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Hey guys, I know, I know..... it's been a really long time since I posted here, a lot has been going on with me that has kept me busy but I am grateful that y'all are stopping by again, okay so I had the utmost pleasure of interviewing Promise Ani popularly known as Amazin and I am beyond excited to share this interview with you guys.

Amazin was a contestant on the Voice Nigeria 2016, from having a memorable blind audition to having an unforgettable performance of him singing "Golibe" a song by top Nigerian music act Flavour, his time on the show was definitely a notable one. With his good looks and sensual vocals, he was a fan-favorite among the ladies and he still is, we discussed his life, his music and his career in general, have a lovely read every one.

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective, please tell me about yourself? 

Promise: My name is Promise Chukwunonso Ani, popularly known as Amazin, I am the second child in a family of seven kids, five girls and a brother.  I love listening to music (good music), traveling and reading inspirational books,  Please, I can't forget to mention movies (laughs), I love watching movies and I am a geologist from the University of Nigeria Nsukka

DVF: Tell me about your childhood?

Promise: Growing up was kind of cool for me... I had loving and disciplined parents, they structured the Promise Amazing you're all seeing today, I embraced music quite early on, I think I joined the choir by the time I was in class 3 of my Junior secondary school, I was  also in the choral club back then. 

I recall singing at the choral club and with my friend of blessed memory Goodness Okoh, back then people would always call our pair R-Kelly and Whitney Houston (smiles)

DVF: What are your fondest childhood memories?

Promise: Yeah, I recall having these set of friends and we were in love with soccer, back then we could make almost anything our footballs if you are careless with your water bottle we would immediately use it, we would play football all day even till dusk if we could (laughs).

I remember we had this thing where we would all scream "war start" we used it as a prompt to begin our games, almost every Nigerian kid from my generation should understand that, I pray you relate too(laughs)

DVF: (Laughs) I do relate, we're from the same generation. What were your childhood dreams and aspirations? 

Promise: I have always wanted to be famous, I was always picked up and fronted for every school and church activity from singing to dancing and even drama plays, I also knew that God had big plans for me, despite our childhood fantasies of being Doctors or Engineers and all that, something little inside me knew I would take up music as a career

DVF: When did you discover your love for music? 

Promise: I think my passion became a lot more severe when I discovered and started listening to R-Kelly.. this dude inspired so much

DVF: What kind of music did you listen to when you were growing up and who were your musical mentors or those whose musical genius influenced you?

Promise: Growing up I listened mostly RnB music from R-Kelly to Maxwell, Joe and Music Soul Child, the list goes on but let me stop there, they all inspired me in their own way

DVF: That's nice. So when did you officially get into the music? 

Promise: I don't think there was any specific or official time, okay I would put it this way, the time I decided to fully commit and dedicate myself to music was when I went for The Voice Nigeria competition

DVF: You also model, how did modeling come into the picture amidst the music, is it something you have always had an interest in going into or did it sort of just happen for you?

Promise: I did always have a passion for modeling but didn't really pay much attention to it until I got a job to model for a designer and got to do the job alongside Bryan Okwara and Lynxx, I think that rekindled my passion for modeling 

DVF: What was the experience of auditioning for the voice Nigeria like for you, and what motivated you to audition?

Promise: I went for the Port Harcourt auditions, my auditioning for The Voice Nigeria was basically me taking a bold step, I really wanted to make headway in my music career plus I was positive about been picked and also going thus far

DVF: Going into the blind auditions, was team Waje always where you had set your heart to work?

Promise: Yeah, even before the blind auditions, I already had her in mind

DVF: I sadly missed the blind auditions and battles but watched all the live shows, I saw this photo of you though and you were lying on the floor, tell me about that moment?

Promise: Oh! (laughs) that was during the blind auditions, that was me expressing my happiness in my dramatic little way, I sang A Woman's Need by Praiz and three out of the four judges turned for me and that got me excited, happy and emotional, I felt great

DVF: During the battle rounds, you and your battle partner Mojisola were given '' Only Me" a song by the Iconic Tuface idibia, while it's a great song, it's also completely off cause when it comes to your style and genre of music, so how were you able to work on the song and execute the performance?
Promise: Sincerely, it wasn't really an easy one, it definitely isn't the kind of music that I do or that I'm used to. During the rehearsals there was so much drama but at the end of the day we were able to work it out and we were able to deliver, it was a nice experience though, it helped to reveal a side of me musically that I didn't even know I could channel

DVF: How did you cope with being in a competition with so many diverse talented singers?

Promise: The truth is, the competition had so many great and amazing singers and that got me focused and determined to go as far as possible in the competition

DVF: Which of your performances during the show would you describe as your absolute best? 

Promise: "Smiles"... I enjoyed all of my performances but I think the day I performed "Golibe" that was my favorite, a lady even told me that her Dad cried when he was watching that performance   

DVF: Did you expect the eviction and how did you handle it when it happened?

 Promise: Nobody expects eviction that's just the truth, well I took it in good faith and I saw it as a competition with one winner

DVF: Who was your own personal favorite contestant, the one you rooted for the most asides yourself of cause?

Promise: I really didn't have a favorite contestant, I believed that anyone could win the competition

DVF: What do you miss the most about being on the show?

Promise: I miss the rehearsals the most I think, spending all that time rehearsing really helped improve me a lot musically I must say

DVF: Asides from the obvious reasons, what personal effects do you think being on a platform like the voice Nigeria had on you? 

Promise: It improved my stage performance and my confidence on stage has definitely increased

DVF: How did you cope with being in the spotlight and having millions of people watch your performances, knowing you were subject to the scrutiny of the public?

Promise: Before going for the voice Nigeria I had prepared my mind to be able to deal with anything, It comes with the job, even the superstars face scrutiny, I read the comments and pick the genuine ones  

DVF: I recently downloaded and listened to your song "BadMan"   I really enjoy listening to it, it was a bit of Afropop /RnB and Reggae all infused into it kind of vibe and that got me thinking about what genre of music is going to be your base? 

Promise: I wanted to play around with an RNB /POP beat and it sounded great... I do pop, RNB, and High life, but I want to pay more attention to High life, I want to create a new kind of High life sound CLICK TO LISTEN

DVF: So among the powerhouses in the Nigerian music industry, based on your musical style and sound. who would you pick to work on a a collaborative song with?

Promise: Well I will love to work with some of them but I think working with FLAVOUR has always been my desire, so it's FLAVOUR 

DVF: When you are writing a song, what inspires you? 

Promise: I work with my feelings whenever I write, life experiences whether mine or someone else's can ignite a sound in me and also sometimes I just create nice tunes from within

DVF: Okay so let's delve a little out of music... you are into fitness, tell me about how you started your fitness journey and what motivated it?
Yeah I love working out, I started when I finished my WAEC examinations in high school, back then it was my good friend Chinonso Ezeugwu that encouraged me to join him but I stopped after a while and wasn't consistent with it but I fully resumed five years later and haven't stopped ever since

DVF: I know a lot of guys don't like to admit it but was getting into fitness at all motivated by how appealing it would be to the ladies or was it solely just for your own personal gains?

Promise: Definitely when I started, it was for the ladies (smiles) but now it's more than that for me, over time I realized that I needed it for my career as a model and a music artiste

DVF: How would you describe your personal style when it comes to fashion?

Promise: My style, hmmm.. well I am the plain trousers, fitted shirt (with three opened buttons), basically fitted jeans and a sexy top kind of guy

DVF: What would you never be caught wearing and what would I find if I raided your wardrobe right now?

Promise: I love a good fit, anything that doesn't fit my body, you'd definitely not find me wearing it, in my wardrobe, you will find a lot of Polo shirts (V and U neck shaped ), long sleeves and sleeveless fitted shirts and also nicely tailored traditional attires

Nice, clean-cut fitted jeans and plain trousers, I love and preach the message of always dressing up classy but at the same time, not looking too serious or too formal

DVF: That's nice, so... let's just throw a little something out there for the ladies since you're quite the ladies man, what qualities do you find most attractive in a lady?

Promise: I think your ability to relate and make constructive conversations and also being sensitive and spontaneous but most of all just a lady that has common sense 

DVF: What are you most likely to be caught doing when you just want to kick back and have some fun?

Promise: I love movies a lot and also I love traveling. I joke a lot so I always enjoy having the company of my guys around me

DVF: Since it's such a huge trend now I have got to ask, would you rather have a wife or a baby mama?

Promise: I think I prefer having a Wife

DVF: What are your favorite colors?

Promise: Black and blue

DVF: What secret talent do you have that people generally do not know about? 

Promise: I am a good cook, I can dance to save my life over and over again (laughs) and I draw, I haven't lost the drawing side of me, it's something that I love to do but I'm not professional with it though

DVF: If you were to be a superhero for a day, which superhero would you be and why?

Promise: I will go for Professor Xavier, why because having the ability to control someone's mind and insert thoughts in them is just amazing and also I like Iron Man, I like him basically because he is wealthy 

DVF: What are your biggest pet peeves?

Promise: Pet peeves... um mm I hate oppression, I hate when people try to rubbish another person simply because they are more privileged, also I don't like someone who has a lot of pride and is full of him or herself, yeah I think those are the basics 

DVF: How would you describe yourself in a few words?


DVF: What movie would you currently recommend a friend to watch?

Promise: The movie would be "The Art of the Steal" 

DVF:  As a fitness enthusiast and lover of your physique, I have to ask which part of your body is your favorite or do you feel is your best feature?

Promise: I love every part of my body, I don't really have a favorite

DVF: Really? I am actually really surprised because I thought you were going to either say your chests (laughs) I call you the king of the chest selfie

Promise: (Laughs), that's a good one, actually, me showing off  my chests is just a way that I use to encourage good physique, also to show the results of working out plus I'm all about sex appeal, being sexy and all that good stuff (laughs)

DVF: Is it really? Or is it just to intimidate the rest of us flat-chested, people 

Promise: (Laughs) Nah, it hasn't gotten to that

DVF: (Laughs), so what's the best compliment you have ever gotten about your physique or good looks?

Promise: (Smiles) I really can't remember now, but I have gotten a lot of compliments

DVF: What advise would you give to someone out there, who would like to follow in your footsteps to get into the music industry?

Promise: Well I am still working my way to the big platform, I will say what I do and move with, understand yourself and have good branding, be humble and surround yourself with the right set of fellas  

DVF: What's the one major thing you believe the Nigerian music industry is lacking in?

Promise: I think the industry lacks structure and organization

DVF: What's your view on the fact that the Nigerian entertainment industry doesn't have sufficient platforms that encourage young artistes and creatives, and if you had the opportunity to do something what would you do to improve the situation?

Promise: Well I don't really believe we run the real record label platforms rightly in Nigeria, there is so much about a label, watch the Empire series and you would understand, I don't blame any platform, why? because from inception there was no organized structure, so they have to follow the trend but things are actually getting better though

if I had the opportunity to do something about the system I will bring in great hands that understand what the music business is all about and what it needs because I believe that the problem is that the people that have little or no idea are mostly the ones running these things CLICK TO LISTEN

DVF: Tell me about doing a cover for the song "Distance" and why you chose the song, and what makes your version different from the original song?

Promise: I remember that a friend was playing the song and I asked him sang it and he said it was Omarion, I instantly fell in love with the song and decided that I just had to do a cover, one major difference from the original with mine is that I infused the Nigerian vibes and tunes into the song, I didn't want it to be RnB all through

DVF: That's lovely, I listened to it and I definitely enjoyed it a lot, it really got me dancing, I kept playing it over and over again (laughs).

So lastly what should we, as an audience be expectant of from "The Amazin" brand?

Promise: My brand is sex appealing so expect to get neo high life music, contemporary RnB and pop music that'll really help me to portray that, I am basically that classic son but with a twist of sexiness to him ...šŸ˜Ž 

DVF: That's amazin (smiles), thank you so very much for your time and sharing your story with me.

Promise: You're welcome, anytime.  





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