Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hey guys so the GT BANK FASHION WEEKEND was just this past weekend and it was everything, there were photos from the event all over social media and I was loving them all, from the master classes with professionals in the industry to the exhibition and the runway shows... I loved it all and sure enough people came looking super fly and others came looking either like comedians, dressed awfully or almost awful... there were a lot of misses and hits and I want to share with you guys once again my opinions on some of these looks... I hope you guys enjoy it.

First is have Denola Grey on the orange carpet rocking a head to toe green look well except for his shoes, he looked really good as usual he never disappoints, he was rocking the belted blazer trend again as he recently did at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week ,no official word yet on details about his look but I do know that he was rocking DAPMOD glasses and he looked great

Day 2 ,Denola stunned in a nude colored jacket by EMMYKASBIT paired with a shirt by ORANGECULTURE , a beautiful gold neck piece , black pants and shoes, I loved everything about this look, he was gone with the wind fabulous, literally his style gives me life. He looked very classy with the blazer, funky with that OrangeCulture shirt and very gave me royalty vibes with that neck piece, in my mind he won trophies that night with this look

Next is have Sharon Ojong wearing a traditional printed overall piece by AYO VAN ELMAR .

Now the fabric is floral and she paired the look with a body hugging green long sleeve top and green peek a boo boots which matched with the light green on the floral fabric of the over all, now the colors are a little tricky , at first glance, you could think nah she should have paired the look with all black instead because the green kinda bounces off a little because of the floral patterns on the fabric but then if you look again, you'll notice that it does work and she looks okay but it's a hue people generally should be careful to mix with floral patterns because you can end up making people have to do double takes on your outfit and then when they get home they'll still be asking themselves if the outfit looked good or not

 Next is Zina Anumudu who came out looking really fabulous, she wore a leotard by DESIRE1709FASHION ,skirt by FRUCHE and shoes by BRIAN ATWOOD . She looked super chic and classy, we love the cut out trend with the whole ensemble and those gorgeous shoes and the color mixture was done just right.

 Next is one who is a personal favorite of mine,I call her the Queen Mother of Fashion In Nigeria, I have loved and appreciated this woman's style since the year 2008/2009 back when I used to buy every issue of this day style magazine and she was always slaying at every event, I recall one time she, Kim Kardashian and lady Gaga had the same dress, just see the company in which she's in,I mean enough said... she is also Zina's mum so you can see where Zina get's it from (laughs) anyway Nkiru Anumudu came in all her glory wearing this fabulous head piece that featured a blast of colors, she wore a long sleeve shirt that was equally colorful with red being the major hue and paired it with red pants and a red purse, there are sadly no photos of her at the event that shows her full outfit and I have no idea how she made it through the entire event ,coming in and leaving without anyone or photographer getting a full shot of her, well she's cool like that but what I do know is that I love her look ,I actually just discussed about her in a recent post from the Lagos Fashion and Design Week were there was this guy who kept on over doing it with his outrageous looks and I was like, sure you can go crazy but just don't go over board always try to balance it out so there is beauty in it just like Nkiru Anumudu does, if you missed that post click HERE . Anyway Mrs Nkiru please come back to the red carpet as often as you used to I miss you.

 Next is Efe Tommy whose style I love by the way, wearing  a blazer by BIG BEN KILANI , a shirt by ZARA ,ripped denim pants also by ZARA ,and shoes by ADIDAS . He looked very stylish yet simple and I loved the bowler hat, he looks good in a hat, that's for sure, he looked very cool and ready to enjoy the runway show at fashion weekend. He obviously also loved the look, you can literally see his excitement from his photos lol.

 Then on day 2, he came looking ever so stylish in a grey plaid suit by BIG BEN KILANI again paired with a white shirt ,classy shades and a pink rose pin and he looked amazing up until the GUCCI lounge slippers he added to this almost perfect ensemble, now he doesn't look bad and that doesn't ruin the look because the truth is it's not the lounge slippers that are wrong, it's more of the type of lounge slippers because a lot of them are just flat behind and normal but his has that extra fluffy ruffle material added to it and that definitely does not work with this look and it's definitely a slip up, I get that he loves the shoes and as he even said on his Instagram, he couldn't wait to infuse them with his style which is great but those shoes are what you wear to brunch with friends with your shorts and short sleeved shirt and a cute bowler hat on and everyone would see it's beauty but to wear it with a full on suit like this and to a fashion event, Nah uh! it doesn't work.

 Next is Kaylah Oniwo, Cool FM presenter wearing a white long sleeve shirt paired with a custom skirt by MOOFADESIGNS , styled by JANE MICHAEL EKANEM and she accessorized with a gold hand cuff and gold choker and black heels with a bow strap, now to the skirt... hmm first of all I feel like just seeing her and be like "GURLLL REALLY??"... First of all it's a designer skirt and sometimes people just generally wear stuff from designer brands with the confidence that it's a top designer so it must be nice, that might have been the case here or not? I sure can't say but what I can say is designers do get it wrong too sometimes, we all do and this skirt is just not a beautiful as she probably feels it is, like sorry but the skirt would have been nicer if the blue part was shorter and the black parts were longer, this would have been an entirely different conversation we'd be having right about now....             

Next is queen of the big screen Rita Dominic wearing a grey outfit by designer LANRE AJAYI DASILVA . The wide leg jumpsuit featured ruffles slightly below the waist line and the look was paired with white long sleeves and a silver clutch purse with pretty patterns and nude pumps, she looked exquisite,her hair and make up was just divine. Rita slays.

Next Designer for MAN KAVE CLOTHING wearing one of his creations, a multi colored patch work tunic that featured a diagonal hem, he paired it with black pants and shoes, he definitely stood out for me. I loved everything about this look, it was simple but very unique and stylish, love it.

Next is this lady that wore plaid pants paired with a white shirt and suspenders, okay GURLLL!!!... what are you doing?? I tried to find her on social media but I couldn't ,maybe if I found her Instagram I would have checked to see if she gave a reason for this mess, I am sorry but she looks like a joke and to fashion weekend?? Really?? first of all the shirt isn't fitted, the pants are way too boxy ,even if the intention was for it to be boxy, it still isn't obviously tailored right, i'm sorry but this was a hot mess, get it together gurl!

Next is this tall beauty, who I also sadly couldn't find on social media but she looked really cool, I love this look a lot, models obviously before strutting down the runway they first have to hit the streets and get to the event so they come wearing very easy and comfy clothes, stuff they can easily change out of but still manage to be stylish. Now I'm not sure that she's a model but I think she should be judging by those pretty long legs but I love her urban chic look, simple ,comfy but stylish, her shoes are everything and her sweat shirt ,hat and shades are dope but I do wish she had a little make up on, her face looks too BLEHHHH .

Next is this lady who I also do not know who she is sadly but... Damn... GURLL! ever heard of the word "TOO MUCH?" . There is her red hair, her green skirt, her choker plus other accessories and then the shoes , it's just a little too much, she's not allowing us to focus on one aspect of the look or one thing in the look so hence we can't fall in love with anything because everything else is busy distracting us, so if she had toned it down just a little, this would have been really okay.

Next is blogger Femi Oluwayemi who came striding in, singing praises to God it was a Sunday and he was still in the spirit of worship like literally though (laughs)

"femioluwayemi "Thanks 🙏 @thedavisfierce Was busy singing actually 😅😅😅  The Sunday spirit in me couldn't let go 😪😫 ".

That was from ourinstagram comments

Lol anyway he came looking very stylish as usual in a multi colored long sleeve shirt that he paired with a white blazer which he hung over his shoulders, printed pants that matched his shirt and white sneakers, this guys kills it every time I see him, I adore his style. For more on this slayer click HERE



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