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Hey beautiful people, how are y'all doing? Hope well! I am back with a fresh new interview, literally, everything about this guys life and personality is as fresh as Will Smith in the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (laughs)


Chennar is a socialite, entrepreneur, and CEO of Epiphany Entertainment, what caught my eyes about him is his sense of style, very simple, clean, classy and it's an unmissable staple about him. From his traditional attires to the cooperate ones and down to his simplest home wears, Chennar is always looking good, I just had to have a chat with him about his style and love for fashion and got to find out a lot more and I ended up having such a blast. Have a lovely read every one.

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective Chennarr, please tell me about yourself and background?

Chennarr: I'm Uche Topaz Olujie from Abia state, Gemini, my birthday is on the fifth of June, from a family of five, a brother, a sister, and our parents. I Finished from lead city university and I'm currently doing my masters In the University of Lagos

DVF: So you own an entertainment company?

Chennarr: Yes, Epiphany entertainment and my artist is called Aju

DVF: That's wonderful, did you always want to work in the music industry?

Chennarr: Yes I've always been drawn to music and I'm friends with a lot of artists like Dammy Krane, Wizkid, RunTown, Skales and a couple of others

DVF: Yeah, I literally feel like you are one of them now 

Chennarr: Kinda (laughs)

DVF: So if you were to describe your style what would you say?

Chennarr: I'll say what I'm comfortable in but I like a tag on my shit so it has to be a designer except for traditional wears

DVF: Really??... Your clothes must be quite an investment lol how do we apply for your used clothes lmao

Chennarr: Lmao well I don't go for more than I can afford but thank God we can afford the good stuff

DVF: Yeah I could go on and on if I was to describe your general style, how smooth, clean and classy it is and all of that but I'll never stop if I head that way so let's begin with your traditional wears

Chennarr: Thank you, I'm honored

DVF: How would you describe your style in a few words?

Chennarr: Simple statements

DVF: Yes, I think that too whenever I see pictures of you truly Simple but classy statements, so how did your love for trad wears come about? have you always been one who loved wearing traditional outfits?

Chennarr: No!! I wasn't but my mom made my first one for me and when I wore it people said it looked really nice on me and from then on I started to make mine and now I love them and I got lots now you'll think I'm Yoruba

DVF: Hahaha... Yeah, do you think they make you look older than you are cause that's a general assumption a lot of people have about traditional outfits do?

Chennarr: I think they do make you look more matured and responsible but not older

DVF: How have ladies responded to you wearing traditional? Have you met more ladies in traditional or English wear? Lol

Chennarr: Actually more when I'm on traditional attire

DVF: Wow!! Seriously? and to think that I just jokingly asked

Chennarr: Women are attracted to responsible looking bad guys lol

DVF: Lol true, it's the perfect combo thanks for the honesty so do you even have a count of how many traditional attires you have?

Chennarr: I have over fifteen

DVF: God only knows how many more are to come

Chennarr: Funny enough I'm a groomsman for three more weddings this month alone so that's three more added

DVF: Wow, you have lots of friends who are getting married, because you are always at a wedding.

Chennarr: Maybe it's a sign my turn is coming ASAP

DVF: Hahaha I know right! I was going to ask you if attending all these weddings ever make you feel like settling down soon. This year alone how many wedding occasions have you been in?

Chennarr: Yes it's always nice, It keeps you focused on settling down when you see your mates who are. Yeah so from January up until now I would say over twenty weddings, I just try not to go for all but I get a lot of invites

DVF: Wow, but you are really nice, you really do try cause you do attend a lot

Chennarr: Thank you

DVF: I bet your wedding is going to packed like full to the brim because it'll be time for everyone to honor you back

Chennarr: Yes o, funny enough it might just be on a beach, few people lol

DVF: Yeah it seems a lot like your style but it'll be hard to find a Nigerian bride who would accept that so let's pray you find a lady who would appreciate such simplicity and not a diva cause then you would have to compromise and let her do her thing lol

Chennarr: Yeah, it's all about finding that right person

DVF: Lol yeah or you can both compromise, she can have her huge wedding and the reception can just be at the beach with few people like you want so that way everyone is happy

Chennarr: Yep that's a plan

DVF: Lol, so does all this talk of a future wedding hint that you currently have a lady in your life?

Chennarr: Hmmm let's just say God is watching and he will provide a good wife

DVF: Lool yes he will, Amen. You mentioned earlier that you wear strictly designer stuff except for your native wears so how do you get your traditional attires? Do you get already made ones from tailors or prefer to be present in the designing like picking out the material, color, and telling your tailor the exact design you want?

Chennarr: Yes I prefer to be present in the designing and sometimes I give them ideas

DVF: Okay that's nice

DVF: Has the thought of creating your own trad line ever flashed your mind?

Chennarr: Yes it has but a lot of people are doing that now so I don't know if I should still jump in 

DVF: Yeah, true... but I think you should, your friends alone are enough to buy all your designs lol

Chennarr: Yeah that's what most of them are saying, but humans can switch it up you know


DVF: Lol yeah they can, and yeah you are right about everyone designing their own fashion lines now

Chennarr: Yeah, I did my homework

DVF: Okay so out of all of your traditional attires, Which is your favorite? the one you just can't get enough of?

Chennarr: Hmmm I'll say the blue agbada, I always get extra comments when I wear it mostly because I don't look anything close to an Igbo guy when I'm wearing that

DVF: Funny though how I have not seen you in like a full Igbo regalia

Chennarr: That's the funny thing, I don't have any maybe it's because my family and I live in the west but I need one or two though

DVF: You'd look superb in it, you do need one, let us see your Igbo side

Chennar: Yeah I'm really looking forward to that Igbo outfit 

DVF: I bet you'd do the Igbo look in the most bomb way ever, I can't wait to see it too but can you speak Igbo or is it Yoruba you also speak? lol

Chennarr: I speak both

DVF: Oh nice!! I wasn't expecting that, that's so cool and I hope I get to hear you in action speaking both languages someday lol maybe when I come for your wedding haha!!

Chennarr: Yeah well I'm sure it would all happen naturally

DVF: What do you do for leisure or fun?

Chennarr: Listen to good music, eat good food, drink cognac and hang out with friends

DVF: That's nice

DVF: From your Snapchat, it's evident that you enjoy traveling a lot? Where and where have you been to exactly?

Chennarr: Mali, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and finally landed in Zanzibar

DVF: Wow! That's a lot of places, you went to all these places in a space of how long?

Chennarr: Two months

DVF: Amongst all these places you visited, which is your favorite, and why?

Chennarr: Tanzania ( Zanzibar ) well it was really cool. The weather, people, beaches plus so much culture and serenity
DVF: What was your favorite thing to do there or your fondest memory of Zanzibar?

Chennarr: Hmm, that would be my first ocean experience without a life jacket, crystal clear water, you almost feel like jumping inside. It was very cool

DVF: So why didn't you jump into the water then lol

Chennarr: Ha, I ain't ready to die lol 


DVF: Hahaha so I watched a video of you with some tribesmen posing for a photo and they were wearing something over your neck, do you recall what it was called and what it signifies?

Chennarr: I can't recall the name but it signifies a ruler of sort and like an accepted Massai lol 

DVF: So you were accepted into the Massai squad (laughs), that's awesome

DVF: What was the one significant thing about their culture that you will always remember?

Chennarr: Hmmm I'll say they are genuinely peaceful people and even though a lot of white peeps live there, they still have a very strong culture and it's evident

DVF: That's lovely so is there any major thing that you always make sure you achieve every time you go on a vacation?

  Chennarr: Hmmm.. I always try to learn from my destination ... I don't use an agent I'll go through the hotels, take the buses, cabs, take walks, etc just to have that personal experience ... Sometimes it's a bit risky but life is about taking risks

DVF: Yeah, true that can be risky, so was there a particular reason why you chose these groups of destinations? Or was it a spontaneous decision?

Chennarr: It was a spontaneous decision 

DVF: So tell me a little more about Epiphany Entertainment, what were the qualities you saw in Aju that resonated with you?

Chennarr: Aju is a raw talent, humble, and ready to work. Initially, I had an artist called Drillz but we didn't sign any contracts legally and there was no proper follow up so I guess I learned from my mistakes but Aju is the first official artist 

DVF: What inspired you to name your Entertainment company ''Epiphany''? 

Chennarr: Well about the name, when I was thinking about a name and praying about it and all, I was speaking to my then-girlfriend ( Bidemi) (now my ex) and she said " Oh I had an Epiphany" can't really recall what we were talking about but that was how the name stuck 

DVF:  That's nice, so I watched Aju's new video for his song "Send down the Rain" and I saw that you were also in the video and it was the first time I really saw you laughing, you're always mean-mugging (laughs)

Chennarr: I really did not want to do it but the video's Director was like I have to be in the video but I ended up having a good time lol

DVF: Thank you so much for this interview, I had so much fun doing this.

Chennarr: Thank you so much fam.









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  1. My slayer before before boyfy. Nice interview..

  2. My slayer before before boyfy. Nice interview..

  3. Hahaha I am definitely getting more trads, I want the ladies to notice me too ooh

  4. He should smile more often,he's got such a lovely smile

  5. Nice fashion blog, really liked the color contrast of some of clothes would love to try them on own sometime soon.

    1. Thanks a lot Abhi, you really should take notes from Chennar's style, you will love the results


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