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Hey beautiful people, how are you all doing?? hope great! 
Ademola Toyin, is a model who I first got interested in knowing more about and potentially interviewing him when I saw some really impressive photos of him on his Instagram account, when I finally reached out to him, I was pleased that he accepted to have this interview with me.

 He is sensual, fun, thought provoking, sexy, controversial and intriguing. I am glad that he shared with me and gave me an insight into his life, passions and goals, I enjoyed every second and i'm confident that you all will too, have a lovely read guys.

DVF: Tell me about yourself and your background?

Ade: My name is Adewale Ademola Toyin, i'm in my 20's and a graduate of the National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN)

DVF: That's really nice... I am currently a student in  NOUN.... so you are a model, tell me about how you became one ?

 Ade: It all started in the year 2010 after my N C E, when I personally began to really discover myself , my visions and long term goals. That was when I realized modelling is something that I had love and passion for and it could potentially lead to the actualization of my dreams. By the year 2012 I actively started out as a model and began to pursue my modelling career, It was rough at the beginning stages but going through those fire times was just like a pleasure that I'll love to take again and again (laughs) because those moments are what shaped me into becoming the model that I am today

DVF: Was modelling always something you had passion for or did you only realize your love for it in 2010 ?

Ade: It's something that I have always had love for and I am happy that i'm currently doing it, modelling is my life

 DVF: Apart from modelling what else would you love to do ?

Ade: Acting, dancing and singing are other aspects of my talented self that I would like to hopefully explore in the nearest future

DVF: What would you say is the hardest part of being a model ?

 Ade: Because I have my passion for it, there is nothing really hard about it. I have taken every challenge that has come with it in good stride and have learnt to see it as part of my journey.... but I can say that during photo shoots, the part where you have to give off the right facial expressions , make perfect faces that photographers request and expect from you, I find those moments slightly tricky cause what you have in mind to do isn't always what the photographers are thinking but that's just by the way, it really isn't an issue (smiles)

DVF: Yeah, very true. So who inspired you and was your mentor, when you got into modelling, what were the starter steps you took towards becoming a professional in the field, what were the steps you took towards achieving your career goals and what were the challenges you faced as a newbie in the industry ?

 Ade: Firstly, I took my time well to study and understand the modelling industry.
Source of inspiration
...mhmm I got inspired alot by the likes of Celebrity model Uti Nwachukwu and Wale Bello, I love Uti's sense of style and having a mentor like him has also helped me so much in the industry. Focus, determination, prayer, belif and faith, these have all helped me to grown and learn to do things better than I did in the past.

I got alot of training in my field, I attended modelling workshops, modelling academies and so on...we all learn every day.
I attended so much casting calls, I was really open to them back then, it was all fun for me to see different models both male and female, how we were all trying to fit into roles to get the job done and all that but thankfully I eventually got signed by Beth Model management

DVF: Which designers do you crave to work with the most? locally and internationally?

Ade: Internationally, it would be Menswear Fashion labels Calvin Klein, Armani, Ralph Lauren and locally it would be Mai atafo

DVF: What can you say honestly has been your worst moment modelling and your worst?

Ade: Thankfully there hasn't been such moments, for now

DVF: How did you handle the pressure that comes with being uncertain about if you're getting  rejected or accepted at Casting calls?

Ade: For me NO PRESSURE, I understand what am in for and no hard feelings about it. Is either a YES or THANK YOU...rejection is the only thing that makes you stronger and do better next time.

DVF: You're obviously a very fit guy, did becoming a model push you into fitness or was it always a lifestyle for you ?

Thank you and nah! I don't actually have to work out much, I have been an active dancer  for most of  my life and by doing that, it helps to keep my body in shape and modelling has made it more easier for me to focus on keeping fit and eating healthy, it comes naturally to me.

DVF: So that's all natural?? Wow! ..... so but when you do work out,what exercises are you most likely to be caught doing? 

 Ade: Mostly Jogging and aerobics but mostly dancing

 DVF: What is your body statistics ?

 Ade: Height -5"11, Chest: 38 , Waist: 31 , trouser length: 40 , shoes: 44pp

DVF: In regards to your physique and with reference to value placed on it based on your career, what physical features are you most proud of?

Ade: My arms are just the best, I love my biceps, they are my favorite but as a model, in my field I feel like more value is placed on my abs, I also really like my abs too (smiles)

DVF: As a model, you obviously would be taken out of your comfort zone a lot .. that being said ,would you be willing to do nude photography if it came to that?

 Ade: No, I won't do that

 DVF : But you often do semi nude shoots, people  (me inclusive) generally feel like when a model is comfortable enough to do semi nudes , they can also do nude shoots... why is that different in your case ?

Ade: I like the fact that you stated that they're semi nudes and not "nude" shoots... every male model should be able to shoot with briefs but that doesn't necessarily means that it is compulsory that they go the extra mile to shoot completely nude.
I believe that should be a personal decision, no model should feel pressured to do nudes if they don't like nude photography, I love semi nudes and consider and utilise it as an art form that has much stories to tell


 DVF : True, I get your point. From your experience, what challenges do models generally face in their careers, that going into the modelling industry as a newbie, you never really anticipate or imagined that models have to deal with and how do you personally handle it ?

Ade: Challenges! Challenges!! Challenges!!! We all face one or two in lifetimes as we grow in general. But in regards to the modelling industry, models often tend to face financial problems, we try as much as possible to never go broke but most times fresh faced models never really envisage it, they believe modelling is a quick and easy means to wealth but it doesn't work that way, as a model you have to work really hard for your pay. As for me, I also went through that phase too but overtime I learnt to be patient and just enjoy doing the job and focus more on loving the moment than the actual pay.

DVF : How do you prepare yourself before going into a runway show, is it easy for you to handle the pressure of the show, the crowd and all of that ?

Ade: Yeah, a little preparation is done, more like a personal rehearsal after the general rehearsals done before the show kicks off. It's what I love doing and I honestly don't feel much pressure doing it

DVF: You have a portfolio that's very wide due to the large amount of shoots you have done, do you have any particular photographer and a particular shoot that's your favorite so far?

Ade: Every photographer that I have worked with are all awesome, based on their different ideas in creating beautiful photos.

But my latest shoot with AUGUST PIXELS is currently my favorite shoot , I love her photographic concepts and ideas in taking pictures, she literally made an art work out of me in these photos.

DVF: Do you prefer working aloe on shoots or with other models?

 Ade: I do both, depending on what the shoot entails but I feel like when you work with others, it's an opportunity to also learn what you can from them

DVF: That's true, so you recently also started blogging, tell me about your blog and what inspired you to start up a blog ?

Ade: It's a blogazine, permit me to use that word... I had to create the blog cause of the passion I have for writing and it is also a way to post up most of my pictures from shoots all at once, unlike on social media like Instagram and Facebook where that's kind of seen as annoying (smiles) .

I'm also excited about it because my followers who are not active on social media but love blogs and stay active on websites can still connect to me through this medium

DVF: That's lovely, I have to point out that I noticed though that in most of your articles and posts, the posts are more like news articles written about you and your experience from a third party's point of view and not yours, why is that?

Ade: (Laughs) , I write from a viewers perspective and point of view. I wanted to do something different, controversial and interactive and so far it's worked just fine for me 

DVF: So your posts are basically going to be more like news stories about your life?

Ade: Yeah

DVF: So are you're not bothered that people might criticize you for it and think it's a bit narcissistic?

Ade: People are entitled to their own opinion, it doesn't quite bother or affect me or my actions

DVF: As a model, what attributes do you have, that you believe sets you apart from other models out there?

Ade: (Smiles) I'm really not one to toot my own horn but I will say this I have a huge amount of respect for all models, so in my own little way I believe that sets me apart

DVF: What are your long term goals as a model, how do you see yourself progress in this field?

Ade: I would really like to be an international model and I would really love to be a source of inspiration and a role model to upcoming models and to other models in general

DVF: That's lovely, I wish you the best with everything, thanks a lot for your time

Ade: You're most welcome.



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