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Hey beautiful people... Happy New year!! How has your year been so far guys? What is 2017 looking like for y'all already? lol I just want to start by saying I wish you all a prosperous year filled with Undeniable Exploits. 

So my First Post for the year 2017... WOW! So excited to be sharing this very inspirational Interview with Fitness Enthusiast, Trainer and Expert Khalisha Sadia Mijinyawa, She has shown exceptional strength and courage and has come out of all the obscurities to prove to us all that she is nothing but a Diamond in the Rough ,who has finally come out to shine for the world to see. I have known her for years now and I have seen her evolve and blossom into the beautiful black, strong woman that she is and I know someone out there will be inspired from her story to push harder and further and not give up on their dreams, Have a good ready guys.

DVF: Tell me about yourself and background?

Khalisha: I'm Khalisha Sadia Mijinyawa. I come from a family of six comprising of my father, mother and my three siblings (Mom, dad, 2boys and 2girls). I am the 1st child of my beautiful family. I grew up in the northern part of Nigeria, Kano State to be precise with my dad being from Edo state (Muslim) and my mom from Anambra state (Christian) in Nigeria.

DVF: Tell me what growing up was like for you any memories that has stuck with you ?

Khalisha: Growing up for me was fun. My childhood was filled with so much love as my parents my dad especially showed me what true love really is. I remember when he would take me for walks holding me in his arms and telling me about the environment, I believe that my ability to be a strong young lady started with the work and love my dad put into me, I would give him the credits for devoting sufficient time and parenting to my childhood. Funny enough I was closer to my dad than I was with my mom while I was younger LOL but the reverse is the case now because I have grown to be a woman just like my mom. I've got these funny childhood memories of when I would beat my younger brother hahahaha. 

I had my paternal uncle and my maternal aunt babysit me when I was a kid,  I still have a few memories of nursery school, waiting for my dad to come pick me up from school, him dropping me off, taking me to the barber's shop every almost every Friday for a haircut.  Yes, I was on low cut all through my childhood, I also remember visiting my mom's village every December OMG! That was always the best time of the year for me because everyone in my mother's town loves me so much and spoilt me like a princess and OMG, I remember vividly stealing my mom's money once ,my dad did not beat me up much while growing up but my mom did and I always wondered if I was her child and would even go to my dad and ask him but the bond between my mother and I today, is unbreakable. She is my best friend.

DVF: That's so lovely lol so tell me what do you do for a living?

Khalisha:  I am professionally into fitness right now it's just something I love and I honestly don't see that love dying anytime soon. I love to put my strength to test and fitness has made me evolve in the greatest way I could ever imagine

DVF: What is your educational stats and  what made you choose what you studied?

Khalisha:  I have an MBA in Communication and Public Relations. I chose to study PR because I believe it's something I am just good at. I did study Business Information Technology as a bachelor's degree major but I was not good at programming, PR is a course I have never regreted for one second. I have had positive comments even from cab drivers, people I meet at the cafe, people who never even know me commend on my communication skills and just about the way I relate with them. I always get a positive remark especially from foreigners

DVF: How did you get into fitness? Was it something you always had interest in or did your love for it grow with time?

Khalisha: LOL, how I got into fitness! That's a funny question. Well, that's pretty much a long story but let me make the point. I started this fitness journey after my previous relationship which I ended in April 2014 and ever since then, I have never looked back on this amazing and challenging journey. To be honest, I had never stepped feet into a gym before then.

DVF: A friend of mine Tobi hit me up and said she wanted to hit the gym and that I should join her, we had a mutual friend who was a beast in the gym. Funny enough, Tobi never made it hahahaha but I did and this special friend put me through all the way and has my best interest. It's been two years and five months ever since I embarked on this journey and I am very pleased to say that I am never backing out. I have not achieved the best of me yet. I can't forfeit my workout time for nothing well except for family and I mean my nuclear family

DVF: What was the biggest challenge you faced when you got into it at first?

Khalisha: Hmmmm, the biggest challenge I got was negative remarks from people both physically and online and on my social networks.  I had people mock me to my face, they said I can't grow, I'm too tiny, I'm going to look like a man and all sorts of naive comments both from ladies and guys. 

 Sometimes, I cried but damn they actually pushed me more into DOING IT! There was this time I had finished my workout and stopped by an african restaurant to get food on my way home and this guy (who I knew, and wouldn't call a friend) got talking to me. He was a gym freak too. He looked at me and was laughing and said I couldn't grow. That really hurt my feelings and I thought of quitting but I just never did, I refused to let negative emotions overthrow my goals and that ever since has been my policy

DVF: It is so funny to me how people just generally find it so easy to want to put others down *smh*

What does your family think about this whole new fitness chapter of your life and

do you train people too?

Khalisha:  Yea, it's the world we live in.

My family are very supportive of what I do. From my parents to my siblings they are proud of me and that's all that matters. My dad used to tease me when I used to be tiny, he would say 'how can a man marry me being tiny' LOL. He used to be very worried about me being underweight but today he gets worried about me being carried away by the attention my physique comes with. 

And yes, I'm now opened to training people both ladies and gents :)

DVF:  lol I like that ,your Dad sounds really cool.... So I saw that you have been doing a bit of modelling here and there... tell me about how that started out for you, was modelling always an interest of yours and would you ever consider fitness modelling on a professional platform?

Khalisha: Lol, freestyle modelling though I wouldn't call myself a model. The camera loves me and that's reciprocal. I love taking pictures with my phone and when an opportunity that involves shooting with a dope camera comes my way, trust that I'm down for it. 

It all started in my freshman year, I just loved taking pictures and people around me noticed that and jokingly I started appearing in some shoots. There was this time I did a shoot for my Alma Mater (Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology) this shoot was when I was on an ongoing MBA program. 

I was actually late for my lecture but I was outside taking selfies and a staff came out, I badly needed someone to take me a full picture and I walked to her and said "hi ma'am please do you mind helping me take a picture of myself? And she politely replied yes" After she handed me my phone, she asked for my name and my faculty of which I responded and she said the management is recruiting one student from each country to have a neutral photoshoot representing their Nationality for the School and she would want me to represent Nigeria and I was like YESSS. She got my number and the shoot did happen and need I tell you I inherited this from my dad, he loves taking pictures he loves taking pictures and acting. I'm not just considering becoming a fitness model; I will become a fitness model; I believe it will happen in time. 
DVF: Wow.. how cool haha... love that there's an actual background story to it all. So tell me asides your obvious talents at the gym and in front of the camera, what other skills do you have that people generally do not know about?

Khalisha: I'm a good cook, I actually spend time in the kitchen and I take my time preparing meals just like that I take my time when working on my body at the gym. I'm also good at braiding hair (with no extensions just your natural hair) been doing that since high school. I also play badminton well

DVF:I have never been able to play badminton lol 😂.  Are you on a diet plan? And are you the kind of trainer who would make sure that your clients are also dieting right ? or you'll just focus solely on working your clients out lol

Khalisha:I am on a diet plan. And yes, I am the kind of trainer to make sure my clients eat right because it will be my joy to see them progress not just physically but also mentally.

DVF: Do you think it's true that ladies who are very active in the gym/work out life like you generally scare men?

Khalisha: Lol! Well, I'm laughing at them question. A man who is man enough shouldn't be scared of a woman who lifts but, believe me, I have come across a few who would see me and be like "can I just touch your skin?" and some of them compliment me. Ladies who lift don't bite. This is my lifestyle.

DVF: How would you describe your style and what does fashion mean to you because I know you are a fashion lover lol

Khalisha: My style is different and no one can know what I might be wearing the next day. I switch it up real quick because I've got different personalities. I love to look the best with time, my fashion style will only get better. Fashion to me represents one's personality. My style is a mix of street, classy, tomboy ish, and DOPE! Lol, like I said, I've got different personalities.

DVF: Hahaha yeah you do, very nice.

Okay so these are just random fun questions.

What is your daily routine?

Khalisha: My daily routine is; I wake up, pray, eat, head to the gym to get my workout done and attend to my client for the day, I get back home and eat, sleep for about 2hrs, wake up and get browsing until my bed time. My everyday goes in a certain circle that revolves around the gym. LOL

DVF: What is the craziest thing you have done all year?

Khalisha: The craziest thing I have ever done was attempting suicide.

DVF: What is your favourite color?

Khalisha: My favorite color is purple.

What kind of music is do you listen to and who is your favourite music artiste?

DVF: I love rap music and I honestly do not have a favorite music artiste. That changed as I grew older. I used to be crazy about Lil Wayne like, he was the only one I'd choose but presently, I can't say that I have a favorite music artiste.

DVF: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Khalisha: My biggest pet peeve would be the wall gecko. Urghhh!

DVF: What do you miss the most about Nigeria and what's your favourite thing Malaysia ?

Khalisha: I just miss being around my mom and my nuclear family. My favorite thing in Malaysia is the almost free internet. LOL

DVF: When you're not at the gym what are you most likely to be caught doing?

Khalisha: When I'm not at the gym, I'm either sleeping, cooking or watching series/TV shows/Movies.

DVF: What is the one talent you have that people generally do not know about you?

Khalisha: I think I'm good at acting. I did that since high school. I close my eyes and see myself as an actor.

DVF: What kind of music are on your play list and who is your favourite musician of all time?

Khalisha: 90% of the music on my playlist are rap music and RnB. Of all time, my favorite musician would be Lil Wayne to be frank. I know that might sound silly but yea,not presently though but he is the only musician I've been really crazy about his music. Like crazy crazy about his music. LOL

DVF:What do you find to be the most attractive quality of a guy?

Khalisha:  The most attractive quality in a guy to me is FOCUSING and not TALKING! too much lol

DVF: And lastly what do you see for the future of your brand in general and what should we be expectant of from you?

Khalisha: I see my brand as being a star brand. I see me becoming a star so my brand and everything that is attached to me will follow suit. I wouldn't tell you what to expect from me but what I would say is I AM BORN TO EXCEL. One step at a time.

DVF: That's awesome hun, I wish you the very best with everything and thanks alot for sharing your story with me.

Khalisha:  You're welcome.


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