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Hey beautiful people, how's your saturday going? I hope fabulous. Emmanuel Adesoyin (Mannie B) is a breathe-taking and eye catching model whose presence is undeniable in the Nigerian Modelling Industry, his body of work includes walking on major runways in Nigeria and outside Nigeria for Top designers and getting published in the world renowed magazine, Vogue

He is also a favourite to many designers across Nigeria, his unique features and captivating photographic presence has stood him apart in the industry and he is only just beginning. 

In his infamous words he says " Watch Out World" which tells us that we are to expect bigger things from him, I first saw Mannie on a major runway event and ever since I have wanted to interview him and I am more than pleased that I got the opportunity to interview him and share his inspirational story with you guys, y'all will for sure love this one. Have a good read guys.

DVF: Hello Mannie, welcome to the DvfStyleCollective. Thanks alot for your time.

Mannie: Hey! No problem, you are much welcome

DVF: Please tell me about yourself ?

Mannie: Well..... My name is Emmanuel Adesoyin, I'm from Ondo State, I am from a family of four, I love basketball, swimming, modelling, travelling and adding value anywhere I go and to anyone I meet.

DVF: Tell me what growing up was like for you?

Mannie: My younger years were quite basic cause I didn't do much, I was so quiet and shy (lol I still am) but I still enjoyed it as it was coupled with funny and awkward experiences, I regret nothing I embrace all my mistakes and flaws they have made me who I am today

DVF: When did you discover your love for modelling and when did you begin to model professionally?

Mannie: Lol I didn't actually discover the love, it just grew overtime and it's still growing, cause trust me it isn't pretty out here in the fashion/model industry, so if you don't have passion (sorry, that word is so clichรฉ in this industry lol) if you don't have the love, it will be very difficult to survive. I began modelling professionally in 2014 about the time I was opportuned to be one of the finalist for the Elite model look 2014

DVF: What was it like being a new model in the field?

Mannie: It is pretty tough, I say it is, cause I am pretty new in the industry, if I must say. Rejection is like the bread and butter in this industry so if you can't handle 'no!' I don't think this is the place for you.

DVF: What were your experiences like at the beginning stages of your career ?

Mannie: As I have said earlier I still think I am pretty new, I haven't even started, I am just opportuned to have done some shows, gone to some places, worked with some designers, know some people. But the best of me is yet to come. Watch out world๐Ÿ˜Š  

DVF: Hahaha.... I am loving this interview already.
So speaking of your beginning, what made you decide to go for the Elite model look competition and what was that experience like for you

 Mannie: It was just like a try, in my mind I was like "let me just try it out and see how it goes, I don't care what happens" , but then before I could even fully grasp what was happening, I got picked among the top 100, then top 60 and finally top 30 and the rest is history. It was one of the best experience of my modelling career, that was a good platform for me and I can never forget it 

DVF: What about competing with others and being judged by people based on certain criteria, was it a situation you were comfortable with or did it kind of scare you ?

Mannie: I was very scared actually, because I generally have a fear for competitions in general, but I still did it cause I love challenges and I like to better myself everyday. But as of right now, I am not trying to be proud but honestly the only competition I see is myself. A better me day by day is enough euphoria and achievement for me 

DVF: You mentioned earlier that you are naturally a shy person for a career like modelling how are you managing to cope with being on the runway where there's alot of focus on you by lots of people and even go into a major competition like Elite model look ?

Mannie: Yes I am naturally shy, but people hardly believe me because they say I am quite outspoken and Confident lol but I know myself, but mehn when I step on the runway I am in another zone entirely, one which I'd like to call, Slay mentality, all I think in that moment when the cameras are clicking, lights are flashing and the audience is watching is just to give my best. So I'm used to it, elite model look prepared me for most of this

DVF: Do you have any mentors that inspire you in the industry?

Mannie: I have so many people that inspire me both in the fashion industry and beyond. They are so numerous to mention. But if I am to mention one of the people who has played a key role in my career, it would be my manager, Mr Ovo Ogufere then I won't also forget to mention my management, Xa! International

DVF: In all fo the different genres and categories of modelling, which is your forte ?, from runway to commercial modelling , fashion modelling (editorial) and photography modelling which is your absolute favourite ? 

Mannie: Well I personally love all of the categories in modelling but I specialise in Fashion modelling which covers both Runway and editorials but I find commercial quite challenging cause I hardly smile 

DVF: (Laughs) well, if I may, your poker face is really cool. 

So which designer have you modelled for that you absolutely loved his designs and would love to work with over and over again ?

Mannie: That would be Adebayo Okey-Lawal of Orange Culture, because he was the first major designer to give me a head start in my modelling career, he is a very nice person, supportive and willing to give me advice anytime. 

DVF: I know you have done so many, many shoots but is there any particular one that stands out for you and why? 

Mannie: I can't really say cause I have done a couple, every shoot I am involed in makes me better and eventually stands me out overtime

DVF: When you are not busy working, what are you most likely to be caught doing? 

Mannie: I am most likely going to be caught talking with my friends and loved ones, listening to music and sleeping I love my sleep

DVF: Obviously you have a really good body and physique, how do you keep fit? 

Mannie: I love to pray, drink water, play basketball and swim
DVF: What does your family think about your modelling career?

Mannie: They have been quite supportive, I owe part of my growth and achievement to my family

DVF: That's so cool. So tell me what fashion means to you and how would you describe your style?

Mannie: Fashion to me is one of the best expressions of art. My style is just basic and effortless I try hard not to try too hard lol if you know what I mean  

 DVF: So far working in the fashion industry, any regrets?

Mannie: No regrets whatsoever

DVF: Asides from being a model, what other part of the entertainment industry do you have eyes for?

Mannie: (Laughs) I won't let the cat out of the bag yet, watch out world :) 

DVF: What is the one skill you have that people generally do not know about you?

Mannie: I have a skill in hat wearing and sleeping 

DVF: Do you prefer working alone or do you enjoy working with other models in the field?

Mannie: Team work is best anytime any day
DVF: In the industry generally, do you think that there's bound to be competition amongst models?

Mannie: Ofcourse there should be and of course there is but it should be healthy because it makes us grow and become better

DVF: Do you have limitations? for example would you be willing to do nude photography or not, what's your take on that ?

Mannie: I really have a limitation, for now atleast, but nude photography is an artistic expression that I appreciate and it should be explored, just as long as the subject feels comfortable in doing it 

DVF: Which international designer would you absolutely love to model for? 

Mannie: Balmain and Calvin Klein 

DVF: So do you see modelling as a career that you're willing to dedicate most of your life to or a career you will focus on for a while before branching out into other fields?

Mannie: (Laughs) good question, only time will tell that, I will keep you posted

DVF: What is the craziest thing being a model has got you to do that probably on your own you wouldn't have done? 

Mannie: Getting to know and discover myself even more

DVF: What has changed about yourself now that you're a model as compared to back when you were just the boy next door?

Mannie: A lot! how I see myself, how I see life, how I have finally come to know myself and be the best of me.

DVF: What are your personal likes and dislikes?

Mannie: I would say movies, but I hardly have time these days, so I would say basketball and travelling cause I always find time and as for my dislike, I hate being put in a box 

DVF: As a model what are the things you can say you dislike or would like them to improve on in the fashion industry?

Mannie: I dislike the unnecessary drama and hate and people that aren't straight forward

DVF: Awesome, so I have a few random fun questions for you, (smiles)

If you somehow, God forbid, fell down on the runway what would you do?

Mannie: (Laughs) the show goes on, I will get up and continue like nothing happened, just basically act like it was part of the show

DVF: If you had the chance to, what's the one thing you would you do to make the world a better place?

Mannie: Hmmn I really need to think about that cause not one man can change the world, but I feel like knowledge is key... So I will definitely teach and motivate people 

DVF: What is your biggest pet peeve?  

Mannie: Hypocrites 

DVF: If you could change your hair colour what colour would you change it to? 

Mannie: Golden 

DVF: What is your body statistics?

Mannie: Height: 6'2, Chest: 38, waist: 32, shoes: 46 

DVF: What are your guilty pleasures when it comes to food?

Mannie: I eat anything (laughs)

DVF: What type of music do you listen to and who is your favourite artist ? 

Mannie: I don't have any favourite artist, I love south african house and any hip -hop

DVF: You were one of the top and most prominent faces at the recently concluded Men's Fashion week Nigeria, which designer was your absolute favourite to walk the runway for ?

Mannie: All designers I worked with had their strong points its hard for me to pick a favorite

DVF: You were the creative director for a shoot with a few other models, tell me your inspiration behind the creative direction you took and what you had in mind when putting it all together

Mannie: The shoot was just to showcase models to watch out for in the Mens Fashion Week Nigeria and it was a worthwhile experience because everyone one of us had a distinct quality, nobody was like any other. 

What I had in mind was to do something different, something that will be controversial, I wanted it to be appealing to viewers here and abroad

DVF: Is creative directing something you have always known you could do or did you just decide to try your hands on it ?

Mannie: Creative directing just came naturally to me and I just decided to play around it

DVF : That's lovely , I saw a couple of photos of you and another model in Orange Culture that got featured in Vogue magazine, how did that make you feel at that moment in time ?

Mannie: It was a very uplifting and happy moment, I am still very thankful to God for it ๐Ÿ˜Š

DVF: Finally as a model what are your goals, how do you intend to progress in the field and what should we expect from your brand?
Mannie: My goal is to make an impact in the fashion industry both home and abroad. I hope to be a source of encouragement and inspiration to whoever I can.
You should expect surprises, lots of surprises
Watch out world :)

DVF: (Smiles) that's awesome, I wish you the best with everything and thank you for sharing your story with me.

Mannie: You are welcome Davis, thanks for your time and interest too. Wish you the best in all your endeavors


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