Friday, September 15, 2017

Hey beautiful people, how are you guys doing? .... Thanks for stopping by here, so like I stated in my previous post, I have been struggling with a few lacks of motivation issues, it apparently happens to the best of us all but I guess I let mine eat me up a little too much which hindered me from making any new blog posts for over three months, but anyway I am back and I definitely wouldn't be staying away for that long anymore, not after I attended the oh so amazing annual Bloggers Brunch organized by The Blogger Point.
Yassss!!! I am a proud member of The Blogger Point and I couldn't be more proud to be part of a literal community that brings Bloggers together with a large aim of lifting each other up and helping us to connect and also work with brands, I attended the Abuja Bloggers brunch chapter, this year it was an all-white themed party 🎉 🎈  and boy did we party (smiles)

It was on Sunday 27th of August and the event was hosted at Laguna Lounge and Bar Abuja,  actually my place of work (smiles). I work with Laguna lounge and bar as their  social media manager and also as their online promoter, literally since I started working there I have been on my boss' neck about us collaborating or doing something with The Blogger Point because I just knew it would be a great way for us to create a huge buzz for Laguna lounge and bar and also an awesome way for bloggers to fall in love with Laguna which would get them to come back again and again and also recommend us to other people as well as brands and other bloggers even, plus really what's not to love about Laguna? (Laughs). But seriously, I mean look at that view.

When the opportunity came whereby the Blogger Point was looking for a venue sponsor for the event, The Blogger Point made a post on Instagram where we were asked to drop the names of spots in Abuja that would be great for the event, I, of course, dropped Laguna Lounge and Bar' name and then The Blogger Point reached out to us and my Boss obviously accepted and I was over the moon excited, so I just want to make a quick shout out to my Boss for being so generous as to give Laguna free of charge to The Blogger Point I know he would rather remain anonymous as usual or else I would have mentioned him here but I would make sure he reads this, so shout out to you (laughs).
Okay so let me just do a quick recap of the day's event, I happened to be a Sunday and so I was at Church and you can imagine how I was busy praying about the brunch and anticipating it throughout the church service. When we closed we left and I went to go get changed and then headed to Laguna lounge and bar, which is located in the Central area or the Central Business district inside of Bolingo Hotel Abuja.

When I got down from my cab which by the way, the cab guy was a funny man who teased me all the way through about how nice I looked, it was a real confidence booster that I actually needed considering I was going to be among these amazing set of Fashion bloggers and all other kinds of bloggers who would obviously come to slay, anyways Immediately I got down the first face I met on the aisle also walking in was the lovely celebrity makeup artist and Panelist speaker for the day Lydia Stanley

we said our hi's and hellos and then I recognized her and I was like "hey, I know you, in fact, we follow each other on Instagram " (laughs) 😂  and she was like really, that's nice and we spoke some more especially about how late we both were (laughs) when I got in we were welcomed by the smiling face of the founder of The Blogger Point Maryam Salam 

I said hi and kept walking but Lydia stopped to say hi and they hugged and did their thing as I kept on moving towards the bar hall I was further welcomed by these two awesome photographers The Lumi K photography and Dkinboss Inc photography

Immediately I saw their camera lenses 📷 I posed of cause (laughs) ... (I know, I'm that vain) then at the entrance of the bar, I met with blogger and TBP (the blogger point ) team member for the day Dear Salmah, we said hi and she asked me my name and started to look through the list of registered attendees for For the day and then MsDemi Akin walked up to her from behind and was like "does he need an introduction? He is Davisfierce, our only attending male blogger" at this point we three were laughing 😂 and in my mind, I was going "Wait, I'm the only guy here" (laughs) then Salmah spotted my name and I went in and went straight in to hug MsDemi Akin and we said our hellos and that was the big moment when I turned and faced my right and saw all of these beautiful bloggers in white seated and just gisting looking like angels (smiles) and in my mind I was like "whoa" this is cute, the first person that I noticed and recognized was top Abuja based blogger and YouTuber Bella of, our eyes met and she waved and I also waved and was like hey gurl, there was no missing her because of her really cool and creative look and everyone was in love
with it, me too (laughs).

When I got in proper, I saw bloggers Neo Agram and Blogger Oprah Morgridge discussing and they looked friendly plus their seat had space for me in between them to sit down so I said hi to them and then asked them if I could join them and they welcomed me
A few minutes later MsDemi Akin who was the events Host/moderator came in and welcomed everyone and we officially got started by the way MsDemi Akin did a phenomenal job that day, she was the absolute best host, the first thing we did was a cool ice breaker game whereby we were all given a list with different categories of bloggers and we all had to walk up to each other to say hi and find out where they fit in to fill up In the list and when your list was all filled up you would shout bingo but I doubt anyone of us got it all right or even understood what we were to do well enough (laughs).

But that was when I met the sweetheart-ed blogger Lily of Nigeria, she had come in and we said hi but didn't quite relate until the ice breaker game and from then on we clicked and laughed and joked around, she was such a fun partner in crime for the day (smiles) she was such a pleasure and a joy, such a very sweet and pleasant lady, we had lots of laughs that day.

MsDemi Akin later gave us all numbers which enabled us to get split up into groups and each group had to pick a leader and the group leader was given an item to take back to the group, basically we had to come up with a creative way as a group to sell whatever you had been given and the best and winning group would get some really fab stuff like free photoshoots for a year and other stuff like that, my group, group three (3) got a bandanna from CeeppleRed and we came up with different awesome ways that the bandanna could be styled and used. 

We sadly didn't win the challenge but honest to God, I really do believe we were the most creative and most fun group and this isn't just my opinion alone, we got a lot of other bloggers even from the winning team that came to us and was like we were surprised that we won, you guys were the best, we were the best but obviously not the winners but that's okay what matters the most are the memories we now have and the experience of working together, by the way my group leader was the darling PrincessAudu.

She and I had chatted a few times before on Instagram and we keep up with each other blog so it was really nice meeting her for the first time, and yes we hugged it out too (smiles) (I'm a hugger).

Later on, the panelist speakers comprising of Rhoda of AdohrSpeaks, Bella of and the celebrity makeup artist Lydia Stanley were given time to speak to us, the Brunch's Topic was "Bridging The Gap Between Nigerian Bloggers and Brands" so they told us their experiences as well as different perspectives as bloggers and successful brand influencers, they also gave up tips and advice on how to successfully work as a bloggers in Nigeria and no I will not share the tips (laughs) if you want to know them, then you would have to become part of The Blogger Point and attend the next brunch (smiles).

Spot me in the photo below and check me out being all serious, got my poker face on and listening attentively to the teachings of the panelists (laughs)

 Amidst of all these we were given breaks and we had the opportunity to really have fun, interact, dance and eat, there were lots of lovely snacks, there were gummy bears, samosas, spring rolls, cupcakes, drinks and there was also a cake from Brownies Cakery, my craze were the cupcakes cause I definitely had a lot of cupcakes (laughs) and every time I would sneak to pick another because I didn't want everyone to notice how much I was having there was no hiding for me, from the prying eyes of the Camera, these pictures below completely exposed me (laughs)

We also had time to pose for photos, oh my! We took lots of photos, God only knows how many photos were taken and how many boomerang videos were made for Instagram.

I posed by the photo wall with members of my group well, the ones we could find, the rest were busy posing for photos somewhere else (laughs), also notably part of my group was blogger and YouTuber Alma of the StyleCheapSkate 

 I first really found out about her through her blogger collaboration with PrincessAudu, the major reason why she stood out for me was that I actually had no idea that she was married, but then she spoke about it and also about how supportive her husband is of her career as a blogger, he even motivates her when she's procrastinating on her planned shoots and stuff like that and that honestly really warmed my heart to hear, it's just really awesome to have someone you love to support you so much in what you love to do, it's really important guys. She was also very sweet, friendly and laughed a lot, like me. I noticed we both were the biggest laughs in the room at all times (laughs), it was lovely to meet her, just in case you're wondering which is Alma, she's the lady with a big smile and big hair in the photo below

I also did a few video recordings which I used to make a short one minute clip for my Instagram, y'all can watch it below

Towards the end we all took a big group photo by the poolside before we got handed our brunch goody bags and we all said our goodbyes, during the big group shot, we all were supposed to do the "fake laugh pose" but honestly we all couldn't help but laugh at ourselves trying to do the pose and hence we all ended up actually laughing for real, it was such an amazing experience and I wouldn't change anything, if I could change anything though, I would just make myself a lot skinnier for the event but since I have packed on all this holiday weight and this ain't a fairy tale where wishes work, well then, nothing here to change (smiles).

After the big group photo, we all hanged out some more, some to interact more with others, while others seized the free time to take more pictures, my buddy LilyOfNigeria was also one of those who seized the opportunity to take more photos, she was busy posing for Pelumi of  Pelumi Photography 

inside one of the Cabanas and I crashed in and I was like I have to photobomb you (laughs), I sat on the armrest of the chair while she was properly seated in the chair and after a few shots Pelumi was like I'm way too high up and she's way too low, so I lowered my head down to rest on hers and that's when I said that I hoped the photos don't turn out looking like a pre-wedding photoshoot and that was when the three of us busted into some serious laughter and hence the cute photos of me and her, I really love them though (smiles).

Here's my goody bag guys, I'm awful at the whole flat lay thing, never done it but I just tried it out so that I can have something to put out here for you guys (laughs).

It contained a cute blue Notebook that's perfect for a blogger who likes to take notes, Lemonade from Wilson Juice, Face Mask from Mysha, Perfume from Padeiz Fragrance which by the way, I really enjoy using and finally a wrist band. Honestly what I'm most excited about using is the face-mask, I can't wait to try it out and see the results cause honey if you have met me then you would know that I struggle with pimples and black spots more often than not, so I am excited to see what effects the face mask would have on my face, well that's basically all about that.

I would like to say a big thank you to The Blogger Point for bringing us all together like this and also for nominating me for the award of Male Lifestyle blogger of the year, even though I didn't win it, I hugely appreciate the honor, and to you guys reading this post, I just want to say thank you for taking out the time to read this ridiculously long blog post of mine (smiles), thanks for stopping by and see you again soon Byeeeee. 





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