Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hey beautiful people, how are y'all doing today? Hope great!... So it literally took me a month to finally be able to make this post but part of that is because of the fact that I was waiting for the release of the photos from the official photographer (Lemmy Vedutti ) and he took his time before finally releasing the photos on his blog.

We all understand how it is with photographers , they are always busy and when they handle a lot of projects almost at the same time, it is almost impossible to get your own project at the timing you would like so you best be ready to exercise patience, prior to the release of the photos there were singles being released here and there by Lemmy but I wanted to have as much photos as possible to my disposal so I can pick photos for this post that I actually love and not because of those are the photos that are available to me.

Anyways  enough of that let's get down to business, The capital hub is a hub that is in the capital city of Nigeria (Abuja) just like it's name suggests, it's a shopping complex filled with various retailers that provide a diverse range of services and products. I have discussed a lot more about the Capital hub in a previous post and you can check out that post HERE.

The first time I heard about the Atrium Sales,  I rushed to GOOGLE to find out what "Atrium " means and the definition is actually "a no brainer " considering the architectural design of the capital hub but when certain words aren't often used in our daily vocabulary, we tend to never actually know that they exist and never learn what they mean so I am always excited when I hear words being used for the first time and getting to know what they mean .

The Atrium Sales hosted by The Capital Hub is an event where vendors from all over Nigeria especially vendors whose businesses are focused on food and fashion retailing come together under one hub to sell their products and services at low rates. I was super excited to be the official blogger for the event, this was my second event being it's official blogger at the entrance there was a banner set up with the logos of all the vendors on it for people to stop by and take photos by the official photographer of the event LEMMY VEDUTTI  

assisted by WH33ZARD and y'all can bet that I joined in on the fun even though my photos sadly seem to have not make the cut for the official pictures released by the photographer on his BLOG but I have the ones taken with my phone


For me one of the most fun and yet scariest aspects of being an event blogger is seeing the reaction on people's faces when I have to walk up to their stands and introduce myself as the official blogger for the event (so they could get comfortable around me making my YouTube vlogs and taking photos of them and their products ) you get a lot of death stares and questions like " what exactly will you be doing? What is the name of your blog and then some people' reactions are "What? Oh so you're a blogger? And the coolest reaction I have ever gotten was at the Atrium Sales when I visited the stand of IMANI LIVING

she sells a wide range of luxury perfumes, bags, glasses and turbans Ugh!! Oh how I loved her perfume collection anyway Immediately I got to her stand she smiled and said "Hi and I said that I was the event blogger and she was like "Oh cool, well blog blog away" and just those few cute words boasted my confidence and I was able to navigate confidently through to all the other vendors.

Right after the introductions, I stopped by the MIX AND SHAKES BY BEEBA STAND to get a milk shake and it was definitely what I needed as I had just arrived from the scorching Abuja sun and was literally on fire, it was ice cold, refreshing and best of all it had a mash mellow , I definitely enjoyed it

My favorite stand was the LE OPATITY stand , when I mentioned earlier that retailers come from all over Nigeria for the Atrium Sales I actually wasn't kidding. The Le Opatity brand is a personal shopper and a retail brand that is owned by Stylist and Fashion enthusiast Itohan Omokaro and she came all the way from Warri, Nigeria for the Atrium Sales, she was so warm and welcoming and took I and Ruth photos at her stand with her Instagram frame photo booth and they turned out to be really lovely photos

 we got talking a little and whilst we were doing all of that I went live on Instagram and she joined me in saying Hi to everyone on my live feed for a little then gave me a kiss on my cheek, even now thinking about it I'm just so sad that she did that when I was live and you guys know that Instagram live ain't like that of Facebook where the live feed video automatically saves on your timeline so I have no proof of that kiss except for those who were watching my live feed but it did happen.

I was so in love with what she wore she stood out completely from all other vendors from her hair and makeup to her oh so fabulous outfit, I was in awe of the beautiful floral piece that she styled with denim pants, her lapel top is by designer BLOOM BY FADE

I was so excited when she let me take photos of her, her friends and people that stopped by her stand with her camera which she told me was the birthday gift she gave to herself on her last birthday 🎂 Oh how I want a professional camera 😢

There were so many vendors and people, it was almost hard to keep up, just like the Abuja500 event this was very much family and friends oriented also and I loved seeing that were kids stuff on sale.. from onesie's to cute kid sockings and also kid toys. There were so many vendors from food vendors to women/men clothing and since the event wasn't too far off from the valentine period there was also so many great gifting items on sales.

There also was so much Cake 🎂 dear Lord, I wish I could try every single one of them but I have a stomach ache whenever I have too much cake so I was only able to eat one of the cakes and it was a red velvet delight of yummyness from REDVELVETCAKESPLUS  sadly I didn't take photos of my slice of cake because I was in such a rush to eat it (laughs)
My lovely friend AMINA joined me late for the event almost towards night and we had more drinks from MIX AND SHAKES BY BEEBA I had the lemonades and she had the Chapman's later on two of her friends came to meet us up and we had a sipping party as I like to call it .

One of my favorite parts of the Atrium Sales was seeing the fireworks that were thrown in the sky at the end, it was such a beautiful way to bring the party to an end, there was this vendor who literally almost jumped out of her own skin when the first firework sound went off because of how unexpected and loud it was she ran so fast outside and we were all too busy laughing to tell her that it was just fireworks but she eventually saw it for herself and joined in on the laughter and oh it literally became a party because there was a DJ booth set up and the DJ towards the end got us all turnt with the music and soon mothers were dancing with their kids
and people were set up in groups dancing around themselves, we sure had a jolly good time but I think what mattered to me the most was the overall success of the Atrium Sales. .
I can boldly say that every vendor sold more than they had expected to, I got to witness a whole lot of stuff being sold at the Le Opatity stand and her level of sales already has her pumped and excited for the next Atrium Sales and so am I because this was such a great platform for me as a blogger,

 I got to meet a lot of people who are interested in what I do and and who had proposals for future events and things of the sort so I also cannot wait for the next Atrium Sales. That's all about the amazing Capital hubs Atrium Sales,  I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, thanks a lot for stopping by and Chao!! 👋



P.S everything written in capital letter is a link.

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  1. It definitely sounds like an amazing event... Even though I missed it,I now know everything that happened

  2. Thanks alot for your comments guys... glad y'all enjoyed this post

  3. WOW! Such detailed documentation of the event. I wasn't there but I feel like I was. Kudos Davisfierce...enjoy your weekend.


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