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Hey beautiful people... how is your weekend going so far?... hope well! So Gslim is a public figure and Nigerian artiste who I found out about through Facebook where he has thousands of followers and a lot of you guys already know his face, his wife, his success story as well as his music but behind of all that is an amazing story of what was before what is... I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his journey through life and the great heights that awaits him, it is a very inspiring story and I know that you guys would love it. Have a lovely read guys.

DVF: Okay so tell me about yourself and background?

G-slim: Real names are Chukwudi Chukwuemeka Wisdom Aka Gslim, was born and raised in Owerri Imo state In a family of five, second son and second child of my parents.

Well I attended St. Paul's nursery and primary school and secondary school was government secondary school Owerri Imo state

DVF: What was growing up like for you? Any childhood memories you are most fond of?

G-slim: Well childhood I don't really like talking about but yeah it was all nice, I had fun in every way and yes my childhood was a lot of fun

DVF: Okay that's nice so growing up when did you realize your love for entertainment?

G-slim: Well I realized my love for entertainment while I was hawking in the streets back then in the year 2001/2002 when I heard Psquare's first album and also Akon's album

DVF: Really? Wow!! You hawked?

G-slim: Yes then I knew I had so much to offer. I saw my self composing and writing stuff you know and yes man I hawked from 1997 till 2002 that was the way forward then to eat you know,

I had to do all that to support my family, I am not from a rich home like most people think

DVF: That must have been such a hard thing to go through, I can't even imagine how difficult that must have been

G-slim:  Well it was hard in people's eyes, I was insulted by most people, I was looked down on but I knew where I was going and I knew back then it was a great future which required a tough mind so I started doing it all with fun for there is no gain without pains

DVF: Wow, this is so inspiring

G-slim: But a big shout out to GOD, to my mum who has been my greatest support, my team, Osheyku, Timix, Tena and the whole MIGMIE crew, my producers Blayzebeatz and paranormalbeatz and of cause my wife Queen G, craknobeat and all my homies and fans in Owerri Imo state that never gave up in the dream, it's indeed remarkable

DVF: It is such an amazing mindset that you had despite what you were going through and yeah thank God though because you came out strong obviously and for everyone that supported you

G-slim: Yes never give up is the anthem, I also I know there is nothing one would believe in that wouldn't work out for them

DVF: Yeah especially with God by their side

G-slim: Yes of cause

DVF: Okay so back to the music, how old exactly were you when you started writing songs?

G-slim: Well I started writing at the age of thirteen

DVF:  Cool so do you recall the first song you wrote?

G-slim: (Laughs) I wouldn't wanna sing that song to anyone but yeah it was my very first expression and I wouldn't be shy either to if I had to, why not? I will

DVF: What was the song about?

G-slim: But don't expect it to be like the ones you are hearing from me now well it was about a girl who broke my heart, well not my heart though some one's heart because then I had no idea what love is, because back then we all were just singing and writing songs from what we heard or saw in a movie cause I wasn't like a broken-hearted kid at thirteen (13) (laughs) yeah so it was all a dramatic experience

DVF: Yeah definitely, who has a broken heart at thirteen (laughs)

G-slim: But now I wouldn't compose songs from daydreaming or make-believe stuff from the movies anymore I write with my brain and eyes wide open

DVF: What a difference age and maturity can make. Yeah so were you the kid who did performances as a kid? Involved in school or church performance activities?

G-slim: Yes a huge difference, yes, of course, I played a lot of drama roles back then in primary school I remember I played King Solomon in of my school drama you know, the wise king and yeah I played the role so good that every single person in school both my teachers started calling me King Solomon

DVF: Hahaha that's so nice and yeah such nicknames stick easily

G-slim: And yeah even my own mum watched me so it was a very wonderful experience being a child and also a confident one so I think I grew up with that same title cause I have always believed that I am a king 

DVF: Awww so are you still as confident as you were when you were a kid?

G-slim: Yeah, very confident

DVF: Oh yes!!... I like that because confidence is a huge necessity for entertainment

G-slim: Yes it was the only choice I had back then being confident, and believing a lot in my self because I wasn't born with a golden or silver spoon, growing up was tough packed up with so many challenges you know, people laughing at my Christmas clothes and shoes because it didn't meet their own standard, not knowing that was the only thing you could actually afford at that level

DVF: Oh wow! This is such a journey you have been through

G-slim: Yeah I wasn't moved at all or felt any sort of intimidation from anyone, I overlooked and I kept on telling my mom that all will be sweet one day, I had to be strong

DVF: But thankfully it's all lead you into becoming the man you are today obviously

G-slim: Yes and I believe it's a journey and I am not yet even in that promised land, I'm still going and with patience and believing in GOD and his words and promises because he never fails

DVF: Your mum must be so over the moon proud of you right now and yes God never fails, I am a strong believer of that as well

G-slim: Yes my mother has been proud of me even before now she always supported me in every way both with prayers and all and I never ever let her down in any way and never will she taught me to believe In GOD, to keep my head straight and my hands clean, mind my own business and not envy or be jealous of anyone, yes it wasn't really easy sometimes I would lock my self inside and cry, but it was all part of growing up and becoming something greater and not looking like what you went through is a huge sign of greatness.

Most of my friends don't even recognize me anymore, most of my relatives

DVF: It's not easy for a kid to be so accepting of a situation like that talk more of becoming a source of strength and encouragement to his family and yeah you definitely do not look like what you have been through, I can see why it would be hard for some people from your past to recognize you easily and how shocking all of this must be for them

G-slim: I do add some of them on Facebook you know, because I never forget people from my past, mostly those who have been there from day one for I believe they are my root. Every grown tree has it's own root but yeah for those that didn't recognize me I tried to reintroduce my self again and it's all love at the end of the day

DVF: That's such a nice thing God has most definitely been good to i

G-slim: Yes he is, you see most people don't believe in GOD and in his words and I believe things will never work out for people who don't believe in GOD

DVF: Yeah, true talk... So when did you officially go into music as a career?

G-slim: Well I went into music officially 2007 and since then I never stopped for once

DVF: How was it for you at the beginning?

G-slim: Well at the very beginning, it wasn't easy at all, I think it was one of the toughest decision I have ever made because you know choosing music over everything else without a sponsor and any source of income the only bullet I had was belief

DVF: Yeah, must have been really hard

G-slim: Yes really but yeah all glory to almighty GOD, he made the way an easy one so no regrets at all

DVF: So how did your family react to you choosing music over everything else and education too I guess?


G-slim: Well my mum never had problems at all with any decisions of mine but my dad wasn't cool with most of my decisions, I guess he was just being a father you know trying to make me strong to make sure I am sure with my steps but yeah when he finally understood that it was my way he gave up questioning my decisions

DVF: Yeah mum's are usually the most understanding, thank God it all worked out well so what happened next for you in your music?

G-slim: Well I'm still building the Gslim brand, I have got a couple of records I will be dropping in due time if there is any space or by any chance to do a collaboration with any artist but for now am busy working on my self, building my own recording label which is registered in Dublin Ireland and making some underground moves that I really don't wanna disclose now. So, for now, I would state that I have so much to give to the music industry and I'm coming as a full branded artiste

DVF: Okay sounds amazing, I see that you have a new video out

G-slim: Yes I have a new video that is out presently not on any blogs for now just on YouTube and yeah the song is titled "My way" and I featured Angolan rapper and producer Craknobeat and I have another video I will dropping real soon

DVF: That's so cool, what is the song about and what was the inspiration behind the song?

G-slim: Well the inspiration behind the song is love, I had never really loved before but yeah I am proud to say I have one now which is my wife, so she is the inspiration behind the song

DVF: Awww that is so sweet, speaking of your wife I actually didn't know that you guys were married because you two have done a good job of keeping that information very private so I thought y'all were still just dating but now it just became all the more beautiful in my eyes, tell me about her and how you guys came together

G-slim: Well marriage is an intimate thing and intimacy is secrecy, we are in a world where people show everything that is going on In their lives, a world which technology has taken over but I and my wife have chosen to keep most things we do on a low as we only want to show business and the fun part of our family, well.... we met two years ago in Ghana

We have never told anybody how we met because we believe that God brought us together and our meeting is sacred and is one of the things I value and still will value in life because it all happened at the right time

DVF: Yeah, very true. How nice!!

G-slim: Yeah and I thank GOD for giving us such clear sights to notice each other and love one another for who we are

DVF: That's really beautiful, was it music that took you to ghana at the time?

 G-slim: No, it was a holiday and I just went to chill

DVF: Ohh, how nice but something is missing though how did you go from a struggling artist to being able to go chill in ghana for holidays? What changed in your life that catapulted you to that level?

G-slim: Lol well GOD showed his son love, the tables turned around and I got my self a low key business that I wouldn't want to disclose what it is now until am done setting the pace, yeah so the business is the reason I travel a lot

DVF: Okay, Now it all makes sense. Okay so let's go back to your marriage asides the obvious part of writing songs based on your wife's love what influences have she had on you as a person and as an artist?

G-slim: Well she is my major support and inspiration that's the fact I can't erase, It might sound a bit awkward to most people out there but you can't sing about love if you are not Inlove so my wife and I have a strong bond and that bond is something I never had with anyone else before and that alone is my source of inspiration

DVF: That's such a beautiful thing to say, where are you and your wife based?

G-slim: Well for now, we are in South Africa but our company "Nawaa records" is registered in Dublin Ireland. Well I know you would be wondering why I said our company. Nawaa is a family business my wife is the Co-director and I am the CEO of the Label and we have been busy since January 2016 working on so many records, traveling and all just to gain experience and contacts from other parts of the world to expand our business and have our own Channel

DVF: Yeah, that is such an amazing thing to work on together makes the experience all the way better.

Is there a particular reason why the record company is registered to Dublin Ireland and not South Africa where you two are based?

G-slim: Well we have plans to leave SA soon and yeah maybe I shouldn't have said this but I will don't get me wrong I like South Africa but I don't see my self doing business here for so many reasons so for now, we decided to set a higher target than SA. Maybe to some other artistes South Africa might be their home or comfort zone. But for me and Queen G, we have bigger and greater plans, we don't see us or Nawaa operating fully here we have plans for Nigeria because that is where I am coming from and where I started also but it's always best to come from the other side first

DVF: Yeah there is nothing wrong with doing things in the way that you feel will benefit you and your brand best and yeah.. you need to come back to Nigeria too It will be the icing on the cake.

Speaking of queen G she models and has thousands of social media fans does the attention she gets from guys ever phase you?

G-slim: Well she is my wife, she respects me and I respect her too. We both have something that no one would ever intrude in. So the attention she gets from guys and fans and all that is part of the business, we have got each others back from day one and she is not an attention seeker in any way and that is not part of our dream so I am proud as a guy when other guys compliment my wife that shows that I'm doing a great job as a man you know and yeah compliments are allowed on my side and on her side as long as they don't cross the line.

We are stronger than what we show people our bond is something that's not only physical but has a lot of spiritual backups so with trust and love and we'll forever stand for each other, guys can comment and admire it's all allowed

DVF: I love that, the understanding is very very necessary. I see that you guys work out together whose idea was that and was working out always something you were into?

G-slim: Well I have been working out before I met her but yeah just as fun but Queen G is a fitness coach, she does that professionally

DVF: That's really dope, you both are such a good team

G-slim: 😊 you can say that again

DVF: So in the Nigerian music industry which artistes would you like to collaborate with?

G-slim: Well for now, I don't really know, I have no plans of doing any collaboration with any artiste in Nigeria. I think am more about international for now, If  I see any reason to they would be BANKY W, ASA, NNEKA, PRAIZE, RIC HASSANI. Yeah, these are my favorites and I would love to work with them in due time if by any chance we relate.

DVF: That's a great, really amazing set of talented artistes you mentioned so I have to ask lol

A funny but essential question, your beard! What made you decide to grow it out this much?

G-slim: Well my beard obviously wasn't always like this but, I just woke up one morning and decided not to shave anymore since GOD gave me I gotta keep it and maintain it for him😀

DVF: Hahaha, yeah It really looks good on you though and most artistes have unique features that make them stand out I think your beard and hairstyle does that for you

G-slim: Well my dreads are two years old and I don't have plans of cutting them down, I think that's my selling point and I gotta keep it intact

DVF: Yeah I do too, keep it

DVF: So finally where do you see your brand heading? What should we be expectant of from you as an artist?

G-slim: Well am setting the pace, and you should be expecting good music all the way

DVF: That is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing your story, I'm grateful.

G-slim: You're welcome my brother.



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