Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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Hey beautiful people, how are y'all doing? Hope great!              Okay so the long-awaited premiere of the wedding party movie finally came and boy was I blown away there were all kinds of gorgeousness everywhere, beautiful ladies and of cause handsome men and to top it all off it was in Dubai and the turn out of the Nigerian celebrity powerhouses was absolutely impressive, it honestly was very reminiscent of the old holly wood glamour days especially with the all-white dress code theme, like I was looking at everything on social media in black and white ( in my head of cause) so anyway, as usual, I have a few looks that I just cannot ignore and have to share with you guys my opinions and hopefully y'all would also share yours with me so let's get to it shall we? (laughs) .

First I want to begin with the slay King himself Denola Grey rocking the all-white look with a suit from RHOBES CLOTHING styled with a white bowtie and a white rose with glitter detailing on it made by his friend and brown shoes from his fave JESU-SEGUNLONDON, he once again blew me away, the fitting of this on him is so perfect, I can't even deal and then on the red carpet he went on further in the slayage by posing with the queen of Nollywood Genevieve Nnaji, like really, how should we keep up? (laughs)


Speaking of Slaynevieve she also came looking absolutely regal, simple and classy as she does but always manages to pull it off in the most sophisticated way ever like no one can do her style better than she can. She stunned in this fabulous Valerie Davids number that features a plain sleeveless top with a plunging neckline and the lower part of the dress which blasts of embroidery, she paired her dress with a gorgeous clutch bag and white one strapped nude heels, I cannot even begin to tell you guys how amazing her hair and makeup was, her make up was by the amazing DODOS, Genevieve is all the rave all over social media, in fact, her photo was the first one trending in my Instagram explore and why shouldn't it? She's such a legit queen.

Next is Banky W, now Banky W made his movie debut with this movie and as a lead character, but we all know he is a music artiste. Now he looks great as usual but maybe he doesn't know how huge of a deal being the lead character in a movie is because I honestly feel like he could have done better, like the second I came across a photo of him, my first thought was "yeah, you look good but for such a huge premiere and being the lead actor, not good enough" if he wore what tv presenter Ebuka Obi Uchenndu wore, It would have been perfect because it's a very clean-cut and classy look and would have perfectly matched Adesua Etomi's look but nevertheless he looks good in his plaid blazer, white pants, and spikey shoes.


 Speaking of Adesua Etomi, gurl brought her A-game, she slayed, like YASS *snaps fingers*.... this is how the star of the movie looks to the premiere of her movie and without words shows us all why she is the star and why this was her moment, I especially loved the fact that she didn't come looking like a bride or in a white dress with like a long train lol just cause Ummm she already did that in the movie, be a star now and not a bride (laughs).

So she stunned in this sleeveless, sweetheart neckline jumpsuit by MAI ATAFO that features a bow on the side of her hip and a train, so she still had the train but in a much more sartorial look and also I loved the wide-legged pants and not to forget that beautiful silver choker she had on her neck, like what!! she looked like money hunnay, she looked fabulous.

 Next, is Beverly Naya came in all her glamour and stole the spotlight, this girl came to slay and not play, she came looking so fabulous, I have no words to describe how beautiful she looked from her hair and makeup to the amazing WEIZ DHURM FRANKLYN dress with which she ruled the red carpet supreme, she certainly was a sight for sore eyes, the dress according to the designer is "custom made hand-beaded gown inspired by Moroccan art, the waves of the ocean and the beauty of a woman's body" and I for one most definitely agree with that because just look at that work of art she has on and how it hugs her curves in all the right places, she looked so statuesque and almost ethereal. I personally love the floral shaped ruffle designs at the waist and on the hem of the train, personally, she wins BEST DRESSED LADY, absolutely no one at the event topped her that night, I love, love, love it.

Next is Ebuka Obi Uchendu, looking Dapper and classy as usual in his white tux and black pants, like I made mention of him earlier he looked like the ideal red carpet image for the lead of the movie, he looked like a movie star basically, I love everything about this look from head to toe, total perfection, very simple yet so stylish.

 Next, is Enyinna Nwigwe also rocking the all-white look, I love his look most especially the black trench coat which he wore over his shoulders, now his suit is from 052 CLOTHING and I'm loving the polka dot tie and the two-toned wing-tips as well as the cane he held but now what I have major issues with are his pants, the fitting is really bad, it's really ill-fitting and sadly I cannot tell if the problem is from the designers or if it was his choice to have such frumpy looking pants but anyway I wish it was more fitted like Banky W's pants were, it would have made this ensemble perfect.

 Next, is Omoni Oboli wearing a dress from Mai Atafo Inspired, her look which she described as "something old, something new and nothing borrowed" now the dress certainly is old, I recognized it the very second I saw a photo of her because I dished on it for my other blog with my sis called THE FASHION POLICE NIGERIA which by the way is where we really go hard on the fashion criticism, anyways so as I was saying back in 2014, we discussed this look at the premiere of her movie back then called "BEING MRS ELLIOT" now for more on that click HERE So most definitely the dress is the something old and the clutch is the something new, honestly I know celebrities are human just like us and love stuff just the way we do and want to recycle looks but the truth is no matter how much we try to deny it once you become a celebrity, you are no longer like regular people and on that note I disagree with her using this dress again to such a huge occassion, if you love the dress so much wear it to church , that way you're still using it and it's not just hanging in in your closet but not to a grand premiere or red carpeted event after already using that same dress for that exact purpose in the past but don't get me wrong guys now if it were simple pieces like a shirt, jacket, blazer, pants, shoes or a bag that she had styled differently in the past and styled it up afresh for an appearance that definitely is alright but not a whole memorable ensemble or dress like this.

I keep thinking what if Beyonce came on the red carpet for an Award show wearing her white Michael Costello dress from the 2014 Grammys again and says oh I just wanted to recycle this dress because I loved it so much, hmmm... how would we all feel about that, I'm certain that social media would go into chaos if that happened (laughs) but she did love that dress so much she got a similar but more sheer version of it made and used it to run and dance around in her 7/11 video... see what I mean.. she did use it again but not for something nearly as grand as the red carpet.

Anyway back to Omoni, she does look beautiful as always, her make up was flawless and the dress I must confess fits her a lot more this time than the first time and her accessorizing was a lot more beautiful too this time around.

 Next, is Richard Mofe Damijo wearing a white tunic with netted short sleeves, white pants, and a white Fedora hat, he looked amazing as usual and very age-appropriate. His style is always evolving and I appreciate how he balances being hip, on-trend, cool, and manages not to look like he is trying to compete with the younger generation, I love his style.

 Next is Sola Sobowale who wowed us all in this excellent piece by CEOLUMINEE, the dress features a long flowy gown that has beautiful patterns on it and a short train, then a layer at the top which can be completely detached from the dress and can be worn over the gown, now this part features an unending flow of embroidery, embellishments and beaded work. She looked absolutely breathe taking and rich... Yass Rich (laughs) the dress in total just screams money and I love it, I must give Sola Sobowale some major props for posing correctly with this dress, she stood right and the train was set to go around her and she just smiled, laughed and looked every bit the Nollywood Queen that she is, all over social media everyone is talking about her currently and this look. She was away for a long time from the big screen and we surely missed her, she's been back a while now and has been doing stuff here and there but this moment right here and this movie is definitely her big come back to the industry and I am loving every bit of it.

 Next is the most recent best selling Author, Toke Makinwa also looking gorgeous in this lovely Jumpsuit by TOPE FNR, she was styled by her fave Harvella Styles. Toke rocked this cape jumpsuit like no other can. The jumpsuit featured an open back, embellishments on the cape and wide-legged pants, she styled it with a beaded Turban from TURBAN TEMPEST that matched the embellishments on her cape, her make up was flawless as usual and she shined bright like a diamond for sure, I love it.

 Next is the amazing Mo Abudu who produced the Movie, she came to the premiere in this exquisite BRIDGET AWOSIKA long-sleeve gown that featured a high neck and bold ruffles, she was the epitome of a star, she looked classy and timeless in this dress, she said in an Instagram post caption that everyone loved the dress, well hunnay!! I certainly agree.

 Next is the ravishing fashion darling Bolanle Olukanni (Bolinto) who was breathe taking in this wonder by PISTIS GH the dress featured floral embroidery detailing on one side and one sleeve which was sheer and had a small train and she styled her look with a purse that had embellishments on it, her hair and makeup was LIT, I fell in love with this entire ensemble the moment I saw it. Simply beautiful.

 Next, is Omowunmi Akinifesi wearing a beautiful lacey see-through dress with floral patterns and layered fabric to cover her body from her bosom downwards, the dress featured a thigh slit and she paired her look with white heels and a silver clutch purse, her hair and makeup was simply flawless, she is such a beauty.

Next, is the lovely and oh so stylish Mimi Onalaja wearing this bridal inspired cape, wide-legged jumpsuit by TUBO, the jumpsuit features an off the shoulder design with long sleeves, long capes attached to the sleeves, the capes featured a blast of feathers.      She looked spectacular.



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  1. yet to see the movie but I like what I see from the red carpet. well written.

  2. I am yet to see it too, hopefully going to see it this weekend at the cinema. Thanks, means alot coming from you.

  3. Awesome review of the celebrity looks from this wedding. I am just so impressed with this post because I have got plenty of ideas from this post. Actually at one of the local Chicago wedding venues we would be attending an Oscar inspired reception party so I will surely pick one of these styles for my guest look.

    1. I'm so sorry for the late reply. So glad that you got inspired from this post, means a lot to me. Thank you so much


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