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Akin extrend as he is known on social media is a student and one of the few Nigerian male models who have been lucky enough to start out their modelling careers as teens, I had the pleasure of interviewing the budding model about his modelling career and his future plans and got to find out some pretty surprising details about this bright mind. Have a good Read guys.

DVF: Tell me about yourself and a little background

Akin: I'm Akinimieyeofori Christopher, I'm from rivers state, okrika in port Harcourt local government to be precise.. I'm from a christian home

Born into a family of five children, four girls and two guys, I happen to be the second guy and the second to the last child , i'm Eighteen years old (180) , a model and a dancer Uhm.. I sing too but that's mostly in church, I Started modelling when I was much younger, took it as a profession when I got to ss2 in high school.

DVF:  Wow seems like you knew what you wanted really early in life?

Akin: Yeah! Modelling has always been my passion, I mean I've got smooth and easy going passion for modelling, presently I'm in 300level , a student of the university of Benin Studying political science.

My hobbies; I love sports alot, I skate, football and swimming and a bit of basketball, cycling and singing to

DVF: How did your family respond to the fact that their son at ss2 in high school wanted to be a model?

Akin: My siblings.. they all like the fact I've loved to model, my mum still supports me in all.

DVF:  What's your body statistics? 

Akin: Shoulder: 18, Waist: 30, Thigh: 23, Shoe: 45, Hair colour: black, Eye colour: Black and white

DVF: Do you have any favourite models that you have been inspired by or have taken as mentors?

Akin: Uhm.. the story keeps changing

Akin: One after the other.. I see different models every time that I get inspired by

DVF: Okay what about currently?

Akin: Currently??..Non!

DVF: Name a designer that you love his/her work and would absolutely love to model for?

Akin: Tokyo James , Orangeculture and Sisiano there are alot of them but I've mostly got eyes for these ones

DVF: All really dope choices, what do you think personally distinguishes you from most models out there or something you consider your strong point?

DVF: Akin: Sticking to my style... my style differs me from the rest, inward and outward style outwardly I mean.. What I'm showing to others. What anyone will see on a normal day

You can call it my wears Inwardly i'm talking about my attitude ,remains unique

DVF: Love that, So far as a model what are the things you can say you dislike or would like them to improve in the fashion industry?

Akin: Well everything is improving everyday as well as we all know, the fashion industry is growing bigger everyday ,but I'd say models should be encouraged, up coming models like myself the modeling industry and the environs like the fashion industry should encourage models

DVF:  Yeah,true talk so how can you say modelling has changed other aspects of your life?

 Akin: Uhm..Yeah..I mean,it inspired the name Akinextrend.. which basically means #KeepTrending

DVF:  That's nice

Akin: Thanks

DVF:So you're very fit Is that as a result of you being a model or is fitness a lifestyle for you?

Akin: My life style ,complimented by modelling

DVF: So what kind of modelling would you say is your comfort zone... Editorials? ,runway or commercial modelling?

Akin: Haha.. I don't mean to sound greedy though but I know! I'm human I'll do all as long as I'm given the opportunity I was born for the runway though

 DVF: lol Impressive, what are your goals as a model,how do you see yourself progress in this field?

Akin: I see myself going higher

 I don't want to be specific on the particular height I want to attain or particular stage or runway I'd want to storm because I know bigger ones come everyday all I pray for is grace for success, God's grace.. Yeah

DVF: You mentioned earlier that you're talented in other things like music and dance.. we know modelling can get you a really good level of exposure in the entertainment industry in general, when you attain that will you branch out and go into other stuff like music?

Akin: Nahh... I'll do music in church aside modeling though I've got plans to go into agricultural sectors

DVF: Well thats a surprise ,you're definitely not the typical kind of model

Akin: Once I'm done with my first degree, live stock farming in particular but that's on a mute side for now

* Smiles...

DVF: Yeah cool but will that make you leave modelling?

Akin: No...not at all

DVF:  Okay good then lol So do you hit the gym often to keep fit or do you diet.. how do you do it?

Akin: Dieting for now

DVF: What are your personal likes and dislikes?

Akin : Sports, and I like nature, Arts, good music ,dance, Arts, good music ,dance

And I don't like pretence that's all For now

DVF: Lol very simple yet profound, Okay so are you like in the choir?

Akin: Yes

DVF:  Okay so being a model in this decade, there's alot that comes with it like taking you out of your comfort zone and as a christian thats sometimes causes a conflict... So in that context would you be okay to model nude?

DVF: Akin: Nudes.. Uhm..yeah, depends on my mood and what's in play

DVF: Okay makes sense

Akin : One last advice for models out there , "If you've got passion for modeling.. Stick to it and keep yourself trending" #Patience is the key word

DVF: I only just realised after reading through that you said you're 18!! and you have come this far that's really good stuff

Akin: It's been God all the way

DVF: So I got to ask If you wanted to eventually get into the agricultural sector.. then why are you studying Pol science and not agriculture or something related to it?

 It's a degree not a live reserver

DVF: What does that mean? "Life reserver" never heard anyone use that phrase before

Akin: All goes, Politics could be played by anyone form any field

 Not like it's the surest way to gain a good life.

DVF: Ohh!! I get you, true though. Well this has been a real awesome time chatting with you, thanks alot Akin for the pleasure.

Akin : Same here.



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