Thursday, May 03, 2018

Hey beautiful people, I hope you're all having a wonderful day,
I have a brand new interview to share with y'all that's sure to be a fun read.
Chigozie Fabizon George Igwilo is a model, a one time winner of Mr. Imo State Nigeria and also a one time Mr. Tourism (South East Ambassador), a fitness trainer and an entrepreneur, now I've known about him for years because it's kind of hard not to really, he's trended on the Nigerian blogosphere quite a couple of times and for some very sexy reasons, I should add.
Honestly I was excited when he accepted to do this interview even though we encountered quite a few bumps on the way that delayed the process a whole lot, I am excited that we finally wrapped it up and it's honestly one of my most comprehensive and well-rounded interview yet and I am glad to be sharing it with you guys, have a lovely read everyone
DVF: Welcome to the DvfstyleCollective, kindly tell me as much as possible about yourself?

Fabizon: Thanks for having me, Davis. Okay, so are you ready? (laughs) cause it's a lot

DVF: I'm ready, hit me (Laughs)

Fabizon: My name is Chigozie Fabolous George Igwilo, I'm currently a freelance handler and manager at Emmer Schneider concepts, I hail from Imo state Nigeria, Ideato north precisely.       
I love my family a lot.
I'm from a family of five, I've got two siblings: an only brother who I love so much and an only sister who I equally love and cherish much, I have a few likes and dislikes but majorly what I don't like is anything or anyone that doesn't like my siblings and immediate family. 

DVF: Tell me about your childhood, what kind of kid were you growing up?

Fabizon: My childhood was alright, growing up wasn't so much fun for me because I was probably the kid who did everything possible just to be able to mind his own business, I had a quiet circle but at some point, I kind of got out of my shell became obsessed with dancing and even got into a dance group in high school and we did really good 

DVF: Now before we go any further you have to clarify this for me, there's always a lot of confusion and questions surrounding the "Fabolous" part of your name and honestly, I also want to understand it

Fabizon: Yes, this is a question that I have been asked and I have answered over and over again and will probably continue to answer, it's the reason why I just simply go with only Chigozie when I introduce myself.

So here's the thing, Fabolous is actually my name given to me by my parents, it's not just a random nickname given by friends or that I came up with, it's all over my credentials and certificates as much as my other names are.

Back in high school, my classmates just picked the fab part of the name and called me fab but when the fab name really became popular was when I got into the dance crew, yeah back then I could really move but not so much anymore, I think I've just gotten old now (laughs).
Anyways one time at a dance rehearsal there was a dance-off and you know-how everyone takes turns against their dance-off opponents and everyone puts you both in the middle of a circle and then chant your names and when it was my turn everyone began to chant the name "fab" and from that moment on the name stuck and the name Fabolous went from that to Fabison and then Fabizon

DVF: The name's had quite the evolution, but I've always wondered why it's spelled "Fabolous" and not "Fabulous"

Fabizon: I really don't know, that's how my parents spelled it and I've kept it that way ever since

DVF: I think it's kind of cool that you've kept the spelling the way they did, I like that
Fabizon: Yeah so now that we've clarified the whole situation about the name, we can move on (laughs) so tell me, currently, what do you do for a living?

Fabizon: Hmmm... that's kind of a tough one to answer because I do so much, I'm basically an entrepreneur but you can call me Jack, the Jack of all trades, the only difference is that I'm a master of some and hopefully even all trades someday (laughs). 
I'm an ambassador for, a luxury fashion design label that aims at creating distinctive Nigerian native wears as well as English wears, I'm also a male video vixen, I also run a celebrity fitness training brand called Next Fitness trainers, I also occasionally handle event plannings, event hosting, red carpet hosting and last but not the least I am a model, so is that enough to be called Jack? (laughs)
DVF: That's quite a lot, how do you even cope with handling all of that many aspects of your life?

Fabizon: Cope? I really don't see any of it as a challenge... I would even like to take on more, maybe I might get like you and start up a blog soon

DVF: What? Please don't, with all of your fans you'll just run bloggers like me out of the market
Fabizon: I'm just kidding (laughs)

DVF: Oh, thank God! (laughs) so let's start off from the very beginning, in everything that you're into now, which did you start off first?  

Fabizon: Well, it started off back in 2009, when I was still in school. I did my first-ever professional photoshoot, I was still running my first degree then, it was my first job and it was offered to me on my way to school, a stranger who had apparently been watching me for a while walks up to me and said that he would like me to model for his look book photoshoot and I was like "OK" and he took my number and he promised to call.
I recall it was on a Monday and by Wednesday he did call, we scheduled a meeting for Friday to properly discuss things and by Sunday we did the shoot and that's how I made my first cash from modeling and I have to mention that the pictures came out really nicely

DVF: That's such a cool story, modeling literally came to you
 Fabizon: Yes, it did

DVF: So after that look book shoot, what came next?

Fabizon: About four months later, I got a call to do a body shoot for a magazine and that was really how I officially got immersed into the world of modeling...

back then modeling was a lot more fun and there weren't many protocols before you could get a job, also I'm such a natural at it that I'd often forget that it was an actual job

DVF: Awww how nice, tell me how you got introduced to the world of pageantry?

Fabizon: Yeah, so from 2010 through to 2012 my elder brother (who funny enough later went on to win the coveted Mr. Ideal Nigeria crown 2014).
he's actually the one who suggested and encouraged me to contest for the Mr tourism Nigeria crown and that's how the aspect of pageants came into play

DVF: You must be difficult to convince if it took two years before your brother finally got through

Fabizon: (Laughs) Not really, it's just that at the time I wasn't much interested in it but you know what, it turned out to be a pretty cool experience, I didn't win the Mr. Tourism Nigeria crown but I came out as the South East, Nigerian Ambassador so for me it was still a win-win situation

And I was a really cutting edge Ambassador because I utilized that office pretty well and really put in the work

DVF: That sounds really cool.

Fabizon: Yeah, it certainly was, I can't fully recall if it was before or after the Mr. Tourism contest but it surely was around that period that I hosted my first red carpet, it was such a fun thing to do and at the time it was my first highest paid job that I had ever gotten to do (laughs)

DVF: That's so cool, getting paid really well to do such a fun job

Fabizon: Yeah, it was a pageant, so I hosted the auditions, the unveiling, and the main event

DVF: But it was your first time hosting stuff, where you just instantly comfortable doing it, or was it a process?
Fabizon: It definitely was a process, during the auditioning stage of the Pageant I was really scared and awkward with it but after the first few interviews I did, the camera crew and I began to get along, communicate and then they gave me a few quick tips which really came in handy and that was it, I instantly became relaxed, more comfortable and it became fun.
It was actually a co-hosting situation, my co-host was a beautiful VJ, who was obviously more experienced at hosting than I was and she was really cool, she said I did a great job on my first day and that was like a major morale boost for me, so by the next day I just came in and killed it
DVF: Awww..... it's nice how it all worked out, so you won the title of Mr Imo state 2015, was seeing how far you got during the Mr. Tourism contest one of the reasons you were inspired to go for the Mr. Imo contest? 
Fabizon: Funny enough I had said that the Mr. Tourism Nigeria competition would be my first and last ever pageantry contest but I guess that's one of the perks of having a good manager, actually my manager and brother had to really talk it through with me before we made the decision that I should go for it

DVF: What was the experience at the Mr. Imo camp like?
Fabizon: It was a tough 8-day camp, we went to bed by 1AM at night, woke up at 5:30 daily, got ready for the day, had breakfast and then headed for the activity of the day, we got training on different things, we were tested on different skill sets and the competition was based off on a variety of things, we made so many fun memories and I enjoyed every bit of it

DVF: Sounds quite fun, what was going through your mind when you were at the final stages and the winner was about to be announced?
Fabizon: I had really big competitions but in all honesty every guy that made it to the top six deserved it as much as I did, when the winner was about to be announced I wasn't worried, I did get scared at some point during the contest though but it wasn't at the finale, by then my fear was gone. I trusted God's grace and was pretty open-minded in the sense that I would have been okay with the results either way

DVF: As the bearer of the Mr. Imo state crown, what were your basic day to day activities?

Fabizon: My job was major to relax, sit around and enjoy myself (laughs) I'm kidding, I attended a lot of meetings and events especially youth empowerment seminars, I also represented the youth in governmental functions

People tend to only see the glamorous side to it, but it comes with its own difficulties, there were times that I had to give speeches at those events but thankfully I was only required to attend as a guest to most of the functions and only had to give very few speeches. 

I also had to attend lots of pageants, some of which I was a guest of honor and others I would be part of the judges, lots and lots of pageants which is one of the reasons that I am kind of done with them for good, I've attended enough pageantry to last me a lifetime (laughs) and the funny thing is that currently my email is filled with invitations to be a judge of one pageant or the other or be part of the organizing team for the pageant
DVF: Looks like the world of pageantry isn't done with you though.... but wait, so you're really no longer interested, not even a tiny bit?

Fabizon: I can't say that I'm completely uninterested but I'm currently focused on other things but actually, when it was almost time for me to hand over the crown in 2016 I was offered the opportunity of planning the event, I didn't exactly take it instead I joined the planning team as an underground member but in 2017 I was fully involved the planning process
DVF: That's really cool, so I'm curious to know how your fitness journey began?

Fabizon: Even though I have always had a love for it, fitness came fully into play in 2012, I started working out there about but not intensely because I was busy with school and was also busy doing some pretty cool jobs under Sandra Ikeji, sister to the famous blogger Linda Ikeji.
I was under her agency, she's really warm and friendly, back then we called her mama.
Under her management I was able to do billboard adverts, I even did an advert for Vitafoam, the famous Nigerian mattress brand (laughs), it was all mostly commercial jobs.
So my elder brother Stanley has always been a lover of fitness and growing up I would always watch him working out and lifting weights and then I got to see the results of his hard work, it got me interested and I also started working out but I was never anything as serious or as intense as what my brother was up to, what I mostly did were home workouts, I did lots of sit-ups and push-ups but didn't lift a bar but it kept me really fit, I was slim, toned and even had abs.
I was just like most younger brothers, I wanted to be like my elder brother, I don't know if that counts as drive or motivation enough but overtime fitness became part of me. If I had my way, I would have begun my bodybuilding journey way earlier than I did but my parents didn't let me, I had to wait for about six years before I was free to begin and even though I didn't get to start off when I initially wanted to, looking back at it all now, I wouldn't change a thing.
DVF: How excited were you when you were finally free to start lifting those weights?

Fabizon: I was very excited, I was like "yes, finally".
I began to really take working out serious towards the end of 2013 through to 2014, when I began to get more jobs involving showing off my body, and semi-nude photoshoots, stuff like that. 
My body changed and I began to see the results of my hard work and all the hours I was putting in at the gym, seeing the immense change in my body pushed me to go further, I didn't mind the pain instead I fell in love with it because I knew the results would suffice, I also began to team up with my brother to hit the gym often and I just became such a beast at it (smiles).

I loved and still love to push my self at the gym and just go as hard as I possibly can. I recall waking up on the seventeenth (17th) of February 2014 to find my photos on Linda Ikeji's blog and the caption read "Chigozie Igwilo shows off his exquisite body in new photos" and 
I thought to myself "I have an exquisite body? " the feedback I got was great, I remember receiving calls from friends and people on social media telling me they saw me on the Linda Ikeji blog, those were fun times
DVF: That's so cool, I can only imagine how exciting that was for you, you're really close with your older brother Stanley and I think that it's really admirable and also very cool how much he is involved in your life even when it comes to decision making, your parents must be so proud of the love between you two
Fabizon: Yeah they are proud of us, we're very close and the best thing about our relationship is the fact that he doesn't even remotely do the whole stereotypical African older brother thing, we relate a lot more like friends
DVF: That's really awesome, okay so let's talk about fashion real quick, as a model you've literally had to become a mannequin for designers and stylists, they just throw on whatever their style and wardrobe visions are for shoots, the runway or whatever projects y'all work on and hence we've gotten to see you in quite a variety of clothing but I would like to know what your personal style is and what fashion means to you in general?
Fabizon: Yeah, I take fashion as a complete embodiment, I dress based on  my mood and feelings, if you're close to me and sensitive enough you can tell what mood I'm in from my outfits, I also like to dress appropriately for whatever occasion it is, my style is very casual chic and lately, I've fallen in love with keeping things really simple
DVF: Well said, so tell me, what inspired you to become a personal trainer?

Fabizon: Well... It all started from helping out my friends as well as people that I would often meet at the gym, motivating them and walking them through their fitness challenges and goals, they began to refer me to people and then if I recall correctly it were my brother's idea to make it into a professional fitness training brand.
He was like "Dude you're really good at this, we should step this up to the next level" and we began to really put our ideas together and think of how to go professional and that's how Next Fitness Trainers was born, so he created the brand and I became its foremost ambassador as well as the major face of the brand asides from him that is and I also became one of its trainers.
It really started out as a joke, I honestly never thought that at some point we would be here and I would be making money from fitness but then again, I've basically always loved fitness so I'm happy that I'm earning a living from something that I love
DVF: That's really nice. So like you mentioned earlier you're a male video vixen, tell me how you got it into it? 

Fabizon: How did I get into it? Ummm... I used my legs 😂 (laughs) 

DVF: Very funny (laughs)


Fabizon: Just kidding (smiles), well my manager's the one who mostly gets me the jobs, he asked if I'd be interested and of course I said yes

DVF: How was the whole experience of shooting and getting into character like?

Fabizon: It was really cool to just play around, shoot at different locations, get into character, wear the costumes and have fun on those sets
 DVF: In both videos that you have featured in, you have played the love interest and there's a lot of focus on showing off your body, which brings me to this question, since your physique and good looks have gotten you much attention, would you like to be recognized as a sex symbol?
Fabizon: Sex symbol? No! For me, I'll like to be seen as a strong male figure... what I'm basically trying to say with the "strong male figure " thing is a guy people look up to as an Alpha male, a representation of strength, dedication, discipline, and fitness in Nigeria
DVF:  Hmmm... a strong male figure, that's definitely understandable

Fabizon: Yeah but now that I think about it, you're kind of right I'm probably seen as more of a sex symbol to people but then if I could choose, I'd prefer to be recognized as more of an alpha male symbol rather than being solely recognized for just being attractive because there's definitely a lot more different sides to me apart from my looks
 DVF: That's absolutely true but if you ask me, there's nothing wrong with you being recognized for being both symbols, it's mediocre minded people that criticize people and attach a kind of a stigma of indecency with being a sex symbol, because the truth is, to be seen as a sex symbol means that you would have to be sexy and being sexy takes putting in of a lot of hard work and dedication into living a healthy lifestyle and that on its own deserves a lot of respect
 Fabizon: You're right especially seeing things from that perspective if people see me as a sex symbol, I guess I'm okay with that, you're not the first person to say it so I guess you're also seeing what others see

DVF: Yeah, say it loud, say it proud

 DVF: So you did a waterfall shoot which got a lot of attention, obviously because of the sexual appeal of the shoot and the Nigerian blogosphere basically went crazy for the story of this shoot because it got discussed and posted about on almost every trending Nigerian blog at the time, what was your reaction to all the buzz the shoot got?
Fabizon: I just woke up one morning to the news of it, actually it was quite a shock, it was great having all those blogs post about it but I have to admit that I was very happy when the Linda Ikeji blog posted about the shoot mainly because it's such a huge platform with such a wide audience that cuts through Africa in general and not just Nigeria.
And sure enough, the post got a lot of attention but that excitement watered down a bit when critics began to criticize and judge me for it, people literally called me just so they could criticize me but what ultimately mattered the most was that they were people who genuinely did like the photos

DVF: Yeah that's what matters, so back to your fitness training for a little bit, how has the journey been so far and how would you validate your experiences working with clients?

Fabizon: It's been great, it keeps getting better everyday like the saying goes "you don't learn it all in the classroom" so it's been a learning experience for me too

 DVF: Have you had clients that you've really struggled with getting them to their fitness goals and why?

Fabizon: Yes, of course, it's kind of inevitable, fitness doesn't just end in the gym, it's a lifestyle that should be embraced, some clients just can't wait to be done at the gym so that they can get back home and load up their system with junks and that really slows down the progress.
 The joy of a trainer isn't just weighing you in and getting to see that you have lost some weight but rather it's also seeing with their own eyes to an impressive extent, the clients level of discipline and dedication to living a fit lifestyle

DVF: At situations like this what actions do you take to improve the results of the client?
Fabizon: Well, in most cases over time they tend to adjust but we mostly use the portion cut down method, that's what I call it though and it's like this for example, if you used to have a full plate of rice for dinner you would have to start off by reducing your portion to a half plate and maybe a quarter and then with time proceed to take the quarter out completely

DVF: Portion control, yeah... it certainly works, I've done it a few times and I've seen the results, so let's discuss a bit more about your modeling career, since 2015 or thereabout you haven't done much in the modeling industry, I'd like to know why you have seemingly put a halt on that aspect of your career?

Fabizon: There is really a lot going on in my life now, I find myself leaning more towards entrepreneurship and the business side of things and hence my energy and drive towards modeling has lessened, don't get me wrong though I still have a love for it currently there's isn't much of a passion to chase it as much as when I had just started out my career. 
I did think about it for a while and I came to the conclusion that if I was still in Lagos I would probably still have that drive and passion for it, everyone knows that Lagos is the home of everything entertainment in Nigeria.

And in Lagos, modeling is taken extremely serious but since I moved down to Abuja because of Next Fitness Trainers, my focus has been on the business and it's success, so, in all honesty, my priorities have shifted but whenever I get a modeling offer that I deem fit, I'll surely do it, there's no doubt about that.
DVF: Okay, I definitely get and understand your point but still, I have to mention that Abuja has lots of successful modeling agencies where you would fit right in and get your due respect as a reputable model and can work at your own terms and pace and also Abuja is the next best place in the industry, right after Lagos
Fabizon: Yeah true, if I were to do that and join an agency, I'd for sure focus more on commercial jobs, because I am definitely done with pageantry and runways especially pageants I have done enough (laughs)

DVF: Yeah I agree, just do it all in your own terms, so does this mean that there is a possibility of fully going back into modeling under circumstances of your choice?
Fabizon: Yeah, if I can find an agency that's willing to work with me under my terms, I might be willing to give it a go but I will have to really think about it before deciding because like I said earlier my current focus is on the business.
But it's not like I left modeling entirely, I still do jobs here and there, not too long ago I did a cover shoot for Voice of Fitness Magazine which would be launching later on this year.

DVF: That's awesome, will love to see that. So asides all of we have discussed on so far, what other aspect or aspects of the entertainment industry are you likely to delve into or have an interest in?  I have a few good guesses though
Fabizon: Ummm... I would keep that a surprise but for now, I'll just say the movie industry but there are lots of other areas that I will love to give a try as well (smiles), I'm currently actively chasing those areas, it keeps me busy and I'm always on the move and barely in one location for too long

DVF: That's not fair, tell me more, even if it's a few clues

Fabizon: Don't you love surprises?

DVF: Well..... yeah I do but... 

Fabizon: Good, so wait on it (laughs)

DVF: Well the movie industry was one of my guesses, so I'll be waiting on the surprise, you obviously really fancy commercial modeling so here's my question which company or brand do you think you'll be a perfect face or representative for?

Fabizon: Hmmm... representing a brand, what are your options though cause honestly I think I can represent and work with any

DVF: Well I don't think I still need to mention options anymore, your answer is pretty straight forward 

Fabizon: (Laughs) Yeah, it is 

DVF: On a scale of 1 to 10, how vain are you in regards to how much often you admire yourself and check on those gains (laughs)

Fabizon: I would probably say a solid 7 because, with me, it's every time I pass by a mirror (laughs), I'm also guilty of using my phone's front camera for one too many selfies to check out the gains but that's all I'm usually vain about, I'm not one to really care too much about other superficial things
DVF: (Laughs) we're all vain in our own little way or the other and I don't blame you, who wouldn't want to admire themselves often with a body like yours.

Okay, so asides from being a fitness trainer are there any other aspects of fitness that you'll like to explore on? 
Fabizon: Yeah I would love to give Yoga a try
DVF: It'll be nice to see you do those upside-down poses (laughs)😂

Fabizon: I'm a great poser, I sure would pose really well as long as I'm not asked to do the split 😂

DVF: 😂 You're scared of a little split but not scared of those big ass weights you're always lifting at the gym
Fabizon : (Laughs) yeah flexibility and strength aren't twins, they are just related😂

DVF: Funny but actually true, okay so back to business, I have a few random questions for you.
Have you ever intentionally used your physique to intimidate anyone before?
Fabizon : (Laughs) no I'm always humble about it and often I use it to motivate, I can proudly say that I have lost count of how many people asides my clients that I have personally taken to the gym trained them for free and have helped them to get fit and now have a well-sculpted body today
DVF: That's really nice, what's your favorite thing to do when you feel like you need to moment to just escape and have some peace and quiet?

Fabizon : (Laughs) you already know

DVF: Really? The gym again?
Fabizon: Exactly! But then the only difference is at times like that, I have my headset on and the volume is usually on 99

DVF: You really love the gym, what do you do for fun when you need to like just let loose? Please don't say the gym again? 😭
Fabizon : I love nature, (laughs) I also want to say...... swimming but then you would think my life only revolves around fitness but I'm adventurous when I want to have fun, I don't like the idea of a played out, planned fun activity or event, I love it when things happen spontaneously so with me whatever or whenever basically anything goes, I'm always down to have fun all that I ask is that it be an adventurous or new experience

DVF: Speaking of fun, I think it's safe to say that your latest obsession is speed racing on power bikes, tell me how you got introduced to the world of speed racing with power bikes and why you now love it so much? 
Fabizon: I have always had a love for the " fast and furious " you know (laughs), whatever can give me that adrenaline rush, I've always loved speed racing, fast cars and things of the sort, while driving I speed off like crazy whenever I can, I really love it.
As for why I love it so much? it's because bikers just have fun 😂 , we just go all out and race like crazy, as for how I got introduced to it? My friend Nsikak who I've playfully nicknamed Captain America, he's the one who introduced me full time to biking and it's been about a year now. 

DVF: What was the experience like the first time you got on one of the bikes to ride it?
My first time riding a power bike was really fun, like so, so fun.
Generally I'm not a fearful person, so for my first time riding I wasn't scared or anything like that, rather it was really fun, sure I didn't just climb on it and move, I wore the appropriate gear to protect myself, my friend gave me some tips, which I listened carefully to, I paid attention to every detail and instruction
DVF: That's nice, safety first. But why did you nickname your friend Captain America?

Fabizon: He's not only a friend, but he's also a gym buddy and he is so strong, he's got that almost superhuman strength kind of thing going on for him but funny enough, he feels the same way about my strength and also calls me Captain America too 😂 (laughs)
DVF: Oh I see, (laughs). Between your parents, who would you say is your biggest fan?

Fabizon: I wouldn't know, because they are both really proud but you know mothers always pay more attention so it would probably be my mum

DVF: If you could just pack up and leave for a vacation right now where would you go to?
Fabizon: (Laughs) I honestly have never thought of just packing up and running away but if in the case of that happening I think a vacation in Vegas or Miami would be just right

DVF: What's your all-time favorite movie?

Fabizon: That would be Rocky Balboa *in Rocky's voice* "this world ain't no rainbow or sunshine and it will beat you down to your feet if you let it. But it ain't about how hard you've been hit, but how much you can take and keep moving"

DVF: You're a true fan I see, it would seem that all your favorite things all have something to do with fitness.... hmmm

Fabizon: Yeah, that's true, favorite movie is also fitness inclined even I just realized that (laughs)

DVF: From keeping up with you on social media along with the few things you mentioned about your manager earlier, it's obvious that you both have a close bond and admiration for each other, so tell me how you met him and why you decided that he's the right guy to manage your career?
Fabizon: Yeah, Emmer Schneider and I met at a couple of events, got acquainted, began discussing and then I realized that he was really well-grounded and had a lot of experience in the industry. 
The reason I chose him is that he is a very patient man, young, really smart, business savvy and very humble, he offered me a beautiful contract and it was really good for me
So I took the offer, he has always been more of a brother to me and you know family always wants what's best for you

DVF: Yeah, at this point you guys are definitely like family now, so do you have any fitness tip, you'd like to share with us?
Fabizon: Yeah, I've got a simple one. As much as I love to drive, I drive a lot but it's also necessary to take some time out to just park the car and take a walk around the neighborhood, I do this as often as I can so I can see my surrounding and use my legs. 
People have gotten too used to the comfort of sitting in a car and going out even to places that they can easily walk to, people often complain that they don't find the time to hit the gym and all that well you can start with making the habit of taking a stroll and just go from there and who knows with time, you might just pick up jogging and even go further 
DVF: Very true talk, everyone needs to start off somewhere, we mustn't always start with the gym and the heavy lifting.
Sadly for me we have come to the end of the interview so here's my final question, what would you like your legacy to be and what should we be expectant of from the "Fabizon" brand?
Fabizon : Legacy ?... in life I always want to rob off some good on whoever I come across and so far I'm happy I see a lot of really fit and healthy people and the most beautiful thing is when they say to me "you motivated me to get to this point" and I'm fine with that being what people remember me by.

And the fabizon brand loves to surprise, I like you to think I'm done, just when you stop expecting from me when you least expect it, I hit ... Boom!

So I'm a little bit underground right now and isolated working on a surprise ..can't tell you when or what, but it will come and it will make my day if it comes out at a time when everyone least expects (laughs)

DVF: You just love to surprise (smiles), this has been an absolute pleasure Fab, I really loved every second of this interview.
Thank you so much for your time, patience, and honesty, I'm very appreciative.

Fabizon: You're most welcome buddy.





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