Friday, December 09, 2016

Hey guys, how are y'all doing? I am back again this week with a fresh and blazing hot interview with the blazing hot Alex Gede himself. 

Alex is a Nigerian fitness expert and model that's based in London, now I found out about him during the cause of the last Mr Ideal Nigeria 2016 competition where he came second, the first runner up to the winner and became Mr ideal Earth since then I have always been interested in being able to interview him and I am super excited that I got the chance to and that I can share it with y'all, have a good read every one.

DVF: Tell me about yourself, background and what growing up was like for you?

Alex: I am Alex Gede, born in Port-Harcourt in Rivers state. Growing up was like every average boy in Nigeria. I was the tallest among my age mates and earned names like pole and others because of how skinny I was, after my university, I moved to the UK for my MSC like you do.

When you were growing, did you always have an interest in modeling??

Alex: I have always wanted to go into modeling. But you know the Nigerian mentality, it is either you go to the University or you are a nobody. I was lacking self-confidence and had a few self-consciousness issues too because of how skinny I was so I never really pushed modeling at all. I focused on my books and living a normal life.

DVF: How and when did you get into the modeling world officially?

Alex: In August 2013, I decided to change how I look so I started training from home and after a year joined the gym, in May of 2015, I did my first fitness modeling competition after adding 20 kg in weight, I enjoyed it so much that it made me realize that it is what I want to do for the rest of my life, it was like finding myself again, my childhood dream come true. Best feeling ever.

DVF: I am sorry you had to go through all that growing up, people can be so mean.

I read somewhere online that at the time before you start training you actually went through an eating disorder phase, is that true and if it is tell me how you managed to overcome the disorder.

Alex: Yes I actually had an eating disorder, I was too scared of being fat so much that I did not eat. I usually spent hours eating one meal, the meal would get so cold that I would have to go re-heat before finishing the meal. When I started forcing myself to eat, my system was not used to it so I got sick a lot that I guess developed to irritable bowel syndrome that I am still living with to this day

DVF: And when you first began to do fitness modeling were your family in support?

Alex: None of my family members supported me most of my friends made fun of me saying that I was going through an early mid-life crisis. I stopped interacting with a lot of my old friends as they were not worth calling friends.

DVF: And in fitness modeling, it obviously  involves a lot of nudity and body exposure.. was it hard for you to accept that at first, Was it something that you were uncomfortable with or did it come naturally to you and if you were uncomfortable how did you learn to cope with it?

Alex: It was very hard, still is hard but I have my limits, where my morals will not allow me to go past. But I stop thinking about it when I am in front of the camera or on stage, in front of the cameras I am a different person I put on my game face and feed on the moment if that makes any sense.

DVF: That sounds really awesome, I like how you're handling that.... you have really been determined to change your life because seeing you now and coming all the way from an eating disorder is really great. So how are you coping and managing living with the irritable bowel syndrome?

Alex: Just eating right. After keeping a food diary for some time, I now understand what makes it worse, so there is a list of stuff I can't eat on one hand and food I can eat on the other.

DVF: I can only imagine how tough it must have been for you to see people who you expect to celebrate you and motivate you, laugh at your dreams, what about now though, your family must be in awe of what you have achieved?

Alex: I won't go that far. My mother is always awesome and there for me can't say the same for my father though.

DVF: I love how you are able to take control of a situation that you're not completely comfortable with and still be able to kill it every time you're on stage or at a shoot. Would you like to be recognized as a sex symbol?

Alex: I have noticed that I'm many things to my fans, some see me as a motivator while others see me as an inspiration so I guess that I'm a sex symbol for some too and that's okay

DVF: Yeah that's true, so tell me about your first fitness competition and what the experience was like for you?  

Alex: It was life-changing going from a self-conscious abs skinny guy to someone on stage showing his body off was amazing. Words can't explain it but it definitely changed me. I enjoyed the whole experience, from dieting, training, going to workshops to learn stage presence and the actual day on stage.

DVF: You have won a lot of titles, in all the titles you have won which do you place the most value on and why?  

Alex: Mr. Ideal Nigeria and then Mr. Africa International. They are of most value because I'm giving something back to my country of origin (Nigeria).


DVF: You recently represented Nigeria in the Mr Africa International contest, tell about the contest and what it was like for you competing with men from diverse  countries and body builds lol were you at all intimidated?

Alex: I was not intimidated as it's not all about how big your arms are, It's a competition that looks at both intelligence and beauty and looks are not everything. The competition was truly international with guys from all over, it was an opportunity to learn a new culture and make international friends. 

That's nice. .. so tell me about What was your motivation for creating it? 
Alex: To create a one-stop online shop where people can get everything health and fitness from gym and athletic wear to personal training.

DVF: Would you consider going into fashion modeling full time along with fitness modeling?

Alex: Yes, I love fashion also. I have done some runway and fashion shows and loved it.

DVF: What does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your personal style?

Alex: I do not have a personal style, I just go with what is trending I suppose.

DVF: So these are just a few random fun/random questions 

What is your daily routine?

Alex: Wake up, pack my meal for the day if I am going out for the whole day, work, gym, prepare meals for the next day and bed.

DVF: What is the craziest thing you have done all year?

Alex: My life is very simple, work, eat, gym and sleep. Nothing crazy that I can think of.

DVF: What is your favorite color?

Alex: Sky blue  

DVF: What kind of music is do you listen to and who is your favorite music artiste?

Alex: I am into pop and RnB mostly but I listen to anything good, used to be really into P-square

DVF: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Alex: Uncleanliness
DVF: What's your favorite thing about Nigeria and your favorite thing about London? 

Alex: Nigerian food obviously and as for London, I like the fact that there is a a good degree of order, you know how the system works and there are no funny surprises.

DVF: If you were not a fitness model and fitness coach, what would you be?
Alex: Well, I am a financial consultant, that is the only other thing I can do.

DVF: What is the one talent you have that people generally do not know about you?

Alex: I used to do lots of gymnastics and martial arts, I can still throw a good kick and do some other kinds of stuff

DVF: (Laughs) , nice! So finally what should do you see as the future of Alex Gede and what should we expect from your brand in total? 

Alex: Future Alex Gede according to my desire would be a full-time model and entrepreneur with, the plan is to expand it to include more products in the UK. There is the plan to expand it to Nigeria and across Africa although, right now, anyone from anywhere in the world can buy the workout and meal plans, the expansion to Nigeria will include physical products like proteins, gym wear, and stuff.
DVF: That's awesome, everything sounds great, I wish you the best of luck with everything and thank you so much for the interview.

Alex: Thanks and you're welcome.



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  1. Great personality. A true Nigerian

  2. Nice interview. He's truly an inspiration, from defying the societal odds and an eating disorder to making a name for himself. Totally random but I love his nose!

     Princess Audu 

  3. Hahaha... totally random. Thanks alot for your comment boo

  4. Nice interview. He's truly an inspiration, from defying the societal odds and an eating disorder to making a name for himself. Totally random but I love his nose!
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