally share your fashion with the world so I can't even get a little info on the label signing? Lol

Yerins: Lol, no

DVF: Haha I had to try so will you be bringing your talented self back to Nigeria though when you're done with school?

Yerins: Yeah.. Will be in Nigeria soon

DVF: Alright, cool. Thank you so much for your time and doing this I had the best time

Yerins: Thank you too. Its been a pleasure

Listen to Yerins Abraham's Full E.P tracklist on soundcloud on the link below



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