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 Hey beautiful people, how is everyone doing today? Hope awesome, welcome back if you're a regular reader but if you're new here then welcome to the DvfStyleCollective, I hope you love it here enough to come back over and over again (laughs) .

Today I have a fabulous new post, I got invited to the look Book shoot of The JadedFactory's debut collection and I had an amazing time watching the shoot happen and even got to quickly pose with the models for a shot, The Jaded Factory is owned and creatively director-ed by this brilliant, vibrant, talented entrepreneur Jade, I met her for the first time last year at Abuja500, an event that I was the official blogger for, I posted about that in case you'd like to check it out click HERE .

So back to the look book shoot (smiles) the photographer is actually Jim Jideox, I had an in depth interview with last year and so it was nice meeting him physically, you can click HERE to check his interview out. 
I love the pieces, the fluidity of the fabrics, the confidence that even the models began to exude the second the threw on any of the pieces and I also loved how each piece comes with it's own unique twist and surprise factor, for example the play suits could be worn like maybe fifteen different ways depending on how creative you are (laughs) , it's honestly a tremendously well done collection and I am excited that it's debut is right here on my blog, Check out my short interview with her about this genius collection and the inspiration behind it below, I also shot an amateur behind the scenes footage at the shoot and you can watch that at the very end of the post.... have a lovely read guys.

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective Jade, please tell me about yourself ?

Jade: My name is Jade Oge Uyanwune, i'm twenty four (24) years old, I was born and bred in Jos,Plateau state,Nigeria. I attended kindergarten to grade school at kings and queens and my high school was at Canaan high school both located in Jos . 
I studied philosophy and religious studies at the university of Abuja, i'm the second child and first girl of a family of five (5). Raised by a super single mother for the past eight (8) years now. 
DVF: What was your childhood like ?

Jade: Growing up was fun, my my parents were all for giving us the best so I almost never lacked anything growing up

DVF: What are your fundest childhood memories ? 
Jade: Fondest childhood memories was leaving our home in Jos for Abuja. My Dad worked in Abuja he was a contractor and interior decorator for a bunch of hotels in Abuja from the Transcorp Hilton hotel to Sheraton hotel so we got to travel to Abuja some weekends in between school and during holidays and stay at the hotels and get the 5 star treatment. So that was fun made us miss school sometimes but who cared (laughs)
DVF: That sounds like such a fun time...When did you first discover your love for fashion ?

Jade : I think this all began with me fitting clothes, when I was between the ages of five and six (5&6) and my parents got me clothes that I didn't like, like what I call the long wife skirts or the loose pair of jeans that our Parents would make us wear with belts, I used to hide  those type of clothes behind other clothes in my drawers then after a few months had gone by and i'd feel like my Parents would've forgotten about their existence i'd tear them up and attempt to revamp them, fix them or fit them into my style. 
I always ended up ruining them at the end though (laughs)
DVF: What inspired you to fully take fashion designing as a profession ?

Jade: As time went on and I got to probably high school, I think and someone saw my sketches ( I just liked drawing clothes on girls I didn't even know it was called an illustration back then) and the girl said why don't you become a fashion designer and that was the first time I thought of it. Not long after I started making full clothes with my hands using just needles and threads and that was it, till now I still haven't gotten any external training, I have never attended any fashion, illustration or sewing classes ever I just look at and suddenly figure out how clothes were made and try it out myself . It's funny how it works (smiles) i'm a very handy girl.
So anyways... i'm into every part of the business from the production phase to the wearing and modelling (laughs) 
DVF: What were the first steps you took towards the pursuit of this career path ?

Jade: First steps I took was rejecting being retained in the office I did my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) service with, I had to reject it because I knew it would hinder me from starting up my business and I had already procrastinated starting it up for so long.
I then took up all the money I had saved up for luxury and invested it into starting the line, it's still a starter but we're certainly going to grow further and further

DVF: As it should be, what does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your style ?

Jade: Fashion is everything to me, my OCD is with my clothes. I can't afford to manage an outfit, I could never be in a good mood when I have an issue with what i'm wearing at all times, no matter how little the problem is. My style is simple yet complicated and I always endeavor to stand out
DVF: What's the ultimate style tip you swear by ?

Jade: Ultimate style tip is to always stay simple but with the add of a wow factor, I'm basically always dressed simple, at least to my knowledge, but then there must be something unique that stands out with my outfits. 
I can just wear a basic jean and top, very basic but there's no way I'm stepping out that way, I'll add either a hat or my top would have something special about it or I'll throw on a jacket that's fabulous. So that's basically it, simple and comfortable but there must bean edge or some eye candy to it
DVF: What inspired the name the Jaded factory for your fashion line ?

Jade: The Jaded Factory was inspired by my name Jade. I originally wanted and had a name unrelated to me but a friend told me the secret to his brand name and jaded just hit me during the conversation. (Laughs) Then the factory part came up as a way to not limit the company to just a clothing line cause we have a lot of other plans in store that'll be coming up with real soon, God willing
DVF: What do you hope your clothes make each customer feel like when they put them on ?

Jade: Happy. I want people to automatically feel lifted when they put on my clothes, I want it to feel like music, you know how music makes you feel like dancing and takes you out of whatever sad mood you're in and into another world, that's the feeling I want people to get, you know, an ecstatic feeling that instantly gives them a glow
DVF: What has been the most stressful aspect of creating a fashion line ?

Jade: The most stressful part has been getting totally consumed by fashion. It's basically a way of life for me so if i'm not sewing i'm sketching. I'm extremely hardworking so I tend to get consumed by work and so I literally need people to pull me back to reality sometimes

DVF: Who would you describe as the ultimate Jaded woman ? 

Jade: The ultimate Jaded woman is a confident, independent and driven woman whose not afraid to express herself in a world full of conformity. The Jaded woman is too hot to leave and too cold to keep

DVF: Who has been your biggest fashion inspiration ?

Jade: My biggest fashion inspiration is Jane Birkin, her style was casual but always looked classy and then she and her husband are like the inventors of couple goals. Then there's Rihanna, I mean who doesn't count her as a fashion icon, Janelle Monae and OG of Style Temple Abuja

DVF: Which fashion brands do you look up to ?

Jade: Versace and Chanel are top of the list of brands that I look up to. Each time I feel like i'm being lazy, I tell myself that "one day of rest is all I need to not end up as Versace" (laughs)

DVF: Tell me about this latest collection, what was the inspiration behind creating this it ?

Jade: I'm the inspiration behind my latest and first collection, because they are basically stuff that I wear and I always feel great and confident in and I wanted every lady who gets any of these pieces to feel the same way, strong, confident and empowered like I do.
It's called oxymoron because it's filled with simple yet complicated pieces so it's an oxymoron in itself, i'm all for an open back because I personally see it as decent exposure, you know showing off skin that's revealing yet it's not too revealing, so I have a lot of open backs and a lot of itty bitty committee pieces. I wanted my first collection to be non conformist and affordable and that's what it is.

DVF: Well, I absolutely love each and every piece, I especially loved the fringe dresses, it was fun being at the look book shoot too, thanks for bringing along with you on this journey, I wish you the best with everything.

Jade: My pleasure, thank you too.






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