Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hey guys, happy saturday! .....Hope your weekend is going well. 

So have you guys ever encountered something so breathe-taking, unique, abstract, ethereal, amazing, creative and beautiful, so beautiful that you can't deny it? well that was my situation the first time I came across makeupby jaru's page on Instagram, actually I interviewed a model Jimmy incase you missed his interview click HERE so he had done this really cool body art shoot with her and I was blown away and had to find out more about the make up artist that did it and that was how I found her Instagram and of cause I just had to also interview her lol. Enjoy the interview and I hope this inspires someone out there.

 DVF: So tell me about yourself and background?

Jaru: I'm a girl, the 4th child of a family of six, my background is pretty basic, i'm more of a one man gang... lol, my full name is Odu Stephanie Jaru.              My hobbies... I don't think I really have but i'm a workaholic, I like intelligent people and I dislike self-pity... i'm a graduate of applied physics, university of Abuja, i'm 26 ,self employed, and I love animals. I'm also a creative, I can do all things... lol i'm into hair and makeup, set design, costume design and creative directing...

 DVF: Wow.. for reals? that's so cool

 DVF: My sister would love you, she's also into creative stuff like that too

Jaru: Ooh cool

 DVF: Yeah


DVF: So in everything you do , which did you start first and how did you get into it? 

Jaru: I started somehow, I dunno lol but my first makeup job was for a bride, I was meant to style her hair for her wedding, but her makeup artist fell ill the night before

Jaru: So I used her own makeup stuff to do her makeup and baaam! I got paid lol I don't see what I do as work, feels more like having fun and getting paid

 DVF: Wow, things literally worked in your favour, did you train in make up?

Jaru: Nope, i'm self-taught

 DVF: What?? Really? that's amazing. Even the body art make up you do? 

Jaru: Yes, it just comes naturally to me... 

DVF:My goodness*bows down* that is so impressive! so how did make up lead you into the other things?

Jaru: I can do anything I set my mind to, it's just the scary part of me

Jaru: So i'm simply exploring my creative juices, that's lovely
DVF: So I saw a body art you did for this really beautiful woman and you said she's 72, please tell me how the experience was with an older client and how you managed to convince her to do it or did she reach out to you? 

Jaru: First of all she's American, and you know how they love to explore, she just came and was super excited to be painted, It was so much fun working on her

DVF: Wow, how cool, I really loved the photos,  you did great 

Jaru: Thanks

DVF: What has been the most challenging aspect of what you do as a make up artist?

Jaru: I don't know, cant think of any, I don't see challenges as challenges they're more like my creative exams... lol and I always pass

DVF: Hahaha... good one, how do you get creatively inspired to come up with all these amazing make up ideas and concepts you pull off though?

 Jaru: Yeah my brain is always restless, sometimes I get scared, like I might run mad lol... basically everything inspires me and the internet is not making it easy cause I see so much creativity. I get bored when I see the same kind of makeup pictures around so I make sure I give people something new to look at, a good picture. 

DVF: That's so cool, how did you get into creative directing? Because with you it's not just about the make up alone, there's the costume, scenery, the creative directing and each detail has to be paid attention to

Jaru:I always have the image of what I want to shoot embedded in my head and it's stuck there until I shoot it. 

DVF: Do you have any particular work you have done that just stands out above the rest for you?

Jaru:Not really, because I always try to beat my last, if u go through my work on Instagram you would see that my recent posts look better than the previous or old ones so I feel like I do better every time, I try to do better than the last 

DVF: Yeah, that's actually really very good work ethic, topping yourself like that everytime. What has been like a really high point for you in your career and a time that you would say was a low point?

Jaru: I don't know man, I take it as it comes if I have any misfortunes I just learn from it, you know it's nothing really serious I don't count my ups and downs, so I just take the trials as lessons and everyday is a high point for me because I love what I do, I have fun and get paid for it lol.


DVF: That's nice so I see you in all these movie sets and with huge names in the movie industry.. how did you get into all of that?

Jaru: A close friend talked me into that, he got me my first movie job 

DVF: That's so nice... so what do you do for movies exactly? 

Jaru: Virtually everything, wadrobe styling and make up

DVF: That's lovely, what other aspect of the entertainment industry do you think you would possibly venture in or that's catching your eyes currently? 

Jaru: I have no limits to what I aspire to achieve 

 DVF: So please tell me how long exactly does it take you to do a body art make up?

Jaru: Depends on what im trying to draw, once I sketch on my sketch pad, it gets easier 

DVF: Okay so you sketch it out first before actually doing it on the model 

Jaru: Yes

DVF: Cool so generally speaking what is the longest time you have spent on a model doing body art?

Jaru: Five hours

DVF: Wow... that's alot 

Jaru: Yeah 

DVF: And to think you do it often.. I don't know how you deal 

Jaru: It's fun, I enjoy it 

DVF: Cool, obviously fashion is a huge aspect of what you do so tell me what does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style?

Jaru: My style is hopeful and simple, I like everything beautiful and comfortable. Fashion is art to me

DVF: Nice! So what should we be expecting from you and your brand in the future?

Jaru: I plan to build a brand with international standards, God willing. So expect only the best out of my craft

DVF:That's lovely, thanks alot for this interview and sharing your story with me

Jaru:You're welcome.


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