THE ABUJA500 2.0

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hey beautiful people, good day! How's your week been so far? Mine's been stressful and the worst part is that I am going to be a lot more stressed as the month progresses because I will be getting ready for my upcoming exams, anyways enough about me... I hope y'all are fine.

The Abuja 500 is a fun fair event that started on the 29th of January this year and due to the current recession Nigeria is going through, it is popularly known as a recession free event because , people and vendors all come together to sell every and anything they can for the price of just 500 Naira and you can find stuff like food vendors, clothes, fashion accessories and lots more. The first and launch edition was an amazing one, I was  official blogger for the first and obviously for this second edition too and to check out my blog post on the first edition and gain more knowledge about what the Abuja500 is really about click HERE . So what I do is to basically take over their Instagram, go live, make insta-stories and then eventually also blog about the event.  Same as the first edition, the event was held at MAITAMA AMUSEMENT PARK ABUJA on a Sunday and I arrived a little past 1 am and it was a real mess, it had to be have been one of the sunniest and hottest days in Abuja, it was really sunny and the sun was literally melting people's lives . I got sun burnt and my face turned very red, I was so embarrassed. When I arrived I was welcomed by the smiling face of THE FREE WIFI GUY

and his friend WALKINGPICTURES PHOTOGRAPHY , when I arrived vendors were just setting up and the Dj was playing some real funky jams for us to groove to and before long the event fully began
the MC and his butter (assistant) started us off by going around to each vendor at their stand for them to introduce themselves and their services.

People started to drop in and the real party got started, vendors started to sell , I personally witnessed a lot of clothing vendors sell out like crazy and then there was so much food being sold, almost everyone either had a drink in their hands or chicken or tasty snacks from SLIMBROOKES FC , there were also lots of ice cold shakes and mock tails being bought by almost everyone from MIX AND SHAKES because that scorching sun was no joke
by the way I ate spring rolls and samosa from SLIMBROOKES FC and had sauced chicken later on plus a milkshake from MIX AND SHAKES too

. There were also the vendors whose services are fun stuff like the Paint Balling, Adeiza Gamings (a gaming vendor), karaoke vendor, a make up studio that was giving make-overs and a photo studio
Next came the fun and games, there was the tug of war for the guys and the ladies, a planking contest which was such a thrill to watch because all the contestants did really well, the last two lasted over 10 minutes which was quite a record before one eventually gave up and we had a winner at almost eleven seconds. Then came the Karate men, they blew us all away with their amazing karate skills and they also showed us easy to learn martial arts self defense techniques, it was really cool.

One major thing difference between this edition and the first is that there were vendors who came to sell artistic creations and there were actual food vendors this time around like you could buy a plate of rice if you wanted and as usual the Abuja500 is a family affair where we get to see a lot of young couples come with their kids but it wasn't just the young couples this time around cause there was a lot more matured people who dropped by, people came a lot with their mum's and dads and it was really nice.

There was also lots of contests where people had to answer funny questions or spelling contests which all left people with amazing gift prices and some even won free food vouchers on sites like JUMIA AND ORDER YOUR FOODS.COM
a lot of kid friendly games too like the musical chairs contest which was the only thing I managed to participate in the photo you'll see of the musical chairs was sadly taken after I had been evicted by the way the kid that won, she received 10 thousand Naira, how awesome is that? 
Then there was the dance performances by the BURN OUT DANCE CREW and boy did they slay us once more with their moves, I couldn't help but join in

a lot of people did show up late so by the time it was evening and that draining sun had gone down that's when the whole park got filled up and vendors were beginning to get sold out ,now that I think about it I bet the sun was the reason why people came late anyways oh we had a surprise visitor who couldn't help but join in on the fun , all of a sudden the clouds gathered up on us and it began to rain

we all ran into the shelter of the canopies of vendors for protection and at that point I got pretty scared that the rain was going to chase people away but to my surprise after the rain had stopped everyone got back to having fun , by the way the rain didn't last up to ten minutes before stopping. As the evening progressed other games like marble feets were played and had an amazing Taichi dance performance before the nigh ended with a mix of old school hit songs and currents hits played by the awesome DJ BURNA & DJ GABBY 


and we all danced the night away basically, I danced and danced until my bones were quaking (laughs) , I seriously cannot wait for Abuja500 3.0 .

Thanks to the entire ABUJA500 team and especially MUHSEEN once again for the opportunity and thanks to all the amazing vendors. For the full list of the amazing vendors y'all should please click HERE





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  1. Wow the event looked like so much fun. And funny enough I actually thought of coming but changed my mind in the end. Would have loved to check out the 500 naira clothes, next time I guess.

     Princess Audu 

    1. Awww I wish you came through, yeah hopefully next time hun

  2. Lol very detailed post, you sure had alot of fun

    1. Thanks alot and yeah I did,it's always such a fun event

  3. Wow.. you sure had a blast lol

  4. Its a party right?
    I want that milkshake lol

    1. Lol well it sort of ended up being a big party and No!! you can't have my shake 😂


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