Friday, October 21, 2016

Hey guys , how are you all doing? hope all good!  .. so I haven't introduced you guys to my amazing partner in crime Ruth, we are cousins and the same age, basically the twins of the family.

We are super close and we have gone through life doing a whole lot together and if you know me on social media , you would know her indefinitely because she is an in evitable part of my life and we are going to be doing alot more together and soon to launch our very own blog together ,she is very creative ,she does make up really well and is self taught infact she is so good that she did an amazing halloween skull makeup look for me which I will post when it is actually halloween, she also makes wigs, she makes most of the hair styles she wears and then she makes her own clothes too.  

 She even made the long yellow side slit skirt as well as the green skirt she wore in this shoot as you all would see in the photos.  Well if you are at all interested in knowing more about this beauty click HERE .

So let me tell you guys how this shoot went down, by the way our photographer FAMOUS ISAACS was just the best very patient ,understanding and oh so energetic, you guys would love his spirit and working with him. 

So anyway he fixed the time for the shoot which was four (4pm) because he wanted to do this twilight/evening shoot that he felt inspired to do while we wanted like a street shoot with roads and us posing fearlesslesly lol without a care in the world of the people passing by or watching which we thankfully got, I actually was so surprised as to how Ruth handled it, she is alot more reserved than me and shy in a way well shy untill you get to know her then she gets free around you and loosens up, I was worried she would have a hard time dealing with being in the open and shooting in the streets and high way but to my surprise she came through let me tell you, mean while admist all of this I forgot to mention my aunt,her mum was with us.

She helped us tremendously, drove us to the sight for the shoot, stayed with us all through shooting and even helped us to record behind the scene footage from the shoot which you can watch on my instagram just click HERE .

So the photographer as I mentioned earlier picked 4pm but sadly didn't envisage the abuja rush hour traffic and got stuck in it for literally two hours and ended up getting to us few minutes past six, so we lost alot of time basically and started really late and to be honest at some point I really did think, the photographer wasn't going to show up because we waited in that car at the first shoot site for more than two hours because naturally as professionals we got there like an hour before the fixed time for meeting .

Well he showed up obviously and being the models that Ruth and I are ,we were on a roll we was just posing left and right and just slaying hunnay! .

We were actually shooting close to a road side which was next to a building that apparently belonged to some military officer who himself didn't have any issues with it because he came out with his car checked us out and just carried on, not a word but to our surprise barely two minutes later his iliterate gate man came for us and was speaking the local kind of funny hausa gateman english, well as funny as he sounded what he was saying wasn't funny because he was basically saying we had to leave. The photographer went and tried to have a civil conversation with him but to no avail well we the left and trust me I cursed that gateman out in my mind (laughs)

we then transferred to this location which you can see ruth and I posing in, it was just like two or three streets behind the road side which we were before and we loved it, the photographer most especially.

The people were nicer and gave us instant permission to shoot of cause this time around we had to ask before we began because ain't no body got time to driven away a second time, there were street lights which gave a beautiful ambienece and lighting as y'all can see and we couldn't just get enough of it until sadly there was power outtage (NEPA CARRY LIGHT) like sure, this was going all too perfectly of cause the devil had to try and mess it up for us a second time and sadly again we had to leave because it was getting really dark and the street light basically was our only source of major light, even the photographers lighting equipments were not enough for this one.

So this time we went really far into town headed to the jabi lake area because it was like the one place we were certain would have street lights and wasn't like an actual express or highway which of cause is a not what we had in mind.

finally we arrived in street light heaven lol and it was perfect we changed and got back on with shooting and we were so happy not only because the people who lived nearby actually came out of their houses to stand in front of their gates and watch us shoot as well as those who were chilling at the lake ,well who doesn't like an audience lol but it was a really cool evening for Ruth and I cause in that moment once again we were feeling ourselves lol

Until guess what, another power outtage (NEPAAA)  AH!!

it is a damn shame how we live in this country with complete uncertainty of light, just a mess! when will this country get better though ,it was soo frustrating.

Sadly we were not done shooting and ended up doing our last set of poses with just the photographers lighting and still as beautiful as they surprisingly turned out to be they still do not compare to the ones with the street lights on but all in all I think it was a good shoot and we really love the photos and quite frankly we do not look like what we went through that day in the photos lol, I hope you guys love the photos as well and my photoshoot story lol till next time bye guys.

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