Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hey beautiful people.. how are y'all doing today?... Hope good! Today I am sharing my interview with photographer Ty Kay of HappiFeetPhotography, I first found out about her when I interviewed Entrepreneur Leo Babarinde DaSilva if you missed his interview click HERE it's quit an interesting interview, so anyway I saw some photos she took of him for PayPorte which were really nice and I decided to find out more about the man behind the pictures only to surprisingly find out that it was infact a lady and that only got me more interested lol.

I reached out to her and she responded positively almost immediately, she is the sweetest and I am excited to be able to share her story with you guys and I hope someone out there get's inspired after reading it. Have a lovely read

 DVF:So tell me about yourself and background?

TyKay: My name is Kayode Oluwatoyin Graduate of creative arts graphics major university of lagos. I'm a single mum and my photography career started around December of 2012, I'm also a graphic artist but I wanted to do something outside designing but still in the creative line

DVF: When did you first discover your passion for photography?

TyKay:I have always loved pictures. Loved working with them . then u said I would like to create these pictures. I got basic training from a friend but most of what I know was self taught  

DVF: When was the beginning like for you as a newbie in photography? How did you find your balance and know the style of photography that you wanted to do?

TyKay: Photography as a newbie was confusing at first and somewhat overwhelming because of the terms used and having to know what setting produced what effects, but after a while it got easier because I was really willing to learn and loved every minute of it .. I still do. Practice makes one perfect therefore practicing made me better..I didn't know what line I wanted to venture into until I did a product photography job for a friend and instantly fell in love with it

DVF: Love that, so what would you say has been a great time in your career and a not so great one?

TyKay :The great in my career was when I first got into product photography because it was new and challenging I gave my all and always looked for tutorials and tips and tricks to make it the pictures come out awesome .. 


 So I improved myself both has a photographer and photo editor, The not so great part is that when I started product photography it was overwhelming for me because I was the only one in the studio at the time so I had to do everything from preparing the products to photographing, editing, packaging the products e.t.c but it got better and later had help.
Also another part is that sometimes the kinds of prices I get for my services can be quite discouraging. 

DVF: Wow... just you? It must have been super stressful

TyKay: It was stressful but it was a learning process for me and I'm glad

DVF: Please explain exactly what product photography is all about?

TyKay: It's an aspect of commercial photography where a product is attractively represented and it is as accurate as possible, This can be seen on various e-commerce platforms.
Here the consumers don't see the products before purchase so it is how well or not so well  the photographer represents the product that would determine the sale if that product..   

DVF: Wow. ..that's so nice, It definitely is an aspect of photography that will make you as a photographer always strive for excellence due to the wide audience it will eventually involve

TyKay : Yes most definitely.. You have to always evolve

DVF : Yeah... So In all the products photography jobs you have done, which is your  favourite and why?

TyKay : I love to photograph shoes and also do a couple of product photography with models too... Why I love them, for the shoes, it's just something that I love and they always  look absolutely breath taking and for the modelling aspect it's because everything just blends into a beautiful 'whole' and just comes out lovely.

DVF : So being a lady photographer, What has it been like for you generally and the feedback you get from people about it? 

TyKay : The feedback has been great and being a female has been more of a plus than a minus for me.. But some people have this initial hesitation but they are later more comfortable

DVF : Wow.. that's so cool, but yeah in the past it might have been the case where people would have more problems with it but thankfully Nigeria has and is evolving.

TyKay : The world is evolving so we also have to move with the times

DVF : Lol true okay so what advice would you give to upcoming photographers or people who would want to go into photography?

TyKay : Be passionate about it, opened to new things because new skills tips, tricks, techniques and equipment come out every time so always be abreast with the happening in the industry, Try your hands on various aspects of photography but specialize in one.. that one you should be the one you give your all to and create a niche for yourself in.

DVF : Awesome tips.. very true and can even be related to every aspect of life in general, thanks for that. 

TyKay : Yeah, you're most welcome

DVF : So what do you think seperates your work and photography? Makes it unique and stand out from other photographers out there?

TyKay :I feel like what makes my work stand out is that I'm very patient when I work and pay very careful attention to even the slightest details

DVF : That's  so nice, I love that actually  because I generally  believe  alot of photographers fail to pay attention to details.

TyKay : Yeah. .thank you

DVF : Lastly where do you see in the future for your brand and what would you love to work on that you haven't yet?

TyKay : I see myself in the next five years as an accomplished photographer, entrepreneur and an author.
What I haven't done yet is that I would like to be part of a movie production crew and possibly be a cinematographer at my very first movie break

DVF :  All sounds really nice, What would you want to write about?

TyKay : Photography, imagery and the likes

DVF : Alright, that's  wonderful.. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do and thank you so much for your time and sharing your story with me.

TyKay : Thanks and you're welcome. 


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