Monday, April 17, 2017

Hey beautiful people, how are y'all doing? Happy Easter Holiday guys, I hope the holiday has been fun for y'all. I have here a fascinating new interview with the audacious Tosan Dudun.

Now just in case you're a Nigerian and don't know him, he is one of if not the most photographed male models in our country, ever since he became a model he has become one of the most famous male models and you can easily find him killing it on runways and in the lenses of some of the best Nigerian photographers.

Since I first came across Tosan on social media, I have been intrigued by his unique photos, poses, and the devastatingly powerful way he lures you into a photo without you even realizing it, so you can imagine my excitement when I was able to interview him. I enjoyed this interview so much that I was literally heartbroken when it was over and I just hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Have a lovely read every one. 

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective, please tell me about yourself?

Tosan: My name is Oritsematosan Dudun. I am Nigerian, from Delta state, a native of the Itsekiri tribe, raised from a Christian home, from a family of seven living in the city of Lagos, the first of five (5) kids. 

I am an introverted extrovert, I love meeting new people and experiencing different lifestyles, I am
also very blunt when it comes down to real talk time. I can't do
without music and food, sometimes I am an old man and a young man so expect different levels of reactions from me.

I ran my primary, secondary, and university education in Nigeria. I am an energized person who is friendly, warm, creative, full of adventure, and fearless. I love the spotlight, it feels like I naturally know how to captivate, entertain, and intrigue an audience. I am Sagittarius by nature and an active communicator, I love to travel and I value honesty.

DVF: What were you like as a kid and what are your fondest childhood memories?

Tosan: As a kid, I was very shy and all over the place as I loved playing and making fun of myself. I could die for video games and football. I also remember dancing and doing all sort of entertainment activities, I had lots of friends due to my playful personality especially with the ladies. I was shy but adventurous, moved from one school to
another, the most vivid childhood memory I recall is being referred to as former President Obasanjo's son because at the time, according to my family members I was ugly 

DVF: When and how did you discover your love for modeling? Was there a moment of epiphany or did your passion for it grow with time?

Tosan: I didn't see what I was getting into as modeling back then, I just wanted to be noticed and appreciated for being somebody. Growing up... I was exposed to entertainment television and I watched men and women in all areas of entertainment being praised for having nice body structures.

I started praying and working towards achieving my desire. (Moments Of Epiphany was Noticed). My love for modeling is renewed every day... I am a slave to it.

DVF: When and how did you officially enter the modeling industry? What was your start like and what were your experiences like being fresh in the modeling industry?

Tosan: I started my career in modeling professionally in August of 2014. I actually left school for modeling because my grades were dropping and I didn't want to waste any further time.

A thought occurred to me that I could use my image to create a steady income for myself, I was already used to getting attention from people when I walked by or was in the public because of my look and physique.

I got introduced to Apple house modeling school where I was taught how to catwalk and sell fashion items as a model. I met inspirational friends who gave me bits and hints concerning my looks and style. I took it in and worked on myself day and night

Being fresh in the industry didn't bother me because I knew I belonged here and it was a matter of time before the recognition started coming in and it has been a roller coaster since then.

DVF: What does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style? 

Tosan: To me fashion is just such a vast lifestyle and when it comes to my style, easy does it for me, I personally don't like to complicate matters

DVF: So I studied your body of work and I noticed that a lot of your photoshoots have very strong artistic referrals to them, naturally you have very strong distinct features that translate beautifully in artistic photos and that got me wondering if you intentionally worked towards achieving such creative /artistic shoots or if they came organically to you? 

Tosan:  The creative\Artistic shoots come naturally but at the same time intentional. I am open to such ideas of photography because I organically feel it is the right thing to engage in

DVF: Still on the creative aspect... you have done quite a lot of nude /semi-nude photography, how do you feel about it in general, are you comfortable with it and what was it like doing it for the first time?

Tosan: I am a naturist and I just see it as normal because most times I am seen without clothes at home, being nude makes me feel earthly and free, so doing nude shoots is nothing to me as it is my major strength in the entertainment industry. My body is my market

DVF: Speaking about your body... you're very fit and from the workout videos you post on your social media, you also obviously have a love for it, did your work out journey begin when you started modeling or is it a lifestyle that you have always been involved with and what exercises routines are you most likely to be caught doing? 

Tosan: I am the able one, I love to feel fit as it lifts up one's self-esteem, makes clothes look good on you, and so on. I am also a fitness instructor and health educator, I don't do anything extraordinary because I am naturally endowed... I just do the basics of exercise which are push-ups, squats, and aerobics. I don't use the gym often, I use my body weight to work out, I believe my body is my own gym

DVF: You have been in the industry and worked with a lot of powerhouses designer names and brands, you definitely know a lot about how things are generally done in the fashion industry, so in your opinion do you think models are given or should be given much of a say on how things should be styled on them? 

Tosan: (NO) I don't feel like a model is supposed to have a say, just rock and market whatever is given to you or placed on you well, cause that is your job as a model

DVF: What is your take on models who go through extreme lengths like starvation and things of the sort all in the name of getting that "perfect /Ideal modeling body"

Tosan: Well I believe, first of all, a model male or female should know which areas he or she fits in on modeling. You don't need to starve or be underweight, but if you feel that is the way you want to go about it, it's fine as long as you get what you want  

DVF: What is the one challenge that models face in the industry that you think the public is oblivious to?

Tosan: The public mostly believes that we models are wealthy at least they are right to believe so. But the reverse is the case sometimes because of corruption is too much (laughs)

DVF: What has modeling helped you to discover about yourself that you might not have realized on your own?

Tosan: Modelling helped me in many ways and still is, cause I get to travel, see places, and at the same time being able to offer my services. It has also helped me to be influential 

DVF: What has significantly changed about your life since you became a model compared to back when all there was, was the dream?

Tosan: Nothing has changed, I am still a child at heart. Like I mentioned earlier I have always been popular but now it's just on a large scale. 

DVF: What are your passions outside of the modeling world and do you plan on pursuing them equally as career paths?  

Tosan: A lot. Sports, acting, teaching, medicine. I am currently pursuing a career in sports as I play basketball and American football for the Lagos marines. Education-wise, I would love to get a degree in P.H.E ( physical health education).

DVF: I know you have been through a whole lot of photographers and shoots but has any particular photographer or shoot stood out for you? 

Tosan: None yet, I am still hungry for good photography

DVF: What is the number thing you believe every male model should have to succeed in the industry? 

Tosan: A good height

DVF: When you're not busy working or working out (laughs), what would you most likely be doing? 

Tosan: Playing video games, you can also find me at the outdoors by myself or with friends just listening or playing around.

DVF: How does it feel when you get recognized for your talent/work, for example, seeing a self-portrait of yourself being displayed for everyone to see, does that give you a feeling of fulfillment?

Tosan: It's not exactly the way I see myself that I am portrayed as in the portrait but yes it does give me a sense of fulfillment, I love it but the portrait and the guy looking at the portrait are two different people

DVF: Why are they two different persons and not just one when they are both you?

Tosan: It's just that I transform so much in pictures and sometimes people don't even realize that it's me and also my personality in my pictures are different from who I really am in person

DVF: Really? So what are you really like in person?

Tosan: In my pictures, I am a man but in person, I am a child

DVF: Okay so I am going to be asking you a few random questions. Firstly what is your daily routine?

Tosan: I don't do routines.

DVF: What's your favorite color? 

Tosan: Purple, red, and blue.

DVF: What is the craziest thing you have done this year?

Tosan: I walked naked on the beach.

DVF: What kind of music do you listen to?

Tosan: All genres of music

DVF: If you were not a model what would you be? 

Tosan: An Athlete

DVF: Do you dance? If yes! what style of dance are you good at? 

Tosan: I can dance any kind apart from break dancing (laughs)

DVF: When you are on the runway how do you handle the crowd? Do you ever get shy especially if you are modeling a design you naturally would not wear? 

Tosan: I love the spotlight and crowd, they feed my ego. I am never shy.

DVF: Have you ever done underwear modeling on the runway? If yes how did you handle it?

Tosan: Yes on RipTheRunway Nigeria, it was the best to me as I was given a five-star treatment for my openness and boldness

DVF: Which designer would you say has been your absolute favorite to walk the runway for based on how much you loved the clothes and the creative direction of the brand? 

Tosan: None yet

DVF: As a model do you agree that you are part of a culture that celebrates perfection in terms of beauty and physique, which can sometimes push people who look up to you guys to go through extreme lengths to possibly gain that same level of perfection?

Tosan: Yeah it is normal to celebrate the beauty of one's physique and body structure, it was earned as a result of hard work. I also looked up to Tyson Beckford but the key thing that I took out of that was just for me to really work hard on my body to get fit, the issue is when you then want to look exactly like the model or person you admire because you think they are perfect when in reality no man or woman can be said to be perfect, so my advice is just to work on bettering yourself

DVF: What are your plans/goals for the future in your career and what should we be expectant of from the "Tosan Dudun " brand? What legacy or mark would you like to leave behind in the modeling industry?

Tosan: The future is now, so everything that you see is what is expectant. I just want to be remembered as someone that made all happy while doing my job plus I want my image to be sculpted. 

I'm I vain? 

 DVF: (Laughs) Certainly not in my book, you're not! Thank you so much for your time and for this lovely interview.

Tosan: Thank you too.



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  1. I sincerely did not want the interview to end, Tosan Dudun you are truly breathe-taking

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