Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hey guys.. Happy Tuesday lol ... It's a sunny day down here in Abuja, Nigeria .How is your day going? So I have been busy lol and yeah I know, that's a good thing but it also has been stressful and I know that I am just getting started so I am basically bracing myself up for more stress lol . I was the official blogger of a major sales / Funfair event here in the city of Abuja called the Abuja500 , so basically lots of retail stores /vendors bought stands at the event organised by Muhseen to sell their products from clothes, shoes, accesories ,food, drinks, pastries and a whole bunch of other things for 500 naira or less, it truly was a recession free event lol .

The event was held on a sunday ,so first of all me and the family went to church , we attend COZA (The common wealth of Zion Assembly) and we have about four thousand members in attendance to church every sunday, not certain that figure is correct but I am sure it is just about right, anywho because of the large membership and visitors , my family usually wakes up at around 5am every sunday and then try to get to church about 7am so we could catch and keep our seats since we love to sit within the first four rows in the middle section of church lol. Most times we are never fully dressed up or ready before we all get ourselves into the car and leave home so imagine the chaos it was for me that morning getting ready and packing my spare clothes for the Abuja 500 event after church. Well admist all of that mess lol I ended up forgetting to pick up extra shoes to use at the event after church and I didn't even realise until church had ended and we had arrived at the venue of the Abuja500 which by the way was at MAITAMA AMUSEMENT PARK  .

So by then it was already too late and I had on corporate shoes and my outfit to church was definitely not something I could wear to an event where I was going to be working and everyone would be coming looking all casual-chic lol and I couldn't use my corporate shoes with my t-shirt and joggers lol , not sure if I should say luckily or thankfully but there was a pair of slippers in the boot of our car and I just wore them cause I couldn't careless but I told my aunt to please bring my sneakers for me when she was coming to the event later in the day.

But before she came with my shoes way later on during the day I was stuck with the slippers lol


I definitely didn't like it but I had no choice and there was no shame in my game lol I just accepted my fate and people really seemed not to care if they did, no one told me lol anyways so enough about me and my slippers lol let's get back to the event.

The event started out with vendors coming in early and setting up their stalls and getting ready especially those that were into food, pastries, small chops, drinks and smoothies, everyone was busy and Ruth and I immediately started out making videos and taking photos, lol BIG UPS to Ruth for being part of my blogger team for the day lol, so I had to introduce myself to each and every single vendor as the official blogger of the event and let them know why I was making videos and taking photos of their products . When we arrived at the venue we were welcomed by the very friendly faces of GIG UNIVERSE CEO of Chokes by GIG and the FREE WIFI GUY .
So we got seated with them in between their stands and it was so much fun with them, Ruth and I got to scream to people that were arriving to connect to the free wifi and also invite ladies to buy the stylish Chokers from GIG UNIVERSE  

Her chokers by the way are really awesome and unique.

I was live on instagram and from my live feed a few people got interested and actually came over to the event which was so cool to me and also I met a few people who actually approached me about knowing me through instagram like Zinariya


The camera actually caught me alot of times whilst I was busy taking pictures and making videos by the way I will not be sharing my personal videos here but on my YOUTUBE channel. I was so busy and all over the place that suddenly I couldn't careless that I was in slippers lol.


There was so many fun stuff at the event, alot of kid friendly stuff also especially since the event was held in an amusement park, in the above photo that was a planking contest/challenge to see which of them could last longer than the rest and the winner got a prize, well a lady won lol anyways there was just one guy man enough to take on this challenge haha! I would like to say that he really did try and came third


Then there was the dance performances as well as little fun dance alongs presented by BURN OUT STUDIOS  in collaboration with TRU DANCE ART there was a leader and everyone else followed his lead and dance moves, it was so much fun to watch and kids ran to join in on the fun and for me that was the best part of it all lol

Next was TRU DANCE ART , they first of all began with a mind blowing hip hop/ Rnb performance infused with a bit of banging naija pop tunes
from a few of the guys from their group before delving into dance proper and the rest of the team memebers joined in

Later there was a sizzling hot salsa performance by two of the TRU DANCE ART members , they were so romantic, in sync and beautiful to watch, they had so much synergy and sexiness all at once, it was awesome and we all got really hyped lol

Then there was a Yoga presentation by BODYROX FITNESS STUDIO with an audience member and they were actually impressive, the instructor was good, like generally in Nigeria there are some things we generally rate as too modern or too western and not for us and for years Yoga was definitely part of that but it is great to see how much Nigerians have evolved and are appreciative of stuff like this because they really are necessary

So still in the spirit of fun there was a tug of war contest by the most buff/ fit men in the audience against the BODYROX FITNESS STUDIO TEAM and it was so much fun to watch, it was really a tug of war because each side wouldn't give up for the other and it was even more exciting for Ruth and I because our friend Rodney was part of the audience members team and was leading them in front, he pulled that rope really well I must say, Ruth and I were so surprised, it literally looked like he was doing all the work lol even though he wasn't but damn! he killed it because you could literally see him using his shoulders and hands to pull back every time the BODYROX TEAM seemed like they were about to win and as far as I am concerned there wasn't a winner in this round because the two teams met right at the middle , no one gave up for the other .


By the way Rodney is an amazing photographer whose creative skills with photos are mind blowing, I recently interviewed him and if you are interested in checking that out, click HERE  .



Moving on, the ladies weren't left out in the tug of war fun they also had a round and it was hillarious to see them struggling and to see one team completely pull the other all the way to their side and then won before also all falling down lol

There was so much fun games and every time a person or group of people won a game, they won a gift or gifts. At this point my aunt had gotten back with my shoes and so I had to run all the way to the car


So when I first of all heard about Abuja 500 I thought to myself when I get there I am going to eat as much as I possibly can and taste everything from every vendor but sadly being busy kind of took away all of that appetite and I ended up tasting just a few stuff .

The first vendor Ruth and I went to when we arrived before the event started was the food truck STREAT WIZE CHEF
and I even got to meet one of the owners PAUL RITZY and had a discussion with him before moving to other vendors like MIKAZZI BRACELETS

and the other vendors..

there was so much deliciousness and beauty around us and every single one of the vendors were super awesome and welcoming to us.

 I have to say that SUYA GIRL had alot of customers and patronisers, I had no idea people loved Bole this much


 Another well patronised vendor was SLIM BROOKES and I cannot claim not to know why lol because I really enjoyed her small chops, sadly by the second time Ruth and I went to get another plate of her deliciousness , it was finished that is how much traffic she got lol

 This man right here was the coolest to me, whilst I was live on instagram  I got to his stall and he was like have you had something to eat ? and truth be told by then I hadn't eaten a thing and so I replied ''No and he was like "here, have this, cause even a blogger has to eat" lol he gave me two grilled stick chickens, that was really nice of him, thinking about all of these makes me so mad that I covered all of this action but live on instagram and not saved on my phone so I could have used all of that in my youtube vlog


I didn't get to taste their sandwiches but I was standing right next to their stand alot of times and the feed back from people who were buying certainly were pleased lol .

I love how Abuja people come out to slay like even at an event like this that should just be super chilled, everyone came looking really stylish in their casual looks

from the guys to the ladies, women and kids, everyone came looking Lit

also I loved the fact that people actually came with the intention of buying stuff and with a fun attitude, there was a stand where the lady sold clothes and shoes and within three hours ,she was sold out. People participated really well in every activity and volunteered every time the Mc called out for people even in some like the tug of war games , he had to go forecefully pick people to come join the fun lol


I love to dance and have fun dancing so I really let loose and just have fun so right from the moment the Dj came on and started to play, you can trust that I started to dance lol and cool enough we had two Dj's

DJ BURNA as the resident DJ of the event and DJ DAN assiting her, so DJ BURNA arrived a liitle late but she came, DJ DAN was filling in for her untill she came and then took over.

When it got late and the event was almost done and the MC was announcing the winners of the raffle draw and doing give aways, DJ BURNA took things to another level and we all started to dance and that was my favourite part of the event cause I got to dance alot and watch others dance, I even enjoyed some dance time with memebers of the TRU DANCE ART AND BURN OUT STUDIOS crew members , Woooo .... I danced my ass out lol and even got in on the give away action and won a 1000 food voucher for JUMIA FOOD NG  which by the way I have used  to order a sharwarma lol and it was really good.


 Rain Vedutti was one of the official photographers of the event, he came with his team and they took most of the incredible photos in this post.

And there's Opas, another of the photographers at the event, he also took alot of the photos on this post before ending this blog post let me share with you guys my favourite dancer in all of the dancers that performed lol


 NAOMI  is an amazing and breathe taking dancer ,she has so much energy and fire lol she moves so effortlessly to the beat and the moves come naturally to her, you can tell that this is what she lives for. I found myself screaming on top of my voice and cheering for her everytime she was dancing lol, you guys can check her instagram out by clicking on her name and watch her awesome dance videos .

Thank you so much for reading or checking this post out guys, thanks to the entire ABUJA500 team and especially MUHSEEN for the opportunity and thanks to all the amazing vendors. For the full list of the amazing vendors y'all should please click HERE and if you were one of the vendors that I couldn't figure out or find your names, I am deeply sorry but still appreciative of y'all. Bye for now guys and don't forget to check my vlog channel for the ABUJA 500 VLOG by clicking HERE


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