Monday, January 30, 2017

Hey guys.. been a little while, how has everyone been? It's a lovely monday today, how was your weekend? I hope you all had fun. Well this weekend was a blast for me, also been super busy I got my first two official jobs as the official blogger of an event here in Abuja, Nigeria called the Abuja500 , it was a complete blast and then I also got invited to come become a frequent stylist on a fashionTv show here in Abuja and I will also be blogging about that and sharing my experience with y'all on that but first things first . The Abuja500 is an event where a lot of major Abuja retail shops came together to sell their products for 500 naira or less from clothing, jewellry down to food, drinks and lots more, my next post will solely be on that so lots more information will be posted there.

 So a few days ago I decided to have a meeting with the director of the event Muhseenn of Buzz9ja as he incorporated me into it all and actually meet face to face before the actual event date and he invited me , RUTH OF DIYBYONYEE went with me as usual and we met him at a lovely pastry/ IceCream and bakery shop called 'Fresh By U' they have some of the best pastries ,Cakes and freshly baked stuff as well as freshly made juice. 

   Their menu is one of the best I have ever seen, they have so much variety of freshly made juices, frozen Smoothies and Detox Fruit fusions. I f you are trying out the organic lifestyle ,they offer alot of stuff that you would appreciate and if you are like me that appreciates all things Detox you would also equally love their Detox Menu .

I couldn't help but quickly ask the the owner if I could blog about her shop and she being the sweet and lovely lady that she is, immediately accepted and granted me access to take pictures and do all that I wanted and I am so excited to share everything with y'all and if you guys are in Abuja, Nigeria ever you should make it a point of duty to visit 'Fresh By U' . 

The shop is also a very kid friendly one with set up areas especially for kids, they have the cutest little chairs for kids to sit on and have ice cream or cake

and a gorgeous Sofa set close to the children so Mums or guardian of the kids could sit by and watch them

they have the most lovely paintings , writings and images of pastries on the wall of the shop with funny and cute write-ups that any and everyone would love

I recommend the shop for a day time date, a dinner date, a family outing, fun with friends and fun time with the kids, as well buying of freshly baked goodies, freshly made juices and lots more treats.

They serve a variety of Ice creams and you can have it in a cup or in an Ice cream cone, the choice is yours lol also if you are a tea and Coffee lover like Ruth is ,they also serve a variety of teas and Coffee drinks.

Ruth and I had coconut flavoured IceCreams and a Cinnamon roll made with Raspberries

The IceCream was to die for and then I was literally heartbroken when I was done eating my Cinnammon Roll lol it was definitely a treat and I am thankful to Muhseen for all of this, their bakery is the cleanest and most organised one I have ever seen and the clear, framed glass doors of the bakery makes it possible for you to see as your baked goodies are made, it was evening when I was there so of cause most of it's staff were gone especially the bakers but the ones there that served us were very efficient and quick to respond to us

and also very pleasant the lady staff was the one who explained to us what they had available at that time and also gave us their instagram handle when I asked for it

And It is infact from their instagram that I was able to get a few more professional photos to add to mine

DIRECTIONS: Okay so I am just going to give this directions like I was telling it to a friend since we friends here and all anyways lol, When you are in Abuja for those who are visiting, take an Uber or a ride to The Capital Hub, Jahi, Abuja, Nigeria, the most popular place next to it is the Next shopping Mall located on that same road, now The Capital Hub is actually easily recognisable, it's basically a landmark lol.The Capital Hub brings to you a diverse range of exclusive retail shops as well as some executive offices. Mixing it all up with top leisure and family entertainment and 'Fresh By U' happens to be in it



So when you walk into The Capital Hub, 'Fresh By U' is on the ground floor by the left hand side, Suit 004 and you will see it's beautiful sign right in front of it and then you walk in, get comfortable and make your order.


So that is all from my Visit to Fresh By U here in Abuja, Nigeria at Capital Hub. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you are in Abuja make sure you visit them and tell them that Davisfierce of The DVFSTYLECOLLECTIVE sent you and who knows you might get a discount lol and be sure to share your experience with me in the comments section below and if you know someone here in Abuja, make sure to tell them about the shop so they can visit it also. Thanks alot for reading this post but I have got to go so bye for now guys.


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