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Hey beautiful people, how are y'all doing this lovely evening? 
I trust y'all had a lovely day. So it's been a while and I am excited to be here with y'all again. I interviewed top Nigerian model, Oluwafemi James Rasaq who is an outstanding model, you guys know how much I love models and appreciate them and Oluwafemi is one of those models who amidst other models still stands out, his charisma and fluidity on the runway are un-missable and I am super excited that I got to interview him and to be able to share it with you all. 
Have a lovely read every one.


DVF: So tell me about yourself and background?

Femi: My name is Oluwafemi James Rasaq James, firstborn of a family of three and a native of Ijebu ode, Ogun state. I was raised by a single parent, My mom (Idowu Oshikoya). I attended Adeola Odutola College in Ijebu ode and later moved to Ogunmude college to conclude my studies. I'm presently in pursuit of my higher education alongside my career in entertainment as a Fashion model.

I am also a fire Engineer and have experience as a professional barber.

I like working out and attending church.

DVF: Tell me what growing up was like for you?

Femi: I grew up to be an adventurous, and sanguine personality due to a change of environment. I was born in Lagos but due to a change of job, my parents relocated to Ijebu Ode. Hence, I did my primary and secondary education there and then later moved back to Lagos to do my tertiary education. 

My experience as a young boy growing up in Ijebu ode was strictly under the parental control of a religious and cautious parent. Back then, my the routine was from home to school, from school back home. 

But as a friendly person, I still had friends whom I managed to mingle with but the strict indoor rules of my parents still in a way affected my personality, after those experiences, my coming back to Lagos to study allowed me to make some fresh memories because by then I started to witness another dimension of civilization and what being an adult was all about like hustling all alone without anybody to lean on or ask for money, that definitely was one of the most horrific experiences I had growing up

DVF:  Wow... sorry to hear that amidst all of this when and how did you find your love for modeling and when did you go into it professionally?

Femi:  I fell in love with photography and modeling when I was very young, at the age of 13years, I used to visit a Photo studio back then with my Sunday outfits every time and I would get my pictures taken lol but when I started my modeling career was early 2015, a love for professional photography and modeling grew in me and I started working towards doing a shoot because to become a model obviously you can't make do without proper professional photoshoots.
 My first professional photo shoot was with Ayo Alasi, June 18, 2015.


DVF: I love the photo, I love the African referral to it, generally you have that very catchy look that screams black beauty. Love it, so tell me what the experience was like for you doing a shoot on such a professional scale for the first time?

Femi: For the first time doing a professional shoot, the experience was incredible.

I was so nervous before that shoot, then my agency' manager(Mr. Ovo Ogufere) came and said to me " Oluwafemi don't be scared of mistakes, it's your first shoot, just enjoy it). Those words restored my confidence to just do my thing.
But I was surprised when the photos from the shoot came out and people really liked them and me also I was able to learn from that experience.

DVF:  I like that, it's great to have people around to inspire us when we need it. What came next for you after that shoot, how did you meet Mr. Ovo Ogufere and how did you get signed into his agency?

Femi: After that shoot, my modeling career began to rise, from my images friends and families started to understand what I am into ( Modelling). I began to gain their supports and good wishes and that really inclined my will and improved my confidence
I met Mr. Ovo Ogufere at my former place of work (Bliss salon) where he frequently visited as a customer to have his hair cut and styled and occasionally he came with some of his models and then one day I just enquired from him about how I could join since I perceived he had something to do with modeling, then I learned from him that he had an agency and tutored models, so I made a decision to join and it has been progressive ever since

DVF:  That's such a nice story. I love how it all came together nicely for you.
What has been your biggest challenge so far as a model? What are your biggest fears or worries about this career path that you have chosen and what is your family's take on all of this?
Femi: I would say the biggest challenge is the inability of event organizers to pay models their due wage and fear that as my status increases and I meet more people I may not be able to give attention to all that matters and as for my family,
they are in full support because they trust my decisions and inspire me to do more   

 DVF:  Do you have models you look up to in the industry for mentorship or inspiration? 

Femi: Staniel V Ferreira and Angel Gensen Beugre are both inspirations to me especially because of their unique styles   

DVF: As a model, what are the qualities or characteristics that you think makes you stand out, that any and everyone who works with you in one way or the other would always remember you by?

Femi: That should be my personality and my blessed unique body. 
I always try to give my best at work and I'm always willing to learn and listen to everyone who works with me thereby making myself very easy to work with.

DVF: How has your life changed now that you're a professional model in comparison to when you were just Oluwafemi the boy next door? 

Femi: I have not changed, I'm still Oluwafemi lol but I see things differently now. As a professional model, I have learned to respect myself first, which also influences how I treat people with true respect. It also started affecting the way I take care of my body and my communication skills have improved a lot and changed from how it was back then

DVF: Since your modeling career kicked off, what time or event would you describe as your biggest high highs and your lowest lows?

Femi: My biggest high highs was Men's Fashion Week Nigeria 2016. I had fun and it was a successful show compared to other past shows that I have walked the runway. Lowest lows was a show I had out of Nigeria, it was so hard for me to work with them

DVF:  How do you keep fit? Do you diet or just work out?

Femi: I Work out, four or five times a week.

DVF: As a model, you are sometimes placed in a few awkward situations like shooting nude photography or modeling underwear on the runway, how would or how do you handle such a situation? 

Femi: It's easy for a professional Model because you know where and when to venture into certain things and when not to
DVF: During the men's fashion week, which designer was your absolute favorite to model for because of your genuine love for his designs?

Femi: Men's fashion week Nigeria was a nice show, which featured many talented designers. Ugo Monye, JB Hounyov, Big Ben Kilani, Estella Couture, Loyce King, Blaq, John Caulcrick, Barros and Palse from SA, I was blessed to work with them all
DVF: Asides from modeling, is there any other aspect of the entertainment industry that you would like to venture into?

Femi: Yes! The Movie industry

DVF: What is the one challenge that models face in the industry that you think the public is oblivious to and only an actual professional model would know about?

Femi: People outside the industry, think that having a pretty face, good height and a slim physique, makes for an instant successful modeling career, NO!
It is much more than just the looks or the talent, it takes hard work, intelligence, patience, sacrifice, loyalty, etc. Those are things that make for a real model

DVF: As a model do you agree that you are part of a culture that celebrates perfection in terms of beauty and physique, which can sometimes push people who look up to you guys to go through extreme measures to possibly gain that same level of perfection?

Femi: I don't really agree with such a culture, because I believe we are all created in our own uniqueness, we are made of different shapes and sizes.
So instead of going for an extreme push to become someone else or to get what you don't have, why not LOVE and have CONFIDENCE in yourself, then use work out to get the best of your body type, this will help to BRING out your own perfection.
Plus-size models are really killing the Runway/fashion shows nowadays.
Even professional fashion models face the pressure of rejection too, but they are bold and also understand how to carry themselves with confidence to clients and the world at Large.

DVF: Would you describe your look as perfect?
Femi:  YES! my own kind of perfection

DVF: As a model do you have a say when it comes to the way clothes are styled on you or the creative direction, you would present a look during shoots or runway?

Femi: No! That is the work of stylists or designers. Most of the times models listen to their creative direction.

DVF: Lastly what are your hopes and future goals in this industry?
Femi: That is to have my own legacy in the fashion industry. The kind that people will see in the next thirty (30) years and they will still recall the name Oluwafemi James.
DVF: Amazing response... thanks a lot for this interview and sharing your story with me.
Femi: You are welcome.

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  1. Wow! It's unusual to see African models with such creativity from beautiful pictures and style. I vouch for you, African Model representative. Keep it up

  2. Nice and inspiring story, you are just starting and I know you are going to make the legacy you dreamt of.

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